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Discussion in 'The Rest of the World' started by Davo87, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    im happy to host an offline game if anyone wants to come to brighton-le-sands next sat arvo/night bring drinks and make a night of it or dont drink up to you but i will be. ive only got 1 tv tho with 2 controllers. ure more than welcome to bring an extra tv or 2 (obviously playstations also, i do have a crap 51cm crt spare if people are willing to play on that personally ill stick to my lcd but hey its better than nothing), more than happy to meet you somewhere before going to my house if people have problems going to a place where there is people they have never met. i dont want anyone under the age of 18 tho. so i.e i can prob take around 4 of you possibly more if people are willing to wait for games as my roomie will want to play also. pm me or post ure number and ill give you a call, or i can send my number to you and you can ring me, dave did have my number dont know if he saved it or not, if he did you could also get it off him.

    i figured i might as well offer as you seem to have a probelm with location and im interested in improving my game with offline matches.
  2. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior


    Davo, heard anything from Will? Also, caliburforums.com is back up...
  3. Davo87

    Davo87 [09] Warrior

    really grateful u can host man. don't worry. no one here is underage. Btw, we dont usually drink. :p Not cool enuf. lol.

    Rockdale is closer from the cbd when compared to westmead. Im sure LG doesnt mind bcos its closer to cbd. (I predict bailey is going to be a lazy ass.) As for me, I work around where LG lives, tho I live further than Bailey's Westmead. Sigh... its a triangle.

    If LG decides to go, sure. Btw dude, do u drive? If ur free on weekdays, I think Charlie aka Ashfield can host his place. Tho he has no ps3. Ashfield is similarly closer to CBD when measured from where u live.
  4. Davo87

    Davo87 [09] Warrior

    yo LG, I havent sms him since last week. still no reply. Its kinda strange considering he still plays but he doesnt reply ppl. :/
  5. boogerflicker

    boogerflicker [09] Warrior

    yeah i can host this upcoming week. when's everyone free? i'm good all week.
  6. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior


    Bailey, I'll vote for Saturday, but I can make Friday afternoon as well, although I'll only be able to get there around 6:00 PM due to Uni commitments. Davo... vote Saturday as well, LOL.

    Davo, I messaged him earlier this week and he did reply so he is definitely still around.
  7. Davo87

    Davo87 [09] Warrior

    ya saturday lol. yeah bailey's place. more game time. :3 lol... should we make this our main board from now on? Ill still check CF by all means.
  8. Runis

    Runis Doom Combo is Back!

    ditto to the saturday thing, and I kinda don't like the new layout for CF...
    Oh and I'll be bringing a friend (Hobokrew)
  9. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    davo, yeah i drive, ill play on xbox, ive never played sc on xbox but ive played other games cant be that much different from ps3 right?

    Bailey got room for me? if so can you send me a pm with ure number so i can message you so i know where id have to travel.
  10. Scorpius2501

    Scorpius2501 [01] Neophyte

    Heya guys, Scorpius here. This forum is a lot more responsive than the old one, the old one was on its way out anyway, been there since sc2 and really showing its age with the lag. Lets hope all the knowledge base gets transferred over here, cos we all put a lot in info and experiences into it.

    As for the offline meets I have exams coming up that I need to study for, so i'll be out of action for about a month. I'll check the forums from time to time to see whats happening.

    Lets go out to find some fresh blood?

    wills place is going to be a lot more spacious btw, and more convienient for the most of us too. I vote auburn.
  11. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    I don't suppose Will is free on Saturday, which seems to be the best day for everyone at the moment...

    If so, he needs to post up here LOL, so that we can be sure we're not just crashing his house. LOL.
  12. boogerflicker

    boogerflicker [09] Warrior

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck i can't host on saturday, i have a halloween party to goto on friday night. and i don't plan to be conscious till saturday night, which is another night of drinking and partying.
  13. boogerflicker

    boogerflicker [09] Warrior

    I here by officially declare my retirement as a soulcalibur player. Reason being maxi is too crap. Until he gets buffed i'm not playing the game anymore.

    good day
  14. Davo87

    Davo87 [09] Warrior

    Noooooooooo. Bailey that was only against Seig. That was only one matchup. :)
    Come on cheer up. Even Luco still hang onto Talim And Yungsun. We'll try my Tira against ur Maxi nxt time.

    Oh yeh, Im not being Maxi in a Seig matchup.

    And btw, if Saturday's off for Bailey... so its Brighton? I mite try and ask how is charlie at Ashfield on sat and see how things go.
  15. Davo87

    Davo87 [09] Warrior

    Ok, figure Ill try to explain what happened.

    The Maxi vs Seig matchup was relatively even. Bailey had more wins than I did. Tho in terms of damage Maxi has to work for it. It was like over 6 hrs of gametime, insane. And the results were fluctuating. 70% of the time the wins were very close. 30% of the time it was one sided with long streaks. I was happy to see our game evolved and it turned out pretty exciting.

    As LG u might think, Seig was the one running away as much as he could. Maxi have to enforce as many of his mixups and poke Seig to death. Tho Seig's keepout range and 3 pressure is really good. When I die, its bcos I make foolish mistakes of interupting at the wrong time and eat lots of damage. When I win, its when I successful regain momentum with 3. Basically try to fish for as many CH 3> A+B, and that worked towards my favour. Have to read and guess right hoping maxi does something slow even when he gains advantage.

    What was then more interesting was on wakeups. Seig was in position of a 3B ground hit. Maxi can recover in time and do his side evasive horizontal. And that destroys any attempt for me to apply 3B and 6B+K mixups. Luckily Seig has B+K,B> 66A+B, which worked every time he does that high. Maxi then has to do WS KK. Which forces me to occasionally block and gamble btn B+K,B or 3.

    Imo Maxi's lacking decent mixups at midrange and a TC move to go into close range. Seig being naturally better at keepout have better time to stop him from running in. Its hard matchup. Just like the Tira vs seig match, I predict. Nevertheless, dont give up Maxi Bailey. :p Learn to trick ppl as u have against me.
  16. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    Davo... no WS ? This move is actually a get out jail card against a lot of characters, given that it gives Sieg a way out of crouching that actually puts pressure against the opponent on block. But anyway, the fact is that Sieg is incredibly solid in mid-range and unless people can force him into either long range combat like Hilde, or can force close-quarters combat like Taki, then he's going to give them problems. 3, b6, agA and so on are just too strong at his ideal range for most characters, not just Maxi, to deal with.

    Bailey... don't feel bad if this match up seems hard, it is. It's like trying to take on Taki with Sieg, it feels like for every move you have they have a counter. That said, Maxi has better match ups against other characters. For instance, I actually believe he has an easier time of things against Hilde than Sieg doe. Maxi also seems to handle close-range pressure characters like Setsuka better than Sieg does.

    Just about every character has both good and match ups. If you're struggling against particular characters, it may simply be that the character you are using isn't well suited for that match up. If that's the case, keep working at it - even an unfavourable match up can be won. But at the same time, do look into secondary characters who address the weaknesses of your main. For instance, pick up one of the Sisters, Mitsu or someone else who can mess with characters like Sieg. Heck, I'd be happy to teach you all that I can about Mitsu, because he really does have strong match ups against a lot of the people who would trouble Maxi.

    Davo... I've spoken to Scorpius... he said Will is probably free, but I'm waiting for more details. With any luck we'll find out soon if Auburn is an option... if you want you can message him as well.
  17. Valter

    Valter [01] Neophyte

    Yeah but I beat you and took Krystal Forscutt from your country.
  18. boogerflicker

    boogerflicker [09] Warrior

    It just saddens me to see my favourite character get shittier with each new game. some of the stuff just doesnt make sense. all of his long range close in moves are negative on hit. his stupid stance transitions can only be cancelled after the stance comes out. if only they made it cancellable right after the attack then i'd be content. cos that way he only gets about -4 or 5 frames on average instead of like -17 which is free 3b.

    the matchup was actually quite terrible. seig can beat maxi's every other move, and punish most of them with ws or 3. we played over 130 games at least. and in every game there's at least 1 match where i'm just continuously killed ny 3 a+b. i do 2 loop series to mix up on seigfried, i hit him with every attack. then he hits me with 3 a+b once and i lose twice as much health as he did. i'm complaining now so i'll stop, but the point is maxi = bottom tier, me = bottom tier, me = not playing.
  19. Davo87

    Davo87 [09] Warrior

    I did use WS occasionally when he was mashing out against 3>K. Tho I thought Maxi doesnt have anything to interupt?
    I need to get the CH WS >K~>BH K working. :p And my Seig is aGA less. Cant get it going on my dodgey buttons. :p So everytime when Im near the ring I either go around to change my sides, or get in front or behind them. Heck, its just that one direction that Im screwed with. Another reason i eat dmg was bcos i GI too often, tho it opens opportunities for 3B if maxi mixes up.

    Bailey, play some NM against Seig, atleast it feels like an even matchup. I remember back than my Ivy gets crushed by Cass and even NM in SC3.
  20. Runis

    Runis Doom Combo is Back!

    I'm guessing that saturday is a no go then?
    Darn, and I've been practicing Cass to the point where I can nail 4BB:A and 236:B_ 70% of the time even under pressure...
    Ahh well, I can understand feeling down when your char is turned to crap.

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