Tira vs Nightmare


[08] Mercenary
I'm a Tira user and I found that it is really difficult to fight against nightmare, astaroth etc. I was wondering if anyone had any tips or moves that will help me out in this kind of situation.

Never Relent

Astaroth, all you have to is pressure him with 2A, 2K, and etc. Tira has really good options out of those moves as long as you don't become readable. As far as NM, in complete Tira's favor.


I would like more info on what you are struggling to fight against in NM vs Tira. I can give you info on what you should be doing, but that really does no good if you are suffering from other issues not related to the MU. You may have bad reactions, a poor understanding of frame advantage etc...


[05] Battler
Nightmare was not hard for me when I was playing as Tira. All you need know when dealing with nightmare, is the basics of 8way run tactics and knowing which attacks for nightmare are safe and unsafe and Tira beat nightmare without much of sweat.