the best Tira players


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International Opera Open (IOO) was an alternative of mine

The theme of Tira's movelist is actually musical terms synthesized with names, and references to birds. An opera is where people gather to watch performances. Lol


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id like to say that im a pretty good tira player even though i lose a LOT more than i should, i make myself look a lot less skilled than i actually am,i just need work on fundamentals i think,my tira play itself is pretty good

the trouble is hardly anyone knows me, i have some recent videos on youtube where i think im playing pretty well but no one ever sees them, i think i just would like some recognition as atleast decent so i might get to fight more good players and get better, so if any of you guys could add me or ask for a match itd be great :)


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itd be good if another tira tournament could be held,even if it was something more casual just like a meeting up in the global collisuem at a time when everyone could verse
i just wonder if thered be enough people interested though or is there even enough PSN tiras interested?
it woudnt be much good if there was only a tournament for xbox like before


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I plan on it & I plan on winning when that day comes...I still got more training to do before I'm ready.
Yeah man just keep doing what u do and don't let anyone else tell you that you can't be the best tira player. Hell I might just enter CEO this summer because I wanted to be the best zwei player, already tired of most people on this forum downplaying his strengths. But sorry I can't play with you on live because I can't afford a gold membership now. Maybe next time. Not sure if u do play on live tho haha


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Is this convo still going on? Well anyway, I wouldn't say im the "best" Tira player. But i'm pretty good with her actually. Using only Tira, Viola, and Xiba (Mostly Tira) I have a 73% online rank.