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Lololol, did anyone else notice that GS 44B makes a gust of wind from across the entire map?

Pick a character with long hair, like Siegfried or whatever, and then go as far away as you can from each other and do 44B/44(B). They both send a gust of wind, but 44(B)'s is much more noticeable.


Okay, as VV suggested ^^

Since there isn't much to say about Tira getting bulldozed to the ground for almost no reason (in comparison to other characters, that is) I suggest a "fun" game. Using Tira's quotes (http://soulcalibur.wikia.com/wiki/Tira#Quotes) describe how she feels about the patch. I'll start:

"That was ridiculous...what are you doing?"


"This is completely absurd."
"Don't abandon me! Don't leave me all alone!"

I find it interesting that the best Tira quotes are from SC3 and 4 while SC5 didn't really add anything to her awesomeness.

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I absolutely love her Jolly ones!
"I'm gonna sit right here and watch you bleed out."
"You're so adorable, so bloody and broken."
"Broken already? Well, ain't you delicate?"
She's so cute!!


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Aww you forgot the best one.

"Saying sorry won't change anything. Save your breath wench"
"Mark my words, I'll be the end of you."

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I was quoting Jolly ones. :b
I'm not a big fan of the first one, but I like the second one. That and:
"You're no match for me, let's make this quick." or whatever she says. Something similar.


I don't know.
"Oooooo! I want that body!"

Something like that, to Sophie xD

It's just too awesome of a quote even if I forget how it goes, topicality doesn't matter!


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Now that we've gotten most of the tears out in the patch thread let's go back to strat. Did some guard burst testing. She has a surprising number of moves that can't burst (JS notably). I'll update the wiki with that info. In general after a burst in JS I recommend 9B and 2A+B in GS. For consistent damage in GS 44(B) is no joke.

JS moves that allow 9B
3B, 4B, 6B, 6K, 4B+KB, 66B, BT B, BT 2B

GS moves that allow 44(B)
6A, 1B, 6B, 6K, 4B+KB, BT B, BT 2B

GS moves that allow 2A+B
3B, WR B, 3K, 2A+B, 4B+K, 22A, 66A, 66K, WR K

Special situations
In JS:
22B: 44K or 66K combo
BT B+K: continue the attack into combo, easy confirm
General: watch your meter and situation to decide what followup is best

In GS:
44K: first hit will likely burst
44(B): if first hit bursts the rest do 60 damage

Watch for mood change on burst:
A+B, GS BT B+K, GS 44A

Also it seems random to me that 2B and FC B cause the opponent to go into FC on hit now. May be some shenanigans to be had there.


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Hey mikosu did you test out the B grab with her yet? I just want to make sure I'm not crazy about this and it did happen lol.

Edit: Ok it's probably a really random chance that the change happens bc I was trying to test it at different amounts of health and it's hard to figure out when it could happen. Oh well it's no big just another random effect she has possibly.


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So I'm struggling to find new wakeups after CH K UD K or WR B, K, UD K. Because the odd thing is you can do different things depending on whether the opponent falls facing up or down. If i can remember correctly upon facing down or up you can do JS 66A for a techtrap (After a very short delay). i forgot which side it traps. I need to test it more as well as other things but i don't think it would be too practical.

Ive also been thinking of making a matchup thread (+ discussion). I dont want things to just go downhill for Tira. There's potential but it will take a lot of time and research.

I have an example for Mitsurugi but the information may not hold 100%, nor is it a good example -

JS. Maintain as much distance as possible. Use 22_88B for zoning. If 22B lands back step more or if confident enough use 236K (BE) to change stance. Anticipate high horizontals that have reach.
GS. Add as much pressure as possible?
Use JS 66A, GS 66B/666B (BE) to counter Mitsu's 4B, 4B6 and other Mist shenanigans.
*Insert common punishments*
*aGI/Revenge opportunities*

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The only guaranteed things to do after UD K is 2K/2B and GS 66B/666B, though sometimes they can tech that. It might be because of how they land.
If they don't tech, JS 66B BE can be used, best to do after CH Jump K so it doesn't scale as bad.
You can also mix up JS 1K and JS 66A. I think 1K won't catch a back tech, but they both have a slight crouch animation so while teching, it could be kinda hard to tell which to block.


I don't know.
Nifty. I was just thinking about harassing all of this SA's mods to the point of forcing them to collaborate on matchup threads even more than they'd be inclined to >:D

Psychotic suggestion on that front: how about starting out with everyone focusing on the Viola matchup? With the stir produced by her numerous buffs and Tira's nerfs(let's pass on discussing those in this thread) , it seems that would be a hot matchup to start with.

I'm planning on hitting up training mode to mess with it myself tonight, but I really doubt my observations would be a tenth as good as those of folks that already know the matchup and have experience with it.

EDIT: And how about gain to the Critical Gauge? I looked at the pinned topic in the Mitsurugi SA and that is just amazing. I have no idea how to get data that precise :(

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EDIT: And how about gain to the Critical Gauge? I looked at the pinned topic in the Mitsurugi SA and that is just amazing. I have no idea how to get data that precise :(
Einscatz Calcatrix is the best gauge-building move in the game. That link will show you what moves you can do it on.

GS 44(B) and GS CH/air hit 66K give above average gauge buildup when used. I recommend those moves in combos because they both keep you in Gloomy and do decent damage.

Edit: I'll go through the other Soul Arena's this week and try to match ours to theirs.