Underrated Moves ^-^


I was playing ranked for the time in years and ran into another Tira player. Sure I beat their ass, but I became inspired to learn how to play Tira the right way.

WR BK on block: Sure this move is -16 if you stop at the B, and -20 if you complete the string, but it totally offers a TC on Block! This is incredible for people who try to throw you, or don't know how to Punish with a mid. Great for mind games against the unconditioned/shitty players

low pinch point aka Down Back B: This is an amazing tool because you can sometimes throw it out far enough and have the opponent block it. When blocked you are able to space with one of the shittiest back steps in the game at -8, and have your opponent whiff moves such as 2A or 2K, moves that would have whiffed anyway, and 3B whiff punish them. Sure the backstep accomplishes nothing because of this, but it tricks the opponent into thinking you know how to space. It is a special mid that deals 16-20 damagetoo , its just plain good

Gloomy (the hotter;))Stance Six B: This move is good cuz it's a moderately long range poke that deals 24 damage. It's great if your opponent can't/does not know how to punish -12. It also pushes the opponent out on hit, a bit disappointing, but this amazing move can't do everything.

Jolly (the cuter ;)) Stance Chattering Mandible: This move earns you instant style points for swag ringouts. Most importantly, its name is cool as shit, Its a Mandible that's Chattering. Edgy as phuck

JS B+G against nightmare: She yells "I'LL PAINT YOU RED" Holy shit, is she gonna make Nightmare Bleed or what? This Girl is not only hot but deadly too ;)

GS or JS Bee plus Kay( the ultimate GI): Risks putting yourself at -70 (Only a whole 5 frames worse than Algol 4B+K) for the chance to unleash the ultimate grab, use this whenever you are at disadvantage.

^-^ So do any of my fellow members of the Murder of Crows have any moves they like ;)
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