[08] Mercenary
1. 66A (actually, 99A or 33A are generally more useful)
2. 4B+K
3. 6A
4. 1B+K (super underrated tech crouch tool)
5. 2A
6. 88/22 A (delay) B
7. 44A (no followup necessary)
8. 66K
9. 9K
10. 4B+Kg
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Vice Hannyabal

[09] Warrior
My top secret aeon's ultimate moves list (until someone reads it):

1b BE: Obviously. The best move in the game in small stages where ROs are possible
33A: The slightly better version of aeon's good old 66A. Every opponent has to fear that move. I'm serious
4B+K: TC and TJ. Works great against most stances. Good range and safe against most of the cast

These are his best 3 moves in my oppinion.

WR B: Your answer to whiffed throw attempts. Starts one of his best combos
3B: His best whiff punisher. Solid range and damage. If 1b BE doesn't work use this
2K: Useful tool to condition your opponents to duck. Works similar to 1K but it is safer
44BAA: Great combo-ender. Awesome RO-range but useless outside of combos unfortunately
6A: Nice spacing tool. Good range and frames
Command throw (or throws in general): Aeon has very good throws. Absolutely necessary for his mix-up game
3K: One of his best pokes. Tracks both sides and is safe
8B: To punish safe lows for hilarious results. Works well against natsu's bombs ;-)

There are 11 moves now but i can't decide which one i should delete...