The Final Soul Calibur game


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Well, well this is an interesting topic... I would like to explain my thoughts about this in points:
• Siegfried's die and gets resurrected for the power of Algol to continue been the carrier of the saint sword cause he deserve it more than any other, gets immortality and more power.

• Nightmare is too powerful to kill him, so he is exiled to another dimension(but he will return after one century)

• Tira keeps trying to brought back Nightmare from the another dimension(cause a century is too much delay for a sequel)

• Zasalamel saw a vision in which he is a powerful man in the 21st century, so he will keep doing cheap stuff(as in SC3) to secure this fate(he doesn't want to live as a 16st century man, cause in that century there's not bathrooms and McDonnalds)

• Taki start to search for demons again and make them pay for the dead of his old master(that's the only job she knows how to do and she have the perfect excuse)

• Mitsurugi begin to like been hunted by Setsuka and start to be more easy to find(maybe this is cause Setsuka start to use more provocatives clothes from game to game+bigger boops) so this keep as a loop 4ever.

• Kilik accept that he is gay and had a crush for Maxi; Xhiangua can't believe this but now for her is fine after they do his first "menage at trois".

• Maxi, he start to be more cautious about dying again, so he stop hunt Astaroth, and travels around the world with X and Kilik.

• Xianghua is already explained in Kilik and Maxi section.

• Amy Kills Raphael, again, but as he is immortal he escape from the deeps (again). She is now thinking how to kill him forever... he is thinking about how to cover the hole, and meanwhile skipping been close to the deeps again(he is immortal but it hurts when you fall). Note: He could transform to a mist but as you know that move is the worst in this game.

• Rock accepts that he will be never as good as Astaroth, so he send BANGOO to learn with Astaroth.

• Astaroth doesn't like to have students, but BANGOO is learning a lot about surviving skills avoiding all the swings from Astaroth. As you may know Asta dont get tired so BANGOO have to use a Shaman enchant to scape when the night is falling.

• Setsuka thinks that she is even better than before, but is starting to bother her why Mitsurugi is easier to catch when she wears kimono or yukata.

• Yoshimitsu start to get upgrades in his mechanical parts for a young man called Boskonovitch(Doctor Boskonovitch Grand Grand Grand Grand Father) and he thinks maybe this will help him to be immortal some day.

• Voldo make a mistake and get his bandages removes during a fight so he fall to comma cause of the shock. When he awakes his eyes are healed and he meets a beautiful girl and gets marry. His memories from his master are all deleted from his brain cause of the comma.

• Talim grows up as a priestess in the wind temple, and start to play SC2(only) in his free time.

• Lizardman, did a good action and you'll never know but this was the cure for his transformation! He suffers a lot while been a reptilian so as he is handsome again he wants to stay away from the God's business.

• Cassandra never get married and start to be a sword teacher in her homeland, and from time to time she hang out with his new buddy Aeon Calcos.

• Sophitia stop trainning and gets fat. So his husband change her for the girl who used to hang out with him when Sophitia was running out to catch an stupid blue armor.

• Yun Seong finds Hwang and they start to training for the next installment of the game(whenever they want to launch it).

• Seong Mina put a blade in the opposite end of his stick/pole/wol-do and becames top tier. Now she is looking for Yeun Seong and more "Soulcalibers" to start a new tournament.

• Cervantes keeps doing his pirate job, while trying to find his old moves from SC2/3.

• Ivy use Alchemy to make a spell so any guy who uses "Malek" as his nickname will make Ivy's name fearful around the world.

Maybe yes... maybe not... but maybe you will laugh at little.


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Resurrection-storys are overused. :p

Chars should "die" already. oO

Oh and get rid of Algol. His stile fits much better in the SF-universe but not SC. He can stay with the shotos... lol


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If they make another game, I have no idea how they'd go about keeping Algol in the series...


Lay still now
Stryker's post made me wonder if they ever decide to make Lizardman appear as Aeon Calcos in a SC game. That could look interesting haha.


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too bad hes more of a tekken character with backdash launch and stuff
Namco Bandai have the rights to Naruto and Dragon Ball Games... Lars from Tekken will be a selectable character in the new Naruto Fighting Game so Maybe they could use Algol in Dragon Ball(He has scales as the Dragons and has his own way to do Kamehamehas)...


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There should be no "Final SC-game", but a reinvention of the story of the 2 swords!
When I said "Final SC game" I didn't mean the end of the Soul series, but the end of the current group (meaning the "next" game would be a new story with new characters).