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look like i'm only one who will do more Virtua Fighter CAS

Here's Kage-Maru

Kage-Maru VF 1 outfit


VF 2 Mirror Match outfit and is a reboot


VF 3 2P outfit yes it's what his outfit look like in that game at the time


VF 5 business suit


VF 5 bonus costume


yes i made a new trick- belt with a ribbon using two Nakoruru's headbands and one of the horns because it would conflict with the belt if i tried to put it on but i avoid from it so i ended up with ExEq


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Jack Bryant

VF 1 outfit- i use the square stickers to make it look like a tanktop.. i should do that on on my Liu Kang CAS maybe i will try it another time


VF 2 2P outfit.. wish SC6 have motorcycle jacket but this shirt he's wearing look good as it act as the jacket!


VF 3 1P outfit


VF 5 outfit with Cloth wrap act as his sweater being tied around his hips


another VF 5 outfit



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Lau Chan fun fact: he look like Han Myong and is similar to him because both have a daughter- for Lau- Pai Chan and Han Myong- Seong Mi-na so i might will use Mina's weapon style for my upcoming Pai CAS!

VF 1 P1 outfit


VF 2 2P outfit


VF 3 outfit


VF 5 outfit.. where he look very much older and have a rare illness you will see him coughing in the game if you play as him


Shirtless Lau!


thank god you can put stickers on Kilik's shoulder pad! i did use two number zero stickers to look like the trim on it
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so Lau is only one get the likes

it seems not many people here play Virtua Fighter series then it's ok

if Hwang DLC will happens then i will dress him as young Lau!


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I'm back to upload more of my CAS! but this time Characters from different video games, cartoons, anime, comics, etc

first- Usagi Yojimbo


more info about Usagi

yes a samurai rabbit! he look cool i remember saw him from the old Ninja Turtles cartoon when it was aired 1987, it was awesome


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Fire Mario aka Super Mario with a fire power

unlike other Mario CAS, i use a crescent moon sticker for his 'stache



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anyone here fan of Street of Rage?

here's Haohmaru as Shiva the henchman from Streets of Rage 2, 3 and 4

Haohmaru As Shiva.png

Top: Streets of Rage 2 and 3
Borrom: Streets of Rage 4 yes, i use three horns as the rope (2 Long Horns and 1 Vicious Horn)


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Remember Guy from Final Fight and Street Fighter?

here he is!


the first two outfits are from Final Fight series and the third outfit is from Street Fighter Alpha

and two bonus outfits but they are from Final Fight Streetwise



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Cervantes the Enlightened One


i love the pose where his swords spinning around him before it landed on the ground! why Taki don't have one.. that would be cool if she do that


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i just downloaded a new DLC for Mortal Kombat 11 months ago and one of them is Raiden wearing a gothic horror suit- Raiden The Impaler


sorry, it don't have a Old Hat from SC5 so i give him a Top Hat instead. Straw hat don't help because turtle shell would hide the band around the hat.. that's not fair. also, not all Extra Equipments items have patterns to work on it!


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I just made more Heihachi CAS! well, one of them is updated

Updated Heihachi- he now wearing Haohmaru's torn suit

Heihachi P1.png

Heihachi's one of Tekken 7 outfits

Heihachi P2.png

Heihachi's robe from Tekken 4 ending

Heihachi P3.png

Heihachi's one of customized outfit from Tekken Tag 2 where they have that Simple Top B shirts and it let you put stickers on their shirts so i ended up with the tiger sticker in SC6

Heihachi P4.png


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since Setsuka had been confirmed that means i might will recreate all of her past costumes and new costumes like from different games i can dress her as any Mortal Kombat or Tekken female characters and yes i will put her signature tattoo on her arm.


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my game just updated to 2.20 and i get Setsuka's SC4 1P outfit for free! so i decided to put it on Ivy!


thank god Setsuka's gloves doesn't conflict with Ivy's shoulder pad!

anyways, i notice that the comb have a pattern on it but you can't change colors! not like the flower


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I just purchased Setsuka DLC and new Character Creation Set E today

first, Here's AUGUSTE from SoulCalibur 4! thanks to the werewolf mask! but, this time his costume is rebooted version of Raphael's SC2 1P outfit and is now using Setsuka's weapon style!


i love that pose!

but bad news, Tiger Lily gloves conflict with that suit.. next time, i will change the suit and give him that gloves


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and, now time for Setsuka!!!

my version of Setsuka with her famous SC4 1P outfit!


Setsuka SC3 2P Outfit


in case, you don't notice- she's wearing Josie's bow as her belt!

Setsuka SC3 1P Outfit

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