Underrated Moves


[14] Master
After using Ezio for an embarrassing amount of time, I investigated moves further to find potent breakthroughs in the meta. Through extensive testing against Very Hard Mode CPUS and Global Collesso matches, I have determined these moves to be hidden gems.

1A - Super potent mix up between 44B given the impact frame breakdown.
2K - Super tech crouching low kick that goes under mids! Consider using this move as a poke.
Aerial Assault - Super quick tech jump and has the assassination factor and NH combos
8K - Super high kick knocking the opponent down, urging you to curbstomp their ass after your first kick.
BB - Super basic but super good. Slice their gizzards and slice their hopes and dreams.
Circling Eagle - Super observe. Observe my dick in your ass
6K - Super kick for super concussions.
Low crossbow bolts from rolls and mid mix ups - The opponent likes to freeze when they see you roll and anticipate your low bolt! Throw a monkey wrench in and throw in a mid! Like WR A! SLOPPY
Flickering Knife - Incredible step kill for incredible mid damage.
2B+K - Utilize the tech crouch and read a high. High risk, High damage, high euphoria factor
Crawl Low Kick - He is low on the ground, he controls the vertical space.

What moves do you like?