[Toronto] The Race to 10,000 Mountain

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On a more serios note, Oof thinks he owns people? Hahahahaha. Ok, lets do a reality check, first off your a scrub when it come to SC, your gimmicks don't work on my pro skills. Second, here on the forums you just been my puppet, it's so easy to get you aggravated and defensive. Oof I wish you can somehow transfer that aggressiveness/defensiveness in to SC, at least then it would be somewhat good in this game
Baited... and reeled.


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Now that I can agree with. Accepting the game's faults while looking positively towards the future is the way to go.
Also even the fans who are buying the game still complain about its faults; besides it's a forum anyway. Thoughts are shared in a way that seem to be pessimistic.

In other words they are willing to deal with it but they use the forums as means to express their anger.

Also there are fans (yes I said fans) who don't want to buy further iterations of SC and that's because they don't like the direction SC is turning as this direction is thought to be damaging the reputation of SC, thus they lost hope and stick to old school SC. To them it's better for the series to die than to support and get the SC reputation further ruined while the others continue to support the series in hopes of finding a better chance for SC.


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guess DJ is a no go unless a bunch of TO's really want to fight for it. I would laugh if the style was available on the mimics.

That Commentators and CaS thread gave me the chills, though..

IdleMind said:
That is the community position.
And thread closed.

I knew 8WR was the biggest SC community site, thats why I came here.. but I didn't realize it was an oligarchy that decides the path of the entire community. Interesting ;)
j1yeon - Bro. Ask our Good friends Wallace and Russel what happened during Calibur Forums when Canada was dominating and WCMaxi Chicago et al were butt hurt.

Abyss doesnt get Banned. Russel takes advantage of said non-ban. Russel runs the train through Chicago Regionals.
Russ 1st
Vints 2nd
Oof 4th
Dino T-7th

out of 48 people.

WCMaxi comes to defend his butt hurt community. Ban-Hammers Abyss. Wallace asks what the problem is, in his English as 2nd language. WCMaxi insults Wallace's English. Wallace makes the GREATEST AVATAR EVER. WCMAXI FINAL BOSS (with WCMs Face over Abyss).

WCMaxi lays down the Ban Hammer on WALLACE of all people. I come in to defend Toronto against Butt Hurt Community, I got Banned. Twice.

Fast Forward, we are all very accustomed to being shit one for being from Canada or having an opinion. Just ask OOF. Anyways, its something to get used to (Admin Powers Corrupt Absolutely) so thats why we tend to do our own thing (or try to) without alienating ourselves from the rest of the community.

Unless Your Oof.

Oh Good Times.
Yeah, I'm not gonna be naming names but some of the moderation and administration on this site is a joke. The community is lead by elitists who stick their nose up at new, online and casual players. And this is not just my opinion. I've spoken to plenty of new guys who feel this way.

How much do you wanna bet that if I or someone were to make a new thread there with a poll on whether Devil Jin should be allowed or banned that I would get censored by having my thread closed?

And their main argument is always "this isn't an issue" or "there's nothing to discuss". Really? Then why are so many people discussing it?

As for my personal opinion, just because you have a fancy title by your forum name and have a few extra buttons on the forum than regular users, it doesn't entitle you to be a community leader or to speak on behalf of the entire community.

Anyways right now I'm actually becoming more fond of the facebook Toronto community page than the Toronto thread. The Toronto thread gives off bad vibes to newcomers, especially in terms of rudeness and out-of-nowhere hostility *looks at Dino, Eli, and franman*. Sure, I'm guilty of participating, but rarely do I start it, and if I do it's usually just me smack talking other people's skills, which is harmless. It's people who start making personal attacks that don't realize how ugly it makes the Toronto thread look.

Like me teasing certain people of being homosexual a few pages back. That's not a personal attack or an insult. If someone gets defensive or offended by that then it's all them. If someone calls me gay I'll laugh at them or even joke around that I am even though I'm not. If anything I'd be flattered since homosexuals are some of the nicest people I've met. I don't think I've ever met an unpleasant gay guy.

Getting offended, defensive, or throwing it back at me in an insult form also makes us look bad. How does it look to a new player who is lurking the thread that happens to be gay? They may be turned off by it because they think that our community has a bunch of homophobes.

And I won't even get into the racism that goes on here.

So now our community appears to have elitist moderators and admins that are self proclaimed "leaders" who talk down to new, casual and online players, and feel that they have the right to speak for and make decisions on the behalf of the whole community, we have people being needlessly rude and making personal attacks on others, and we have racists and homophobes.

Aren't we a welcoming bunch?

This brings me back to the facebook page, and why I'm starting to like it more. Facebook is more personal. People usually don't hide behind usernames so they are less likely to act like assholes for no reason. And it's just a more personalized experience as a whole, which is more fitting for a local offline community. Not to mention it has more potential to recruit new players than this thread does.

Since I am administrating the facebook page, I'll make sure no douchebaggery goes on there. Harmless smack talk about other people's skills is fine, but no personal attacks, racism, or homophobic statements.

I know the facebook page won't replace the Toronto thread, but I hope at the very least we can make it a friendly alternative for newcomers.

That's my rant for today. I think this is my third long rant for the third day in a row lol. Maybe I should start going on daily rants? :P
C'mon we all know I only attack when people TRY to call me out. Mostly Vints really. And yea, its usually attacking their Skill at the game, which some people still cant deal with. Those who know me, know I was a lot more Vocal on these forums way back in the day. And I usually vocalize community related stuff, not what someone thinks of my gameplay.

It will be clear we are all a cool bunch after the first tourney. Hell even people from the USA want to be a part of our community. DONT LIE ITS TRUE!!!
Sorry franman, perhaps I shouldn't have included your name because you don't really make personal attacks or attempt to disrespect someone of of the blue too often.

I think your name popped into my mind because that recent post of yours where out of no where you made a distasteful remark about my avatar. But it wasn't a remark that I was offended by, in fact it was kind of funny, but it did come off as an out-of-nowhere attempt to insult me.
I forgot about that Chi Regionals that I won with Abyss. LOL!
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Either on FB or via PM. I would prefer FB.

As for this current subject you guys are speaking of, ummm... I'm not gonna say anything.
Actually, i'll say one-two things.

The community altogether is very accommodating to new players BUT you guys treat new players how you treat old players. You guys talk to them and say things to them like your their best friend already. There should be some restrictions until you actually meet them personally. Stop talking to every new member like they're your new best friend.

Page: this goes for you most of all. Not EVERYONE has seen your face, so can it with the Koreans or any other race that you keep mentioning. Personally, I say black and chicken a lot because I know the people I talk to directly. Doesn't mean it's right but they know i'm joking. To people you post and say random race things, it may come off as racist. So tone it down.

Eli: It does look like there's more to you and Amaury's argument. It's best to leave this out of this thread. Tone it down with the insults, it does look bad on your end to be always putting down Amaury. Learn to make fun by not coming off as insulting towards the other readers.

Dino and Vints: everybody knows about your true love towards each other so I don't think anybody is questioning that.

Everyone: The reason you are all here is to meet players that share your hobby. If you get too personal with someone and IT's clearly visible that you made them uncomfortable, don't push it further. It will lead to nowhere and will just make you and this community look bad.

It's about time we get a new thread. People saying anything to start "bad drama" just to get that 30,000 is ridiculous. No filter at all when you guys talk sometimes.

We will be starting fresh and I will be requesting this thread deleted. Just been bad memories for the last 3 pages. As Amaury stated, the FB page is a perfect place to chat when you want proper conversations. I certainly do not want to split the community but if this thread becomes too childish/rude/racist, i cannot promote it at all. That is not a direction that I want TTT to be part of.

As for the alleged power hungry mods/admins. Some of them are bad. But most of them are good. They base decisions with the communities reaction. Sometimes it's wrong, other times it's ACCEPTABLE. We all know how SC3 was just a clusterfuck of "allow everything" format. Bonus characters, Glitches, and other things that should not have been allowed. That was chaotic. So when rules are made, they are made to be ACCEPTABLE to everyone. A few will not agree but it's best to just ACCEPT it and move on. You cannot enjoy the game if you worry too much about what rules are allowed or not. Just look at the 8wayrun's rule and ACCEPT IT. You may not agree but accept and enjoy.

This thread has been requested to be closed. Hoping to get a new one by today.



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I think your name popped into my mind because that recent post of yours where out of no where you made a distasteful remark about my avatar. But it wasn't a remark that I was offended by, in fact it was kind of funny, but it did come off as an out-of-nowhere attempt to insult me.
I don't see how that would come off as an out-of-nowhere attempt to insult you nor do I see any difference compare to your jokes.

Really I thought we're just joking around just for the fun of it then all of sudden that post you make gave me the surprise. You could have been str8 up with me and tell me how you've felt just like Mandratti did and I would've apologize in a professional manner.
franman, like I said, I wasn't insulted. It just came off as though you were attempting to.

Russell and everyone else:

I want to propose the idea of changing the new Toronto thread name every tournament.

So say if Russell wins the tournament (LOL), he gets to choose what the name of the thread is. So if he wants he can request it to be "[Toronto] Russell owns this city!!" or something cheesy like that lol. Nothing offensive of course. It's just a way for people to smacktalk from winning a tournament. Every tournament the winner gets to decide what to rename the thread to.

I already talked to Partisan about it and he likes the idea. Since he's a mod he can change he thread for us.

That said, expect this thread to have my name in the title ALL the time. :P


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mannn... this is a video game thread for god sakes.... were all here to have fun... same as if we play the game..if we play the game... i'm not going to sit there and say lovey dovy things to your face all the time... same as the thread...we troll... laugh... make gathering plans..."some" seroius subjects as up comming tourneys... and jokes...

NOW if you are new here and sign in.... and you get offended at some of the material that is posted here... than there is something wrong with
you serously... there are trolls no matter what "internet forums" you go to... what makes me laugh is when we as a community has to come together and hold each other hand and be like...."ok guys, lets be more nice.. lets town down the racist comments.. lets be so and so......." lol...

Most of us here know each other in real life.... and for the new players that might get offended buy it..are "not generally the ones receviving the insults" sure it doesn't makes it right, but you must understand we have history together already... most new players ALWAYS gets a welcome!! always!! they NEVER get insulted when they say hi guys! i have never seen that on here.

I say it again,there are trolls on EVERY internet forum .. you know how i know? becasue there is a mod... c what i did der?

People need to chill.. and know why the reason we are all here for! and that is to have fun!.. once again yes we troll but we mostly troll the people we have already meet in real life lol.... like wtf you noobs...

yes some people are more sensitive than others... that is why "hello kitty" was invented.. go play that!

oooo yaaa



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Wow gone for a few hours then BAM. I'll tone it down Russell, but this thread need some action, some kind of conflict, it keep things interesting till SC5 drops. Plus this kind of drama is motivation for kicking ass. But to be honest I was really looking forward to getting this thread to 10000 post. We're so close.
Not even close to 10,000. Need 3000+ to reach it. Do we get a prize for reaching 10,000? That's not really an accomplishment if 90% of the post in the thread is just mindless dribble with insults. I think a new thread is needed to start fresh for Soul Calibur V. Gets rid of that bad taste that came from the old thread.

Yeah, I'm not gonna be naming names but some of the moderation and administration on this site is a joke. The community is lead by elitists who stick their nose up at new, online and casual players. And this is not just my opinion. I've spoken to plenty of new guys who feel this way.

This I must agree, the administration is excellent but some of the mods, we'll you know what i mean...Hard to believe that they represent our community.
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