True stories of 9A+B


[10] Knight
I have never gotten this move to work once. Do I have some sort of defect?
InsaneKhent, WTH, did you bring up this question on purpose? Or with other meaning or drama?
I had a post here, and I decided to delete it because I am too tired of arguing. Waste of time.
You brought up a question. I saw and then I answered it straightforward. It is just a discussion.
Waste of time??? huh!?...... yea. I agree.


[08] Mercenary
i actually hit with it twice today lol instead of doing the g follow-up like i normally do i let it fall they did a while rising move off the group and missed...then bam!!!!!! KO. i ALSO once did b quicker version when they tried to hit me out of it the third time