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Discussion in 'The Rest of the World' started by Davo87, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Davo87

    Davo87 [09] Warrior

    Sat may still happen, but at auburn. Stay tuned.
  2. mibuokami

    mibuokami [01] Neophyte

    Hi Guys, as Davo says, I can host this saturday.

    Will need the following to be brought in: Second PS3, 3 more sticks.

    Please confirm if you are going so I can get a headcount.

    Thanks Davo!
  3. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    im in ill send you a pm to get where i have to go. ill bring a stick. if no one else can bring a ps3 ill bring that to.

    i would of hosted but i stopped checking cause no one replied so i figured no one wanted to come by my way.
  4. mibuokami

    mibuokami [01] Neophyte

    Please confirm guys :) I am giving up Karaoke for this so there better be poeple lol XD
  5. bludeblu

    bludeblu [01] Neophyte

    Hey count me in for now. I won't be able to stay late, though.
  6. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior


    Will = Made of win.

    Count me in and I'll bring my stick. Runis should also be in once he sees that you're able to host, as should Davo.
  7. Runis

    Runis Doom Combo is Back!

    Yeah I'll be there. I'll try coax Hobo into coming along as well, although he's definitely out of the loop when it comes to combo's, he still has the basics etc.
  8. Davo87

    Davo87 [09] Warrior

    The last time we met Hobo iirc was in OHN and he plays Sophie. Ye, count me in. Tho I come at 3pm atleast.
  9. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    I thought Hobo played some Raph as well? And Davo, with regards to Setsuka... she is at least upper-mid tier. Why? We can argue about that later. LOL. Still... the fact that she is such a technically demanding character leads people to underestimate her.

    Also... who is bringing the second PS3?
  10. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    personally i think sets is mid teir at best (probably proves your theory above :P). maybe ive never vs'ed a player that can pull all her moves properly
  11. boogerflicker

    boogerflicker [09] Warrior

    check out the psn update for sc4, u can pay for special weapons that are already in the game. stupid.

    also u can get all the music from sc1. "In the name of the father" (nightmare theme) is the best one i think. but i'm still not paying for it cos i'm cheap like that.

    btw check out my awsome avatar lolololololoplolol
  12. Davo87

    Davo87 [09] Warrior

    Jesus Bailey. Get MY PIC OFF THE NET!!!!!!! >_<
  13. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior


    Davo... people wouldn't have known that was you until after you pointed it out...

    On topic, though: Will says to drop by after 12:00 PM and that Pat is bringing his PS3. Does everyone know how to get there?
  14. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    Nice games guys. Davo... your Sieg is definitely better than your NM, he seems to fit your play style a bit better. You do need to work on your use of stances a bit better though. At the moment you're rouletting without enough purpose. I blame myself for that, because a lot of the time I do roulette for no reason other than it looks cool and maybe you've picked up on that. But on the other hand, I do know when to stop and what to do instead. I'll give you some examples:

    1. 8B+K_2B+K sidesteps very well. You can use it against the BB's of most characters and against anything that's fairly vertical. Once you're out of the way, you can get SCH B 3 for some pretty decent damage. Just keep in mind that some verticals track to one side. You saw me use it against Raph's BB, so you should have some idea of the timing.

    2. 4B+K takes a fairly large step backwards. You use this when you're at close range and you need to get away, because you can often get moves like 2A to whiff and if you use SSH A+B, then you'll retreat even further and likely score a hit if they try to come after you.

    Also, you need to incorporate 22 and 88 into your game a bit more. Admittedly they are slow, but they have built in step. 22 in particular has very strong evasive properties. Use 22 and 88 whenever you see something that you think you can step. Both of them are also fairly decent on block at tip, because few characters can reach from there. Don't be afraid to use the stance moves afterwards on block, remembering that SRSH [K] has massive tech crouch properties and that SSH A+B has excellent retreating properties.
  15. Davo87

    Davo87 [09] Warrior

    Good games guys.

    Ill work on my Seig more. Until my stick comes, tricky commands like 22kA, 22:kA2A, SCH kB, B:4 are gonna have to rest. As u see how bad was my attempt with agA. :'( Dunno why the stick directions feels so different.

    I should have used more 8B+K, 8/9K whenever ur mitsu does 2KB or throw. Atleast I noticed you dont do bA whenever u are upclose. Tho honestly I got rolled in the Mitsu matchup simply bcos I didnt know how to handle Mist and Relic when u've pinned me on the edge.
  16. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    next time i want to vs your mitsu as i didnt get to have a game against you.

    was heaps of fun guys ^^

    I got myself a hori stick woot.. takes a little getting used to after using a controller for so long ha ha. it so didnt click when u's said bring a stick, i thought you ment controller ha ha.
  17. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    I just realise when we were playing Yoda vs Vader that we hadn't had any matches. We probably should have set up that second PS3 a bit earlier. I still haven't settled on a main though, and I also forgot to use some of the other characters I can use. I ended up playing Sieg, Mitsu and Cass pretty much all day at the expense of X, Raph, Sophie, NM, and Hilde. I really should have picked Hilde against Runis so we could have had another crazy mirror, but I ended up going with the other characters. LOL. Your Algol looks pretty solid as well, I've got to give you a mirror match some time... bubble vs bubble LOL.


    When is your stick coming? Also, learn to use the walls, as you saw, Sieg has some really, really strong wall combos that are very, very simple to perform. Definitely learn to use 9K and 9B. 9B does more damage and knocks down, but 9K can wall splat and on normal hit it leaves them standing as well as giving you frame advantage. Also, learn to use 33_66_99KA, which tech crouches and is one of his fastest moves. It's also pretty decent on block, although the last hit can be ducked.
  18. Runis

    Runis Doom Combo is Back!

    Haha, I swear you're gonna pull out a pocket Hilde on me when it comes to OHN7. I can just feel it. Granted according to you, everyone should have a pocket Hilde rather than a pocket Algol.
  19. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    algol FTW :P he's the akuma of SC4, 8A+K,b,b,b,b hehe

    i swear my skill level has gone down now that im using a stick :( I cant pull algols 100+ damage combo's anymore.. for some reason halfway through my combos when im going 4A+Bs and other bubble moves i end up doing A+B .. its driving me nuts :( need to practice for OHN7 ^^

    LG: yeah we will have to make sure to have some matches next time ^^
  20. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    Don't worry, the transition to stick is always tricky. I remember the first timed I played SC2 after switching from Gamecube controller to stick... it wasn't pretty. And yeah... Algol is Akuma... he even has the dive kick and a heap of other moves... heck every time I see him do any move where he has the blades shoot out of himself I think of Garuda from SF:EX2. If only you could pull of the demon rage with him...

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