To Lend a Soul: Which SC character do you want to voice?


Shining Sea Dragon
I heard Talim and Mitsurugi had English voices done by loving fans.

So, which character do you have the want or feel to voice?


[13] Hero
I'd like to voice Hilde, but somehow I think people would find her being voiced by a slightly nasally gay man somewhat offputting. I would too tbh lol
I think the only one I have the range for would probably be Kilik? I also wouldn't have to masc-up my voice as much as the others which would also be a plus.


[09] Warrior
I think I would like to do generic voices for CaS characters, to add more variety to the game, hey maybe Namco should request voice recordings from those willing to help, I would gladly do multiple script readouts to contribute for free.