Vercci AKA (Belti)


[08] Mercenary
The time on Vercci is 1:25 to 2:05
I took the time to read the post about this Vercci and yes He is the MERCHANT OF DEATH, A so Called DEAD MASTER that VOLDO WHO DEARLY SERVES. I'm Addressing this because What would happen if he was introduced to SCV? we speculate he's Dead and some Argue He's alive, Now he was a playable character in soul blade if you use a Gameshark and his fighting style is like Cervantes. but I would depict his style to be like Dampierre but a little different if he's put in SCV. Looking at Vercci he don't seem much like a Swordsman he looks more like a Assassin in my opinion. If vercci is alive they need to be clear about it and should have added him in 2 or 3 at the time, if they add him now its gonna be like.....( why so late?)

If you ask me and they happen to put him in the game, and judging by voldo hearing his voice who's not dead, don't you think voldo could be like Tira in some way? A gloomy side of voldo and a jolly Side of voldo!?!?!?! I mean I know insanity can play tricks on ya and can over come it but in Voldo's Case how long has this been going on for him hearing his voice??? could be possible.....anyways what you think?

I would really like to see this happen, but if they do they need to make him like a Awesome unique character, better than voldo and tricker than Dampierre or Cervantes.