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Hello it has been like 4 years since i left this board but i'm back this time i will only post my CAS from SC Broken Destiny (via PPSSPP)



SCBD only have Warthog Items except for the helmet so i give him a different helmet and add horns to it


I know Frederick has beard but i won't give him a Kratos or Dampierre face. he even don't have Magmus Armor so he wear Hero Armor instead

Han Myong


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More SCBD CaS!


Johan Durer


Kakusareta (Japanese word for Hidden) a cut character from Soul Calibur he had a hidden weapons in his arms so i give him a Dampierre weapon style



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Riki (Li Long & Chie's son)


Meimei (Li Long's sister)


Chie (Li Long's lover and Riki's mother as well the leader of the clan)



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These look awesome all around but, i admit i had a blast the moment i saw Male Ivy and Azola. Those two are amazingly detailed and unique if we take into account the limitations (due to available hardware at the time) of Broken Destiny's CaS department. Very nice work!!


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anyways bad news, guys i can't get SC6 PC because my computer is not 32 bit system yeah the game is 64 bit system only if my computer will broken down then i will get new one and it will be 64 bit only

i might will get SCV again as i will get PS3. i promise i won't to screwed up like before. the real reason that i sell SCV and SCIV because of Cut characters


impossible to recreate all of those i know i did Kakusareta. i remember someone did Hoard, he look pretty good

the truth is Tira is my most favorite character so i might will make many outfits for Tira but won't to steal your beautiful Tira edits in SCV and SC6. it will be different

i also like other girls- Ivy, Taki, etc. if you ask me about the male characters- Yoshimitsu since his name is same as the character in Tekken franchise

so we cool?


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Anyone here save the pictures of my old SC5 CaS to your computer before i delete them years ago?

i remember i made Human Revenant, Ivy with Medusa's hair, Zasalamel with Turtle Helmet thingy, Rothion, Arcturus, Kilik with SC3 2P outfit and the chick with a chainsaw not Lollipop Chainsaw this one-



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Here's My SCV CaS

@Patrokolos wearing Unused Tiger Helmet thanks to Freemeal for his formula!


Arcturus with new look yes i still have those Armor sets from Collector Edition it is downloadable if you have a regular edition! i even make him floating (see the picture in his profile) like his dad, Algol did!


Cassandra with her Valkyrie outfit from SC2! i use Basic 1 pattern on her helmet


Kakuserta you know the drill (see my SCBD Kaku) but with some stickers and patterns and still have Dampierre's style


Seung Mina with her 2P outfit from SC2

Seong Mina.png

Setsuka with her 2P outfit from SC4 outfit sorry if it don't look right i can change


Taki with her 3P outfit from SC2 i like it. i add the pattern on her shoulder pads to look like a metallic pads


Talim with combo of her SC2 3P outfit and SC4 Kitty outfit but i use Elysium's outfit because Blue Surcoat don't look good on her. in fact the Surcoat make the girls melons biggest than Ivy's melons


Xianghua with new look as if she was in SC5 instead of her daughter no it don't mean i hate Leixia but it's alternate timeline if she never met her future husband who is not Kilik. i'm a XianghuaxKilik shipper that would be awesome if Leixia is Kilik's daughter :D and sorry if i don't use bat wings to make look like big ribbons it might be hard to make one

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