True stories of 9A+B


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You must have hit one.

Last week I was at Wallace's place doing some casuals and I landed 9a+b on his Nightmare right at the start of a round. Caught him in in a NSS -> GS transition if I recall correctly.

The best part is that I still lost the round.

This topic is for 9a+b, not 9a+bb. That move is for pussies.


Prettier than you
I hit kevin_sorbo with 9A+B he was using amy and tried to use 2A+B on wakeup I used it to TJ the 2A+B and he still had enough time to step but he got hit with the phantom hitbox to the left of mina


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I got hit with it online once. I originally stepped it then let go of the stick weird and it caused me to step right back into the line of fire. I facepalmed IRL


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I just hit someone online with it today. Sidestepped the guy then started it up. He whiffed some mid hori and BAM round was over.


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Let's see....

I TJed Offbeat Ninja's Sieg 1AA, and jumped noface's Hilde run in charges, those were probably my best ones. I've hit it many other times but those weren't as good.


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I've only hit people with it when they're pressured from a depleted soul gauge and they're backed up against a wall or the edge of the stage.

Doesn't happen often, three times ever for me IIRC.


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I was playing my friend who was just starting to play the game, used 9A+B on him, and he didnt know what to do so he just guarded.



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Page, this move is an useful move. It works with some setups. I need more examination before talking about it in details.


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I was fighting against a Maxi who was just spamming different stances. I knock him away a long distance and hit with 1B FC. He starts going into some crazy voodoo spin-the-chucks-around-his-neck stance, talking shit over mic as he makes his way over, and what do I do?
9A+B. He starts trying to back off, but it lands and destroys his remaining life.

Then he ragequits. :(


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IMO, this move is useful and fine. Some of setups are like that:
66A+B -> StepForward -> 66A+B against tech-roll and roll.
66A+B -> StepForward -> 9A+BB against roll.

BBB(close hit) -> Delay 66A+B against tech-roll.
BBB(close hit) -> 9A+BB against roll (not for 8->6 rolls).

6BB(close hit) -> Delay 66A+B against tech-roll
6BB(close hit) -> 9A+BB against roll (not for 8->6 rolls).

so on..

I think there is another method to use it effectively. I need more time to prove that first in CRT.


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I have gotten this move to work only on the AI and human players who aren't very skilled. I doubt I could pull this move off on a quality player.

Even so, it's hilarious to see the reaction from people when they get hit by it.


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InsaneKhent, I knew this move sounds stupid and looks stupid, but please don't let the stereotype convince you.

There are 2 main scenarios you can use 9A+B practically and effectively. And you need to understand that Mina has a lot of moves which has a "hit confirm" in CRT only.

In 1st scenarios, you can applied 9A+BB against to roll. 9A+B has "whiff confirm" which is a new idea in this forum.
For example (1st scenarios):
66A+B -> StepForward -> 66A+B (forced guard).
66A+B -> StepForward -> 9A+BB against to roll.
** Instruction: 9A+B -> Hold G -> See a roll -> Press B by reaction. If you don't see any roll or whiff, keep holding G. And you will be safe and in good range. It is a low-risk "whiff confirm" with a reward of a good CF damage and a free 6B+K, so I will suggest to do it occasionally. Actually, 66A+B doesn't have a mix-up with other move, but it is good for CF. Therefore, you have to run forward to do a mix-up such as 2K_1B_throw or do 9B+K against to roll. You have to take the risk that opponent rolls, blocks and techs your mix-ups.

** In 1st scenarios, you can applied it after BBB(close hit), 6BB(close hit), WSB(normal hit), 44AA(far hit), 44K(tip hit), 4BK, 3B(mid hit), and 4A+K only. (**66A+B can't force guard against to roll after most these moves hit.)

In 2nd scenarios, you can applied 9A+BB against to a whiff only (not a roll) from mid to far range.
For example (2st scenarios):
33KB(hit) -> 1BA -> Rush-in mix-up.
33KB(hit) -> 1BA -> 9A+B
**Instruction: 9A+B -> Hold G -> See a whiff (not a roll) -> Press B by reaction. If you don't see any whiff, keep holding G. And you will be safe and in good range. Actually, if you run forward to do mix-ups, you will lose frames and some opponent will try to interrupt your moves. To beat this situation, 9A+B can become a whiff punisher with a "whiff confirm" from a far range.

So far, I see the problem of these setups are that opponent try to GI it or to use 8->6 roll to avoid 9A+BB. However, I'm testing 9A+B unblockable against to GI. Just give me more to time to confirm. If you see 8->6 roll in 1st scenarios, just don't use it. =D hahaha... Fortunately, it is still good as a whiff punisher with a "whiff confirm" in 2nd scenarios.

On the side note, Some Mina's mix-ups are not a true mix-up in CRT such as iWSB_iFC1K_iFC->Throw and Rush-in->throw_9B+K. Mina is lack of good mix-up in close range. IMO, Mina needs to rely on "hit confirm" to make her become safer and more variety.


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After a reasonably close 66A+B:

- Step forward into 44A+B is a forced block
- 9B+K6B works on those who tech
- 2A+B is ultra guaranteed on those who don't tech, and it even trips them if they try to block it


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InsaneKhent, trust me. I knew 66A+B -> Step Forward -> 44A+B(forced guard) for a long time. It is easy to remember that every StepForward->66A+B(forced guard) = 44A+B(forced guard) mostly. The reason I didn't post it here because it is not a forced guard for any character and range. Mostly, it only works after 66A+B in close hit and Wall's help. Against to some character like Ivy, it will not work most of time. Don't get me wrong. I agree that 44A+B(forced guard) is a very good move under specific conditions.

66A+B(close hit) -> 9B+K, is a combo and doesn't relate to roll or tech.
66A+B -> StepForward -> 9B+K, it beats roll only.
66A+B -> StepFowrard -> delay 9B+K, it tracks tech-roll only.

About 2A+B, I agree. It is an ultra forced guard tool for almost every Wake-Ups, but 66A+B -> 2A+B(beats roll and idle) works in close range only. 66A+B -> StepForward -> 2A+B(not beating roll and idle) works as a Forced Guard in any range.

Obviously, 66A+B-> StepForward -> 66A+B_2A+B is a CF setup. For mix-ups in CRT, you still need to rush in and take the risk. Also, you should know that 44A+B and 66A+B is not a Forced Guard and 2A+B doesn't beats roll after most of other moves I mentioned above in 1st scenarios.

Anyway, even 9A+B in 1st scenarios has a flaw, it is still good on 2nd scenarios occasionally. Actually, I'm not telling you that 9A+B is a god move. I'm talking about 9A+B is an useful move everybody omits, which can be used it practically with low risk.

Anyway, hahaha.. this move really can piss people off when it lands on them. =D