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Thank you so much! I know I haven't gotten to the level that many other CAS artists on here have, and doubt I ever will, but it's still fun to improve and show my work with this forum!

I spent my time in CAS recently remaking old characters (but most I haven't posted yet, so they're new to you)

Name: Keasik
Age: 16
Birthplace: Cree Tribe, First Nations


It's a little convenient how Gatsu posted an indigenous girl right when I finished my indigenous girl of the same age, haha. ^^' Either way, she's super cute and I had a lot of fun making her.

Name: Valencia
Age: 29
Birthplace: Naples, Italy


Pirate girl! I didn't do a lot of modifying in terms of her overall equipment parts, just some colors, stickers, patterns here and there. I should've taken better pictures with her. I'll probably take more of all the characters here later.

Name: Tsuzuri
Age: 23
Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan


Tekashi got a goth makeover.
No but seriously, I was just kind of messing around with colors and stuff, and my mind kinda wandered to black, oranges and reds, fire accents (thank yooou enlightened set) and such, since I did want him to be a kind of demon hunter. Also I changed his name to Tsuzuri because I like it more.

Name: Eleanor
Age: 65 (Magic has slowed her physical aging)
Birthplace: Unknown, somewhere in England

My little witch/sorceress I've been keeping on the back burner. I don't really know if I like what I did with her yet... I'll probably still mess around with her design later on tonight.

Feedback appreciated, yadda yadda. I hope y'all enjoy these though ^^


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Happy Hwang Release! I have a set of characters I'm making, and some are/almost completed. I would show them in this batch, but I decided to be patient and wait until the full set is done before I release them all to you!

Until then, I have been making over some characters I've made in the past.

Name: Mei-Li
Age: 22
Birthplace: Beijing, Ming Empire




I didn't think there was anything especially wrong on her last design, I just kind of wanted to make her look more... Ming-y? I struggled a bit, but I think I was able to find a medium between Ming Dynasty hanfu and the anime fantasy vibe Soulcalibur has.

Name: Lifeng
Age: 18
Birthplace: He doesn't remember, Ming Empire

Eh, the scarf clips through the beads, but what can you do. I originally made Lifeng based off a Buddhist monk strictly, but now I took a more liberated approach with his monk vibe and just went for a sort of wandering traveler vibe as well? I had a lot of fun making him.

Name: ???, Referred to as The Plague Doctor
Age: ???
Birthplace: Unknown, but has been spotted all around the Holy Roman Empire



A mysterious man taking up the appearance of the infamous plague doctor is said to roam the Holy Roman Empire. What his motives are, no one knows for certain, but he has been rumored to have been responsible for the murder of multiple high ranking members of the Bird of Passage...

I wanted to make a plague doctor design so... tada! I will admit, I did rush him a little bit, but I'll definitely take more time and care for when I tweak him later on.

And lastly, here's Eleanor again, this time with a few new pieces of DLC and other changes. I think this design looks a little bit more "together" than the last one was.


And that's all I have for now, but I am working on other characters to show, so stay tuned!


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Hi! Don't have much, but I still wanted to update with something.

Name: Iset
Age: 37
Birthplace: Kingdom of Kush, Nubia


I said I would be patient and save some of the characters, but I lied lol. She was already done, so I decided why not post her.

Name: Anneliese
Age: 18
Birthplace: Prague, Holy Roman Empire


She's that cleric girl I made a little bit ago. Her original design is still there, I just wanted to change her up a little? I don't know if I really enjoy what I did with her, so I might delete this one and start over. She was still fun to make though.

I don't want to tease anything that I ultimately don't have the attention span to take up, but I've been thinking of making something of a Soul Chronicle type video for one of my characters. If I do, it'll probably be really short, or a sort of partial Soul Chronicle, and most likely not voice acted. If I do feel like putting in the work though, I probably could get it voice-acted or something of the sort. But I still don't know yet.

Anywhooo, feedback appreciated, hope you enjoy, you know the deal.


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You're doing good things, i like CAS to fit SC anime-but-real-world style of "fantasy"

The plague doctor is probably the most interessing one
I'm super excited you like my work so far! I've still been trying to work on certain characters to get that sort of historical fantasy type vibe, but I'm really glad you're seeing good things in my work!


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I'm so happy to receive positive feedback from such great CAS artists! To you, and everyone else who tunes in to see my content, I appreciate you all.

I just wanted to express my gratitude in a comment, but I also don't want to update the thread with nothing, so here's a little update on Amira:


Your feedback inspires me to keep creating! Thank you so much!


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Very nice head and hat build...the CAS is lavishly done, i would suggest taking pics with the warmer lighting sometimes and ingame pics of your best CAS would be a sight to behold i am sure :)


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Heyo! Just two new characters today:

Name: Conall
Age: 120
Birthplace: Hidden Village Clan


Another OC makeover! This boy I really don't have a ton to say about, just that I've pretty much never had an armored character that I've shown, so here's a kinda sorta armored one. Kind of stuck with the European knight theme, picked kind of dark greens and browns to fit the whole woodland theme. I might tweak him a bit more.

Name: Ina
Age: 25
Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan





I'm definitely gonna mess with her color palette some more, but I had lots of fun making her. I don't really know exactly what I was aiming for... Her very first design was very basic ninja girl with Taki's style, but then I just decided to mess around with parts some more and got this, and picked Setsuka's style when picking between Setsuka and Yoshimitsu.

I tried to choose more lighting options this time in the pictures, and I really like them! Same old, same old, hope you enjoy!


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No new characters bc I'm still working on them, but I was thinking... I know I'm kind of used to staying in my comfort zone with characters, but I do want to try and make my cast more diverse. I was wondering if any of you guys had any type of challenge ideas for me (making a certain type of character, color, equipment, pattern, w/e) to broaden my horizons. I'd love to hear them if you have any!

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No new characters bc I'm still working on them, but I was thinking... I know I'm kind of used to staying in my comfort zone with characters, but I do want to try and make my cast more diverse. I was wondering if any of you guys had any type of challenge ideas for me (making a certain type of character, color, equipment, pattern, w/e) to broaden my horizons. I'd love to hear them if you have any!
Hmmm, to challenge can be a challenge. ;) Let's see, I would like to see one or more of the following:
  • A sci-fi character who appears as if they could fly somehow.
  • A character who is African or of African descent who appears authentic and does not lean very far into generic "tribal" aesthetic faire.
  • A character who utilizes only three rows of the color space chart.
  • A character with a boring job.
  • A character who would look at home in a specific Charlton Heston movie (any particular one).
  • A survivor of an apocalypse.
  • A character who combines three ExEq you have never used before and at least two pieces of equipment you have never used before, and who only uses patterns and stickers you have never used before.
  • A character who straddles the line between comical and sinister.
Or of course a character who combines two or more of the above, if you are eager for an especially tough challenge.
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