[Toronto, Ontario, Canada] SOULCALIBUR 6 era edition


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I'm alive . Would be happier if Talim didn't suck and I have my main back ... but trolling online with Mina atm. If anyone want local I'm happy to attend.

*Edit, not going to canada cup, $45+ dollar for registration??


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Bad timing for Canada cup. Halloween paeties and a birthday all weekend. Hopefully next week. There's a gaming var on college (meltdown?) that does fg stuff if anyone's interested

Did some Mina stuff but wasn't feeling it as much as I hoped. Played a bit of siggy and NM and now I'm thinking about mitsu. Need more time to actually play


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so like any tournies going down, smash.gg doesnt have much to offer? Are there online tourneys?


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Welcome back to the stage of history old timers.

Also good to see a lot of new blood.

I hope we continue to thrive as a community.


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'Sup peeps.

Crawling out of the woodwork for a new game, as usual. I know Chronos (my boy Matt) is playing a lot as well.

I was a little late to the launch because I was in Kenya when the game was released, which meant missing the first few weeks of the meta game, and Canada Cup. Starting to pick things up now.

That said, Chronos and I are actually pretty sure we're going to Evo for SCVI this year (we're assuming the game doesn't go full Marvel Ultimate by then). Anyone else thinking of doing Evo this year?

Edit: I'm offended I didn't make it onto Oof's roll-call. I'm a mod, goddamnit. Or, I was, but I think they de-activated me lol.


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Hi Oof, Is there a way I could join using Discord app? Website says my email is already registered, unfortunately, that darn website! Edit: Nevermind! I got it!
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