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Discussion in 'The Rest of the World' started by Davo87, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    you can use my ps3 for the tournament if i can use vader, ill even buy yoda so that no one winges that they cant use him even tho he is so shit that no one will. I believe its fair to play with all characters the game came with, with the exception of bonus characters and created characters.

    put a poll up on the OHN7 website so that if the community doesnt want him then thats totally fine by me.

    im all for non mapping buttons tho, just use a stick runis :P
  2. CPS2

    CPS2 [09] Warrior

    Ljkabookie you're a legend!

    At this stage I just want to make sure we've got everything we need, and since nobody else is offering a console for us to use, imo it's fair to allow Yoda and Vader.

    As for a vote... I don't really want input from everyone (esp. random ozhadou people who don't play SC4). Arguments just slow things down and make people unhappy. However I think it's fair that if Davo or LG have any strong objections they should let me know. Otherwise I'll get the rules updated in about 2 days.
  3. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    wooohooo i get to use vader, totally worth bring my ps3 for that. do i need to bring controllers etc?, ive only got 1 stick tho but i will be bringing that regardless and am more than happy to let people use it.

    cant help with the tv tho you will have to get that somewhere else, but at least one worry is out of the way ;)
  4. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    Great stuff, Ljkabookie. If you let people use your stick, just warn them that it may feel different from theirs and that if they don't like that then they should just use your own. When in doubt, use your own stick.

    And on another note... dare I ask... but when is the next gathering?
  5. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    I cant come on saturday, got a birthday to go to, i could do sunday tho if anyone wants to come my way, or i can go to someone elses I dont care lol. if you all endup doing sat then ill come another day ;)
  6. boogerflicker

    boogerflicker [09] Warrior

    I don't think i can do this weekend. Been playing too many games for too long. I need a detox of sorts. Try Auburn land.
  7. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    No, I was thinking next weekend as well. I picked up Mirror's Edge today, and I still haven't Uncharted as well as De Blob, so I really need to get moving on those. I also wanted to pick up Valkyria Chronicles but JB was sold out in the city and I refuse to pay $20 more at EB. The way they gouge unsuspecting people is really quite aggravating.

    I'm also working on my scrubby Kilik and Amy. Hopefully they won't be so scrubby next time, although I can't make any promises.
  8. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior


    I just got a message from Luco... he must be back in town.
  9. boogerflicker

    boogerflicker [09] Warrior

    I returned Valkyria and got deadspace and Little Big Planet. The novelty wears off real quick, gameplay and level design is super linear, units have individual traits but no individual skills. I just got my 7 days worth of it at EB and then returned it.
  10. Runis

    Runis Doom Combo is Back!

    It has a very interesting game design, it's a pity they didn't capitalize on it better. And as if not make a multiplayer aspect to the game, due to the way the game system works - Latency would never be a problem and tbh, I'd love to see what'd be possible in a fight between two human opponents; - You'd see smokescreens and all sorts of crazy shit happening.
  11. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    i brought little big plannet today, its heaps of fun ^^ i never bothered with Valkyria it looked like a shit game..

    for some reason psn isnt accepting my credit card.. tells me my details are wrong all the time (their not) ... weirdness...
  12. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    Interesting, I'd been thinking about getting LBP for a while now. It's really one of those games that's a bit hard to pick at first sight, so it's nice to hear that it's pretty good.
  13. DrDogg

    DrDogg [09] Warrior

    I'm in Melbourne until mid-Dec and I'm considering checking into a ride to the tournament on the 6th. However, I have some questions about the rules that will determine my participation.

    On the site it says Vader and all custom/guest characters are banned, but looking at the convo it seems that Vader and Yoda are allowed. Why is this and is there any chance it will be changed to the accepted standard?

    Also, button binding is not allowed? Is there any specific reasoning behind this and is there any chance this will be changed to the accepted standard?

    I primarily play on 360 (w/ a stick) and have virtually no experience against Vader (and no desire to pay to download a character I don't plan to use, who is also banned in the accepted US rule set). In addition, I use one input for button binding, and while I could probably play without it, I will have minimal access to the game between now and the tournament. So unless these things are changed to the accepted standard (by that I mean the National rules used in the US), I won't bother attending as it would be pointless.

    No offense to your rules. It's your tournament and you can do as you like, but since the rules are not the standard I'm used to (in the US), I figured I'd see if they could be changed so I might attend this tournament.
  14. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    1. We are thinking of allowing Vader and Yoda because it is now possible to play them on both consoles. This is still under discussion, but neither character is broken enough to warrant banning on that basis. This rule is also currently under discussion for the US nationals - see the thread in the Soul Calibur IV General forum - and it's quite possible that they will not be banned at the US nationals.

    2. The button binding thing has been the accepted standard here for as long as OHN as been run. Certainly, if you're using a stick there shouldn't be a problem hitting any of the usual inputs, e.g. B+G or A+K, which might be the case on controller. With regards to mapping multiple buttons to the same input, like having two B's, this was banned because it was felt that it distorted the way that Hilde played. In particular, being able to charge moves without making it more difficult to break throws was undesirable. It's also possible to run some shenanigans with multiple G's to make getting Just Ukemi easier.

    Coincidentally, I understand how it must seem to you, because you play under a different set of rules and I sympathise. This was something we struggled with at the last major tournament for SCIII where we ended up pretty much banning the use of VC, even though it wasn't banned in the US, which I think was the right call in the end. The rules we're using are something the community has agreed on, which I guess, reflects the different positions taken by the SC communities in the US and over here.

    By the way... how has your stay in Melbourne been?
  15. DrDogg

    DrDogg [09] Warrior

    1. I agree that Vader/Yoda are not good characters, but it's also easy to be defeated by an unknown. Being a 360 user and not playing online much I (offline ftw!) rarely get any Yoda or Vader experience. Low tier or not, they both have a few tricks that will work on someone who doesn't know either character. Not to mention Yoda's annoying height that makes a good portion of your move list whiff.

    2. I understand binding the same input to multiple buttons and even binding a throw input to a single button (I come from a non-binding Tekken background), but some of the commands in SC are just ridiculous. Yoshi's a:B+K for example, sliding to a two-button input is a bit much in my opinion, and with the patch modifications to the attack it's almost not worth it to learn the more difficult non-binding notation (especially when binding is allowed at US tournaments). And as I said, I wouldn't have the time to learn it properly before the tournament anyway. I only bind B+K, but I'd already be going into the tournament not having played for a month, and having to (hopefully) borrow someone's stick and adjust to that as much as possible. I don't need any further handicaps. -_-

    I'll keep an eye on this thread and the tournament site, but with the rules as they are I don't see myself putting in the extra effort to attend.

    Melbourne is okay. A bit colder than I expected and not much SC competition here.
  16. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    1) vader is a solid character and a good one at that, and ill happily show you why. my vader game has increased boys :P

    2) i personally cant see why you cant press 2 buttons instead of one, and if you need practice time we usually have a meetup on saturdays so ill give you all the practice you need against the sw chars and you can practice using 2 buttons instead of a binded one, im brining my ps3 and stick to the tournament so your more than welcome to borrow mine. if you cant come to one of these just watch my games early on and you can see how he works.

    3) i thought that the use of starwars characters was confirmed by CPS2 and neither lg nor davo had any issue with it. can someone please clarify as depending on the outcome you may need to find yourself another ps3. i know thats not very nice but so is telling me that i can use my favorite character and then telling me that i cant as i have spend some time perfecting my vader for the tournament and ill need to make a huge effort to bring my algol game back up to scratch (ps dont start winging that the US has banned algol so we should ban him to) if i bother to attend at all if as i wouldnt be able to use a character that ive been practicing to use and want to play with, ill probably just stick to street fighter as banning characters that came with the game is just poor form, whats next banning multible use of stances cause they are unfair? banning ringouts cause they are annoying? fuck that, the game should be played the way its been released up to the latest patch, banning is for babys that cant hack losing. even if vader is low tier (you only need 1 good low and 1 good mid to be playable, which he has) im happy to lose cause i got to play with the character i want to play with, banning stuff takes out the fun for me, its not about winning its about fun, banning = not fun.
  17. LGInfinite

    LGInfinite [09] Warrior

    Chill, man, I was also under the impression that CSP2 had okayed them. However, the details on the official website haven't changed yet, so send him a PM to get him to change the details that way you can be sure and to prevent anyone complaining on the day.
  18. DrDogg

    DrDogg [09] Warrior

    1. Vader being a solid character is even more reason for me not to want to participate since I have even less Vader experience than I do Yoda experience.

    2. I didn't say I couldn't press two buttons instead of one. I said I don't have the time to learn the proper way to execute the attack and there's no reason for me to bother putting in that effort when it's allowed in the US.

    I also won't be able to make it up to Sydney before the tournament for practice. I don't have a car down here and I'm not going to fly up there for a day just to play SC casually. Watching you play Vader the day of isn't going to teach me everything I need to know in order to defeat the character. If it was that easy either you aren't very good with him or he isn't as good of a character as you say. I would assume neither of these are the case.

    3. Judging from the conversation in this thread, I was under the impression Vader and Yoda were allowed. However, your argument is flawed since characters are banned in SF as well (ST Akuma). The main reason Yoda/Vader are banned in the US is because the characters aren't available on both consoles unless you pay money and there's no guarantee everyone is willing to pay money for a character they probably won't even use (I'm a good example of that). If Namco had put both characters in both versions of the game from the beginning there would be no issue, just like Apprentice isn't banned.
  19. Ljkabookie

    Ljkabookie [01] Neophyte

    i may not even use vader against you to start with, but if he is allowed i will be using him on the day. you may not even vs me and from the people i knwo that are going no one but me will use a SW character. just because some characters are allowed that you are not overly used to doesnt mean that you shouldnt attend. I for one have never played a decent yoshi player offline also there are a bunch of characters that my offline experience is not the greatest with, but im going to play anyways. play for fun mate.

    you are right to assume none of those are the case :P

    im also under the impression he is allowed, my argument was more that i was told by the organisers that i could use him, then i got shitty cause that may not have been the case. i like sc4 more than sf, and i stick by the fact that its lame to ban characters, including sf ones.

    this aint the US. if we followed their example then we couldnt use algol either, now that ban was pure lameness by sore losers who couldnt be bothered taking the time to work out all of algols flaws, and there are quite a few.

    anyways just play for fun whether they can be used or not.
  20. Runis

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