Summer Fighter Arena August 10th

This Friday, August 10 from 4pm ET to 12am ET, will host the Summer Fighter Arena. The Top 8 Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V players from the MLG Spring Championship will go head-to-head for $3,400 in each game! Join us live for a full eight hours of intense fighting games action.

The broadcast will feature two streams: the gameplay stream and the Dr Pepper Ultimate Access stream, showcasing coverage and interviews all weekend long. The standard definition broadcast of both streams is free.

Upgrade to HD to get both streams in up to 720p and near-instant access to VOD!


Mortal Kombat: riu48, DJT1993, Perfect Legend, vVvREO, Tyrant, Pig of the Hut, GGA 16Bit, and GGA Dizzy

Pool A
(1) – DJT1993
(4) Pig of the Hut
(5) – GGA_Dizzy
(8) – riu48

Pool B
(2) – PerfectLegend
(3) – EGPTyrant
(6) – GGA16Bit
(7) – vVvREO

Please note: DetroitBalln and CDjr were both invited to the event but unfortunately cannot attend.

Soul Calibur V: Keev_, Kayane, LostProvidence, rtd_atl, Something-Unique, _Hawkeye, Linkrkc, and Kinetic_Clash

Pool A
(1) – Keev_
(4) – rtd_atl
(5) – Something-Unique
(8) – Kinetic_Clash

Pool B
(2) – Kayane
(3) – LostProvidence
(6) – _Hawkeye
(7) -Linkrkc

Schedule for Friday, August 10 (all times ET)

Soul Calibur V
4:00 PM - Keev vs Rtd Atl
4:15 PM - SomethingUnique vs Kinetic Clash
4:30 PM - Kayane vs LostProvidence
4:45 PM - Hawkeye vs Linkrkc
5:00 PM - Keev vs SomethingUnique
5:15 PM - Rtd Atl vs Kinetic Clash
5:30 PM - Kayane vs Hawkeye
5:45 PM - LostProvidence vs Linkrkc
6:00 PM - Keev vs Kinetic Clash
6:15 PM - SomethingUnique vs RtdAtl
6:30 PM - Kayane vs Linkrkc
6:45 PM - LostProvidence vs Hawkeye
7:00 PM - Semifinal A
7:15 PM - Semifinal B
7:30 PM - Final

Mortal Kombat
8:00 PM - DJT1993 vs Pig of the Hut
8:15 PM - GGA Dizzy vs Riu48
8:30 PM - Perfect Legend vs EGPTyrant
8:45 PM - GGA26bit vs vvvReo
9:00 PM - DJT1993 vs GGA Dizzy
9:15 PM - Pig of the Hut vs Riu48
9:30 PM - Perfect Legend vs GGA 16bit
9:45 PM - EGPTyrant vs vvvReo
10:00 PM - DJT1993 vs Riu48
10:15 PM - GGA Dizzy vs Pig of the Hut
10:30 PM - Perfect Legend vs vvvReo
10:45 PM - EGPTyrant vs GGA16bit
11:00 PM - Semifinal A
11:15 PM - Semifinal B
11:30 PM - Final

Get full information about the event, and stay tuned for the broadcast schedule with Round 1 matchups and a look inside the stories and rivalries going on in these stellar lineups!

It's based on the pool play format within the event format section through the "full information" link provided.

Pool A: 1,4,5,8/Keev, RTD, S-U, Kinetic
Pool B: 2,3,6,7/Kayane, LP, Hawkeye, Link

Last time I'm almost positive it was

Pool A: 1,4,6,8/Keev, S-U, Wing-Zero, Hawkeye
Pool B: 2,3,5,7/RTD, RyuJin, Lost Providence, Kayane

Seeds are based on the previous championship top 8 so I expected quite some time a long time ago that it would be...

Pool A: 1,4,6,8/Keev, RTD, Hawkeye, Kinetic
Pool B: 2,3,5,7/Kayane, LP, S-U, Link

If I didn't make any errors on the seed placements for the last time then it appears there was some shifting to keep Hawkeye the old winner, and Keev out of the same pool. That's if I didn't get my seeds wrong on before.


This is random but I find it funny that literally everytime I come here the only character i ever seen at the top of the website is Kilik. Makes me miss him all the time.

This is random but I find it funny that literally everytime I come here the only character i ever seen at the top of the website is Kilik. Makes me miss him all the time.

You can change that on your settings. Maybe a long time ago you made it so only Kilik comes up instead of the random character. I know with mine I always have Mitsu at the top of the site.
That's pretty nifty, I never knew that. I'll make it so I can only see Siegfried all the time.
Well, I sure chose the best possible time to have a thumb/wrist injury. And by "best," I of course mean worst. Chicago, Kayane, be gentle. =(

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