Super Battle Stadium B.O.N.D (fan dream game)


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It's a 2.5D fighting game I've been dreaming about for a few years now. I want it to be on PS3 and 360. I dream that any company can work on it for 3 1/2 years (with DLC, more moves for some characters, and stories) Like work on the game a year before annoucing it and after they announce it on some scan magazine, work on the game for 2 years to keep us updated. That way we won't be so impatient.
It's a Dragon Ball Z, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, and Bleach crossover. A 2.5D game. The gameplay should be similar to the SHIN Budokai Series (combat, combos, techniques, interactive stages, and speed), Yu-Yu Hakusho Forever (some of the combat), Tekken and Soul Calibur (uniqueness, combat inputs, and throws) and Marvel vs Capcom series (air combos and some super moves). It has over 80 characters, 20 characters and 3 DLCs from each anime. Including 4 guest characters.
Fight to the ultimate level with the two modes Bursting Soul Mode and Crazy Mode. Bursting Soul id similar to the Raging Soul mode in Rb2, but you make Special attacks bigger, and your ultimate attack changes. Also there are selectable super ttacks and ultimate attacks. A new Super Rage Rush is included. (Similar to Dragon Rush and the combo thing in Bleach heat the Soul series, but MORE unique)
Here are the controls
[] - Light Attack
/\ - Heavy Attack
O - Air combo/Guard Break Attack (causes meter)/Special attack/Ultimate attack
X - Jump/After a high attack, press X to jump along starting the Air Combo
:4: - Step backwards/ jump or flip back (if you tap twice)
:6: - Walk or Step fowards/ Run (if you tap twice (:(6):) )
:8: - Step Sideways
:2: - Step sideways/ crouch (if you press L1 and down at the same time)
L1 - Guard/Advance Guard (if you press L1 and L2 at the same time)
L2 - Activate Bursting Soul Mode/Bursting Soul Ultimate Attack
R2 - Super Rage Rush
R1 - Grab / Super Rage Stun (Similar to SF4's Focus Attacks) (if you press R1 and triangle at the same time)
L3 - Combo Breaker
R3 - Transform
SELECT button - Taunt​
Next I''ll do the character and stage roster. Anyways, what's your opinion on this guys?​


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Here is the character roster.

Dragon Ball Series:

Goku (base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan 4)
Vegeta (base, Super Saiyan, Super Vegeta, Super Saiyan 4)
Teen Gohan (base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2)
Future Trunks (base, Super Saiyan, Super Trunks, Super Trunks lvl. 2)(Should be mixed with his sword and fighting techniques)
Great Saiyaman (base, Ultimate Gohan) (*how he should transform is just simply take the gear off*)
Great Saiyawoman (base, Videl)
Super Vegito *unlockabe*
Super Gogeta *unlockable* (Super, SSJ4)
Frieza *unlockable* (Final Form, 100% Full Power)
Nappa *unlockable*
Android 17 *unlockable*
Android 18 *unlockable*
Cell *unlockable* (Perfect, Super Perfect)
Fat Buu *unlockable*
Super Buu *unlockable* (base, Buutenks, Buuhan)
Kid Buu *unlockable*
Cooler (base, Final form) *unlockable*
Syn Shenron (base, Omega) *unlockable*

Bojack (Full power)
Super 17

Naruto Shippuden:

Naruto (base, Three-Tailed Cloak, Four-Tails Form, Sage Mode)
Sasuke (base, Cm level 2)
Rock Lee
Might Guy *unlockable*
Asuma *unlockable*
Gaara *unlockable*
Orochimaru *unlockable*
Deidara *unlockable*
Itachi *unlockable*
Kisame *unlockable*
Hidan *unlockable*
Kakuzu *unlockable* (base, Thread Mode)
Pain *unlockable*
Killer Bee *unlockable*
Tobi/Madara *unlockable*

Taka Sasuke


Ichigo (base, Bankai, Full Hollow Form)
Rukia (Sode no Shinraiuki)
Byakuya (base, Bankai)
Yammamoto *unlockable*
Ikkaku *unlockable*
Kenpachi *unlockable*
Shinji *unlockable*
Tousen *unlockable*
Gin *unlockable*
Aaroniero *unlockable*
Grimmjow *unlockable* (base, True Form)
Nnoitra *unlockable*
Ulquiorra *unlockable* (base, True Form, Secondary Form)
Aizen *unlockable* (base, Chrylsis)
Final Getsuga Ichigo *unlockable*

Hollow Ichigo (base, Bankai)

One Piece:

Monkey D. Luffy
Chopper (should stay in his Heavy Point for balance purposes)
Usopp (base, Sogeking)
Brook *unlocakble*
Ace *unlockable*
Shanks *unlockable*
Mihawk *unlockable*
Arlong *unlockable*
Ohm *unlockable*
Bon Clay
Crocodile *unlockable*
Hina *unlockable*
Aokiji *unlockable*
Blueno *unlockable*
Rob Lucci (base, Model Leopard)
Eneru *unlockable*


Guest Characters:
Jin Kazama (base, Devil form)
Bang Shishigami
Darth Vader


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Well if it was an actual game i'd be on it. Not like Stadium DON or any other Smash style fun crud.

Also no console exclusives because that is always a terrible ass idea. Also no unlockable character, also dumb.


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Well if it was an actual game i'd be on it. Not like Stadium DON or any other Smash style fun crud.

No it won't be like that. Read the first post I made in the thread.

Also no console exclusives because that is always a terrible ass idea. Also no unlockable character, also dumb.

Well the console exclusive depends on what the fans what or what exclusive console they were in. As for the unlockable character thing, it shouldn't be a surprise to you. almost EVERY fighting game is like that.


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Not as of the late generation. SF took it away, new marvel took it away, new blazblue took it away, new kof took it away, t6 took it away, so ya.....

Also never console exclusive, if that happens than those characters aren't viable for tournaments and thus pointless.


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Not as of the late generation. SF took it away, new marvel took it away, new blazblue took it away, new kof took it away, t6 took it away, so ya.....

Also never console exclusive, if that happens than those characters aren't viable for tournaments and thus pointless.

Like I said,, I basically want the gameplay to be similar to the Budokai and Tekken series, but with jumping and crazy features. Don't care about the exclusives anyway.

BTW, I'm starting off the fighting features and then the command lists with Goku and Naruto (base forms).


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Here are the fighting features.

1. Energy Clashes

If some of yall played some of the DBZ games before, this should be familiar. Two energy beams collide, struggle starts and the camera shakes. It can also work with Dashing supers too (in other words, Rasengan vs Kamehameha) Example:
(watch the whole vid and be amazed!)

2. Fighting Clashes

All or most DBZ games and some Naruto games have that feature. It should work when both the player and the opponent hit at the same time. Example:
(@3:41 to 3:48)

3.Sword Clashing (material people only)

This is for people that use materials like Swords, Pitchforks, or any kind of cutting weapon. When the player and the opponent is using the sword at the same time , there is a cutscene where the swords clash together and start battling and struggling and there is a struggle bar by tapping the triangle button. if you win the mini-game,the player or opponent do a slash/smash attack. Example:
(@1:46 to 1:50)

4. Dashing Energy Clash

Just like in the Naruto games. Example:
(though there should be a small explosion at the end if there is a tie)


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Command lists will be up in two hours for Goku, Naruto, Ichigo, Luffy, and Vegeta everyone! I'll be doing everyone's base form first before I get to the transformation ones later next month.


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Goku (base) Comand List
:2::3::6: + O:

:6::2::3: + O
Blast Fist

:4::6: +O
Jet Kamehameha (mid-air only)

:3::2::3: +O
Turtle Evasion *counter* (normal form) ( he sneaks behind the opponent and kicks the in the back. He did that move against Nappa)

Ki Blast Cannon (hold for more damage)

Kaioken (raises up attack and defense)

Instantaneos Transmission


Super Kamehameha

Spirit Bomb

Meteor Combination

Kaioken Power Strike (while in Kaioken)


Super Spirit Bomb


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Naruto (base) Comand List
:2::3::6:+ O:
Demon Wind Shuriken

:2::4::6: + O
Clone Underground Uppercut

Shadow Clone Combination

:6::4: +O:
Shadow Clone Helicopter

Pressure Wave (some type of explosive barrier but with blue chakra around him)


Giant Rasengan

Demon Chakra (limited time) (Effects: Attack, Power, and Speed boost, some of his combos involve claws.)
*while in Demon Chakra*
:2::3::6::2::3::6:+O-Power Screaming Shockwave
:2::1::4::2::1::4:+O-Nine Tails Rush
Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu Barrage
Heroic Pressure (he continuosly puches and kicing the opponent, kicks the opponent up and then uses the rasengan he used to defeat Pain)
Wind Style: Rasenshuriken


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Ichigo (base) Comand List
:2::3::6:+ O:
Getsuga Tenshou (hold the circle button to do triple)

:6::2::3:+ O
Getsuga Upper Slash

:4::6: + O:
Soul Stinger (similar to Dante's Stinger)

No need for my Zankupakuto (he dashes to the opponent, uppercuts it and kicks it at the side for the finish)

:4::2::1: +O
Overhead Slash

Spiritual Pressure Wave (similar to an explosive barrier also)


Great Getsuga Tenshou

Sword Spin

Strong Getsuga Upper Slash (a big version of the GUS. After he does that, he down slash the opponent causing it to hit the ground hard)

Resolve (used to finish off Renji in their second round)


Zangetsu Ground Wave


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Luffy (base) Comand List
:2::3::6:+ O:
Gum Gum Gatling Gun/Gum Gum Stamp Gatling Gun (only in mid-air)

:6::2::3:+ O
Gum Gum Rocket

:4::1::2::3: :6:+ O:
Gum Gum Bazooka

Gum Gum Screw Hammer

:1::4::6: +O :
Gum Gum Spear (mid-air only)

Gum Gum Air Balloon


Gum Gum Axe

Gear Second (limited time) (Effects: Attack, Speed and Power boost, Gum Gum Gatling changes to Jet Gatling and Bazooka changes to Jet Bazooka)

*while in Gear Third*
:2::3::6::2::3::6:+O-Gum Gum Continuos Jet Whip
:2::1::4::2::1::4:+O-Gum Gum True Jet Gatling Gun

Gum Gum Storm

Gum Gum Riffle


Gear Third: Gum Gum Giant Fireworks


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Gomu Gomu no Storm is the much stronger and scarier version of Gomu Gomu no Hanabi/Fireworks. Why is fireworks the big ender? Also no Gear Second or Jet Gatling? Or now no HAKI lol.


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Oh you're right, I should change it.

And I'm doing everyone's base form command lists before I get to the transformed ones. So expect to see the Super Saiyans, Gear Second, or any kind of awakening form ones later next month.


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Vegeta (base) Comand List
:2::3::6: + O:
Galick Gun

:6::2::3:+ O
Galick Ki Volley

:4::2::1: + O
Splitting Ki Volley

Dirty Fireworks

:4::1::2::3::6: +O
Burning Destructive Sphere

Explosive Wave


Crazy Galick Ki Volley

Galaxy Breaker (used to destroy Nappa) (*should work if the opponent is in mid-air*)

Final Galick Cannon (used to kill Zarbon, he firsts does a combination of punches and kicks before he uses it)

Double Galick Cannon


Giga Blaster


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Sasuke(base) Comand List
:2::3::6:+ O:
Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu~Phoenix Flower Jutsu (if you enhance the circle button)


Threaded Shuriken Trick (used against Itachi)

:6::4: +O:
Chidori Senbon

Kusangi Boomerang (he gathers Chidori on his sword and throws it briefly)

Sharingan (raises up attack and defense and some attacks involve countering for a limited time)


Chidori Nagashi

Curse Mark lvl.1 (limited time) (Effects: Attack, Power, and Speed boost, Chidori becomes purple.)

*while in Curse Mark*
:2::3::6::2::3::6:+O-Fire Style: Great Fire Ball
:2::1::4::2::1::4:+O-Chidori Rush (keeps on dashing and hitting the opponent with the Chidori)
Giant Chidori Shurkien
Chirdori True Spear