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Suitable design for Ivy, sexy and dominative as ever. Angel looks amazing with 2B's weapons, they enhance her holy, regal look even more. And lastly, Theo. An awesome recreation there, very fond of the custom belt/holster by using the SpecEq goggles, looks great!
Very cool-looking batch :D


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Dude, AngeliCAS, why don't you post ingame pics : you bet she must look friggin great with dat diablo archangel look and sword to match !
I dig her, figuratively speaking of course :)
Purple ivy also works as a BDSM officer of sorts...
Gatsu's 2019 New Year Res(v)olution : drop a single comment in Vil's thread (lol, nah, don't bother, i am cool with you lurking :)
Love you stuff bro
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Gatsu's 2019 New Year Res(v)olution

My 2019 revolution is that if the rumor S1 will truly end with Cassandra/Amy i will no more give a penny to this shitty company

My bad for accept blind-buy the Season pack expecting some kind of integrity as Ono does with SF... some picks for the fans, some for the good of the cast/game... hate him all you want, but push to add in seasons variety and "needed" characters. Even when he have to go against loud fanbases for it.

Instead i got 4 out 4 waifu pack, with Tira(good), a fucking guest, another Sword&Shield for the fanbase and another rapier for the wierdofanbase
Hilde, Aeon, Hwang, Setsuka, Rock... all could have added so much more variety
Game bombed and we may never see a S2

Will play some CaS when armor packs (that at this point i already paid sadly) will come out, then that's it


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I understand your frustration, agree with all your points, but i have moved on and decided i'd just make the best out of what they are giving us under heavy resource/budget constraints. SC6 is still second best SC after 4 and DC edition for me. I am having a blast with the game, and i am in some strange way grateful they didn't recycle old stuff but brought some more freedom and options even with restricted ExEq. Just a different stance than yours, which i totally respect.

Btw, thanks for replying dude, appreciate it :)


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You do make a good point about weapon variety. That said, Cass and Amy do seem to be the most popular with the fans. VG companies rarely bother with fan opinion, so even if PS sacrifices gameplay variety, it's kind of refreshing to see that they actually listened. Also more female CaS parts ftw.


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You do make a good point about weapon variety. That said, Cass and Amy do seem to be the most popular with the fans. VG companies rarely bother with fan opinion, so even if PS sacrifices gameplay variety, it's kind of refreshing to see that they actually listened. Also more female CaS parts ftw.

Yes !
Reg. Cass an Amy; tbh they aren't that popular with me, i mean we have Sophitia and Amy's just a brat :)
I'd have Shura or Setsuka any day instead of the two, much more charismatic :)


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You do make a good point about weapon variety. That said, Cass and Amy do seem to be the most popular with the fans. VG companies rarely bother with fan opinion, so even if PS sacrifices gameplay variety, it's kind of refreshing to see that they actually listened. Also more female CaS parts ftw.
Nah, tbh it's just money chasing done like that
More than refreshing sounds like an old story if you follow fighting games with DLC, loud fanbases rules
2B it's not even a fucking SC character, they could have sold it separatedly outside the Season

Ono with SF ever opened the Season with the money grab character, but then the blowjob ends and add 5 chars that bring variety with or without this or that fanbase* approvation
*fans=/= fanbase

This is just full money grab without care about build a nice cast (something that was working great in SC6 standard cast)
Personally i was hoping at least 1 out 4 (LOL) to be a male char... either Hwang, Aeon or Rock. They will have bring more variety of weapon of styles, male styles are more "universal" (you can use on both, the contrary rarely work) and we will have got at least a new official male set to use in CaS
Will end up with that shit because waifu fanbase cry loudest.
Just when SC6 almost convinced me daishi days were gone and new director got the heart in the right place

Lol just sad honestly, it's not the money spent itself. Is think my money end up supporting that crap

Sorry for the rant, but as fan that was really a sucker punch... SC is my second favourite brand after SF, and SC6 almost conviced me we was pointing at good old days glory, shaping up the ultimate SC cast/game. To discover we still have to pay the coin (all 4 coins) to the internet animugirl crowd like under daishi's amy wig years

But again, to be clear, my fault at trust them to blind-buy the season, based on an actually good start that seemed to value quality over blowjobs
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Also I am suffering from the little variety of feminine garments. I am often forced to leave my characters barefoot due to lack of good footwear and no power in the universe can make me a male charachter.
Ah... your 2B Angel is a masterpiece.
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Hopefully the season pass doesn't keep you too far away from CaS because your creations are always a treat to see. 😊
Thanks :D
I'm planning to do some more with next armor dlcs as i already paid for that, so it's not the ultimate end of the thread
But after that if season is confirmed that crap i will just sell the game to some friend for 10 euros lol


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I hope you continue to create for centuries to come.
I consider you one of the best three in the forum and you are an inspiration for me.
..... and characters to copy to play with. :)

soul samurai

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Some more, now focusing on SC

Hilde (@brucege did her first, check his one too, we took pretty different routes for it!)
Fun thing i had to burn one 3D item to make her beauty mark
View attachment 54472

Mitsu as if the SE corrupted him instead Siegfried, essentially a "Nightmare" version of Mitsu
View attachment 54473

Night Terror from SC3, it's ugly af and was tempted to don't post it, but after all so was the original
View attachment 54475

Fixed a bit the Sphinx
View attachment 54471
Great creations !
Mitsu corrupted looks very badass :)
Night Terror is Amazing.
For this one, did you use the malfested (fully transformed) race because the fingers of hands look like the revenant race ?


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I see you're still a master of your craft. I especially love the Castlevania characters, SCV Kilik, and corrupted Mitsurugi (among other OCs).


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Some new 2P/3P, my shot at Arthur and totally random in that group FF12 Balthier LOL
Next update will focus on OC

View attachment 54065View attachment 54066
View attachment 54063
View attachment 54067
View attachment 54064
View attachment 54068View attachment 54069

-SC4 Kilik was'nt planned at all, just realized was already half made while doing SCV "EdgeMaster" one.
I improved it since i took the pic (better jacket) but too lazy to do again the montage

-Had to photoshop Groh hair to show how is ingame as a glitch don't chang hair color in cas mode (but works normally ingame).

-Arthur is a mix of SC1 one + SC3 one +a bit of my touch, i like the result

- Groh style works great on Balthier. I liked my Balthier in SC4, but back then no style fitted him well as Groh's does

Nightmare: This definitely screams 2P, the full helm you created with the ExEq gear is amazing, Raphy's shoulder cape looks great on him and especially, the bird & eye stickers on his waist are perfect little details for his character.

Ivy: Seems like a mixture between her SCIII 2P and SCIV 2P, i was always fond of (and still am) of this black widow theme for her. Voldo's mask as both a head and a waist decoration (especially on the waist, combined with the chains) and the armor bits throughout her outfit reinforce even further the said theme.

Edgemaster Kilik/SCIV Kilik: I may be biased but i honestly have no words, these two recreations are beyond amazing, the attention to detail is stunning! Though, i'm a bit curious to see the improved IV Kilik but, if its a bother for you to reupload it, then please don't. A thing i hate is to force/pester people.

Xianghua: She's a beauty with the flower petal theme, the ExEq feathers on her one hand and her ExEq cleavage are applied with great care on her, which together with Talim's hat really compliment her design.

Grøh: This. Now this, has caught my eye. Seeing as he looks kind of pale, it suits his white-brown, with little hints of blue Viking theme. I also noticed you used Voldo's chin again (you seem to really love this piece😁) for a small spike on his eyepatch and, a couple of small ones (a set of horns, probably) on his fur neck wrap, with the fur bits on his eguipment (Astaroth's waist in particular) making this 2P looking rather natural and down-to-earth, which is very cool.
Excellent batch Gatsu!😊

Arthur and Balthier later, i'm a bit sleepy now hahaha😅
I would like the coordinate For the equipment on the SCV Kilik pls

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@Gatsu First off, there is some truly brilliant work here--your command of the colour palette in particular is impeccable. On a technical level, I'd accept just about any of these designs as official ones if included in a product. After nearly 15 years with various iterations of the SC creation tools, I typically feel I'm pulling just about as much as can be gotten out of them without external modding of any of the assets or the creation suite itself (the type of thing I just don't have the time for these days), but I have to say I have rarely seen final products so meticulous.

Anyway, compliments aside, I'm preparing a jumbo gallery of a few hundred of my own designs from over the years and platforms (though more SCVI than any other, by a substantial margin), so can I ask what software you use to create the composite images for upload?

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PS4 screenshot -> usb ->my pc with kinda old Photoshop (use PS layers to combine the screenshots)

Sorry for the MONTHS late reply lol
Not at all--thanks for replying. I thought there might be some application that streamlines the process, but I guess I can just GIMP it. :)

Coincidentally, I've been giving some thought to finally creating my own galleries here this week: ugh, just a lot of work for hundreds of creations. Maybe I will start small with just the SCVI 2ps..