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  1. Rayikin

    Rayikin [09] Warrior

    here are my top 10 moves in no particular order.

    1. 6B
    2. A+B/(A+B)
    3. 4B
    4. 3K
    5. 3B
    6. 44A
    7. FLEA (B)
    8. FC 3K
    9. 66A/ 66a A+B+K
    10. 6K
  2. Gabedamien

    Gabedamien I Want To Be Happy

    6K has become so good it’s dumb. I find myself using it over and over again as a punisher because so many noobs eat it online and it does a lot of damage. Boring, really.
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  3. mkl

    mkl [00] Signia's Cheerleader

    The range seems to have gotten a buff. It seems to catch step either direction now very consistently too. Otherwise it's identical frame wise. Although I'm not sure how it is on block yet.
  4. JT_the_Ninja

    JT_the_Ninja [09] Warrior

    I'm really liking 3K's one of my main punishers in Tekken, and it seems to maintain its speed and deceptively long range in SC5. []
  5. Goose

    Goose [10] Knight

    im having trouble doin FC 3K quickly any useful tips?
  6. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    Like what kind of trouble? Do tell.
  7. Oboro

    Oboro Namunamunamuna...

    Press 3G and then K quickly after. Pretty easy you just may be pressing K too soon before he's considered crouched.
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  8. Goose

    Goose [10] Knight

    Thanks Oboro.
    it seems as though i need more training...

    DOCTORSTUPID [05] Battler

    In no particular order:

    iMCF - it's awsome
    bA (AT) - easy damage on dumb opponents
    CH 6A+B4 - I like to steal life
    66A+B b+k A+B (shark attack) - still jumps through attacks
    3B - most useful LNC
    FLE hopping and vaulting - because it's an awsome taunt strategy for that less then average player
    MED - cool, but lame, mixups and you gain life
    DNK - easy to connect to the ends combos and RO
    Acrobatic Bliss (JF) - now a GI and you still gain tons of life
    214A - ranged low
  10. mkl

    mkl [00] Signia's Cheerleader

    A few of those have new inputs in SCV.
    6A+B4 is simply 6[A]
    Shark Attack is 66B+K A+B B+K (I think it's always been this way)
  11. Gabedamien

    Gabedamien I Want To Be Happy

    Hah, technically, Shark Attack is 66B+K, A+B, K. Just as it’s always been.
    And it’s 6(A) now as you said, yeah.

    Funny how we develop ways of doing the moves that are most natural for us. For instance, I use to do DNK by mashing on A+B. I never realized that after the first hit, it’s all B.
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  12. mkl

    mkl [00] Signia's Cheerleader

    Haha, I am such a hyprocrit. For the first week I continued to press A+B for DNK and it was killing me.
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    DOCTORSTUPID [05] Battler

    Sorry, I've been playing alot of Tekken lately, shark attack is ff+3+4 1+2 3+4, so I'm used to using two buttons, and I did the same thing for DNK, in Tekken it's WS 1 (so useless in T6 BR).

    Does 6[A] give you life on default or do you need to press 4, I always pressed 4?
  14. sephalump

    sephalump Video games kill people

    no order or anything.
    3B: good nh launcher, decent damage.
    iMCF: Interrupt. If you can do it in frame traps it'll end up making them freeze up which opens up your options. Or they'll keep being stupid and eat combos all day.
    a:B+K: Fast, ok range. Good CH damage, seems like you can move around afterwards on block or hit. - on hit though :\
    3B+K: Very safe CH launcher. Bit on the slow side. I think it's only -6 or less so you can iMCF afterwards.
    66B: An alright CH tool. A little unsafe(fast AA or CE punishes) but gives you I think somewhere in 60's damage wise with you standing right over them on oki.
    3K/6B:Put these two together since they're basically two sides the same coin. 3K is a safe mid body attack. Good range, good frames. Basically just a panic move or poke. Virtually no risk attached to it. Seems to catch step to the side he kicks from. 6B is a great poke and interrupt coming in at i13. Since iMCF is only -3 this can interrupt a lot of actions after it on block. GREAT advantage on hit. Let no one fool you, 8 frames off one of the game's fastest non-CE mids is great. bA is uninterruptable, 3B beats practically everything but Pat's CE. Can move around after it on block.
    BB/AA/2A/2K/WS B Throws(They're basic moves and I group them together for everybody). Single A's and B's make good iMCF traps. As does WS B on block since it's only -2. His throw game is pretty good. His AA's and BBs make for good punishers though some moves you'll either have to jG or just use the first B to punish. Like Cerv's aB at most ranges. -_-# Shit is goofy.
    66A: Step kill, ok reach. BE if you're really sure they're going to do something. Otherwise they can step the palm tap and punish you. Safe I believe but I might be wrong.
    iFC3K: no list is complete without it. Risky mixup low. Free 3B ground hit if it lands. Since 3B gives so much advantage off a ground hit his oki is pretty good from it.
    4KB: The 2nd hit is sorta steppable and jG can blow the string up but I've found a lot of good work in it. Safe knockdown mid. Can charge the UB like in 4. Where it's really shined is in pseudo-frame traps though. 4K is just BARELY unsafe at -12. People don't want to punish it because the B which if the B by itself lands gives you a free 3B ground hit into oki. People tend to wait for the B(obviously) but don't want to sit there all day. Which is why 4K, iMCF lands a lot.
    Honorable Mentions: 66A+B, CE, 6K(reason it isn't in the list is I only use it for punishment but it's really good duck punishment since his is so crappy), 4B(frame traps), Flea B/(B)(frame traps, tech crouches it looks like), bA(dat flash for easy CH damage), when you can land it A+K, 2A+B(seems great on block, good if they just lay there dead, in the corner you can be gimmicky with 2A+B and finishing with the last B, using that I've actually gotten 2A+B blocked in the corner and landed a super since they waited to attack), 2K(irritating quick low)
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  15. Gabedamien

    Gabedamien I Want To Be Happy

    In SCIV you needed to hit 4, otherwise it would drain Yoshi’s life. In SCV they reversed it so the default is to absorb the opponent’s life, and you only need to hold a direction (6) if you want to reverse it and give life. Or the other way around if the opponent breaks with B, as I’m sure you know. Of course, you still need to hit the 4 in B+G4 to activate the drain without using the backslap — again, obvious, just mentioning it for completeness’s sake.

    However, I always* hold 4, as in 6A(4) for two reasons — one, I learned it that way in SCIV, and damned if I have to remap some more muscle memory; and two, it makes it that much more certain that you won’t accidentally do 6A(6) by accident.

    (*when I’m not playing mind games and reversing it)
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  16. sephalump

    sephalump Video games kill people

    44 is hot stuff too. Almost forgot about it. It's safe, tracks both sides, knockdown on hit. I just don't like how it pushes them away but you can run up to them before they get up anyways.
  17. Grabs
    A, A
    B, B
    FC 3K
  18. DrunkenSnake

    DrunkenSnake [08] Mercenary

    My favourite moves, no particular order

    FC 3K
    DF A
    (iMCF) I still can't pull this off

    Also... I started using 2B as my main mid-range poke, as its reach is pretty good. Is it actually good idea or 3K is better choice?
  19. mkl

    mkl [00] Signia's Cheerleader

    New Post Patch Top Ten

    1. iMCF
    Get out of jail free card in some strings/frame traps.

    2. 66B
    CH starter that can blow up backstep now. TC, -12 on guard, and good damage.

    3. Deathcopter
    If you opponent can't handle it, free damage.

    4. 4KB
    Safe and long range. On paper it should get blown up by JG but you can delay the B.

    5. 6B
    iMCF lite with amazing +frames on hit.

    6. 44A
    Step killing is difficult for Yoshi and a safe mildly quick mid that kills step is always an asset.

    6b. 66A

    7. FC 3K
    Can get in your opponents head and cause them to fuck up if they see you crouching.

    8. 22_88B
    Pseudo safe launcher with good damage opportunities.

    9. 33_99B
    CH launch otherwise everything about 66B.

    10. a:B+K
    Combo extender and an OK option if they start to jump iMCF.

    11. 22_88K
    Safe and can lead to very good traps on block, good damage on hit. High and slow though so used as a step punish.
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  20. OneManjiArmy

    OneManjiArmy [10] Knight

    If anyone would like to revise their top 10 moves and reasons as of now, it would be pretty sweet :)
    (lowest to highest) WARNING WALL OF TEXT

    10.) 66A , and its BE variant.

    Somewhat of a safe step killer imo. Good stun on CH. It's BE version is pretty limited if the person you are fighting is experienced, as they may decide to JG the second hit. CH on 2nd hit leads to crumple, which is very nice.
    I wish it had a faster startup, then it would be definitely higher on this list.

    9.) 22_88A

    Tricky low for moderate damage. Not really meant for side step punishment, as it tends to whiff, and is generally blockable due to its speed. Nonetheless, if your pressure is great, you can score some hits with this fakeout move! Not bad on block either.

    8.) 4B

    Pretty nice move imo. Puts opponent on crouch on block while doing good guard damage. Confirmed hit, CH or not, floors the enemy which allows for mixups. Its bad on whiff, so caution is advised. Has a slow startup.

    7.) 2K

    One of Yoshi's staple low kicks. Fast and hard to see coming. Howver it Deals little damage and the range is slightly smaller than the rest of the cast's 2K. It just feels that way somehow... Still a great move.

    6.) 3B

    Ooo, this is one of my favorite moves. A risky launcher, but really is one of Yoshi's fundamental tools to set up for his combos. But yes, it is risky, due to the - on block. Many fast moves can punish this move. But if it lands, youll hit big.

    5.) FLEA B and its Delay Variant

    A very good mixup move. Really good for faking out your opponent. Is actually not bad on block. I believe the delayed variant of FLE B gives you + on block, meaning you can iMCF them if they decide to attack back. Someone check on it, but im pretty sure. Really gives guard damage as well.

    4.) 6K

    HOW IN HELL COULD I FORGET THIS? Solid whiff punisher, Fast, and hits hard. A solid substitute for a:BK to guarantee a finish or solid damage.

    3.) 214A and 1K (Kangaroo Kick)

    Both moves are tied for this slot for being both awesome tech crouching moves that can set up a combo and launch, respectively. Unfortunately, it IS unsafe on block, leading to horrible punishment for Yoshi. But its tech crouch properties are really nice, and is perfect if your opponent likes to spam AA or throws. May not be as useful in competative play, as they can probably see it coming a mile away.

    2.) a:BK, iMCF, JF 4AAAAA

    Now, as a Yoshi, I believe it is essential to learn this asap. Don't take my word for it, just look at what everyone else is saying about these moves. Nothing more needs to be said, just learn these moves.

    1.) iFC 3K

    IMO Yoshis most dangerous weapon. Hard to see on reaction, even more so if your pressure is really good. Knocksdown on hit, then crouch recover cancel (what ever its called) for a free 3B. Side tracks well pretty good, and can punish bad spacing.

    Honorable Mentions

    Other Med moves
    Other DGF moves
    death copter
    Shark attack moveset
    JF healing moves
    MED AB

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