Viola Top Ten Moves


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As the title suggest post top 10 moves for viola

3B N/O no explanation needed
3A Fast Mid
66B N/O and O TC Mid with follow up
6A B step catcher with nice damage potential
8A+B No Orb just like it
2B+K BE N/O needed
44A BE N/O nice combo starter
88B BE N/O


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ehm? N/O 6 B+K??
I learnt to play her without it when I had to use shitty xbox controls
very simple put it in your list, these are personal evaluations of a character, if someone wants to put 88B+K in their list I wont say anything.


[08] Mercenary
my top 10:
(in no order)
N/O 6 B+K
N/O 3b
N/O 44A BE
N/O 4 A+B
N/O 2 B+K BE


[08] Mercenary
Hi guys)
My top:
1) 6 B+K (No Orb) - need for mix up but unsafe for AutoG (
6 B+K (With Orb) - nice panish
2) 3 B (N/O) - Viola's main tool
3) 44 A(BE) (N/O) - cool blow but unsafe because if got to the block - may AutoG on the second hit(
4) ААВ (N/O) - step catcher on the short range. Sadly - not mid lol
5) BBB (N/O) - very fast panish
6) 44 K- i like that low
7) 66 AAB - cool step catcher
8) 8 A+B - nice tool, have a long range but may panished by fast launcher(
9) 88 B(BE) - my main tool. But AutoG may kill me lol
10) 6 A+B - nice panish


[12] Conqueror
  • SET :3::B:: As we all know, this leads to crazy damage combos. It is also a fast TC, so I love catching my enemy with it when they're throwing out a predictable high (for example, against Viola's own :6::6::A::A::B:. Also, Nightmare players often follow up a blocked move that transitions to Night Side Stance with NSS :K: - :3::B: will duck under it and hit them). It's only mildly unsafe, so most characters can't punish heavily...though there's always Oprah.
  • SET :6::B+K:: Hugely damaging high/low mixups. This can be used in conjunction with a vast quantity of moves; my basic standing mixup is :6::B:/:3::A: (the former has greater range, while the latter kills step) and :1::K:. If one of the first two hits, it combos into :3::B:, while if the low kick hits, you get a good bit of damage and can normally throw them straight after. Even if your attack is blocked, you're at advantage and can apply another mixup (mainly with throws and the launcher). At range, this move is great pressure with :B+K: and :2::B+K:, allowing you to keep the orb SET and continue the pressure. Your opponent will probably try to step at this point, so you can rush straight in with :6::6::A::A::B: or, if they're block-happy, throws. Eventually, your opponent will want to just sit still and duck! :6::B+K: is also great for oki - :1::K: and this will catch most rolling action.
  • :8::A+B:: This is basically two moves. ORB :8::A+B: results in wonderful oki but is very unsafe on block and can be quite easily stepped. That's pretty much all there is to it - the oki is why this is currently my combo ender of choice. With SET :8::A+B:, the second hit is slightly delayed, and if the first hit whiffs, the second will track and can sometimes catch the opponent out. This delay makes it a lot safer on block. SET :8::A+B: still results in good oki, but it isn't as vicious as ORB's. Qualities both moves have in common are that they are tech crouches as well as tech jumps, and they're some of Viola's few mid range damaging options.
  • SET :B::B::B:: Great advantage on hit and block - transitioning quickly into :6::B+K: is a good option, though people might get wise and start interrupting with something fast. Throws are also good, as the third orb hit serves to pull them towards you, so they should usually be in range. One caveat to the quality of this move is that people will eventually learn to duck the orb recall, or worse - hit you with a TC move. The risk involved varies wildly with each character: Oprah has :2::3::6::B: and Viola has :3::B:, but a character like Nightmare, with no fast TC options, will have to resort to ducking and using a WR attack, by which time you will be able to block.
  • SET :A::A::B:: Similar to SET :B::B::B:, but with slightly less advantage (you can't cancel the orb recall just before it gets to you with :6::B+K:, for example). It is a very fast (though short-range) step-killer, however, and is slightly easier to punish with a tech crouch. It is also often your only option for block punishment, as it is Viola's fastest move.
  • :CE: I've got to say, this is a very good Critical Edge. Essentially, you can just throw this out randomly and do well, though I've always found it works better when Viola has the orb - one of the few moves that does. You basically get two mixups right after each other for big damage and with no chance of reprisals from the opponent. You can also cancel near the end with SET :6::B+K: for the usual mixup. If your opponent is on low health, you can use the unblockable gimmick with :4::4::A+B: to (almost) guarantee victory even if they block the CE. This trick can be just-guarded, but I have literally never had this happen to me. The more frequently employed method of escaping this trap is to quit the game.
  • :4::4::aA+B+K:: Combo starter and step-killer. Even if it's blocked you're at huge advantage and can perform some nasty mixups. Also combos after the back throw for a potential reset.
  • :2::B+K: BE: Obviously, this extends our combos etc. etc., but my favourite use for it is against those people who have learned not to just stand up into our wakeup game, but roll away; this move catches them for a delicious combo.
  • :2::A:: Standard :2::A: interrupt. Viola isn't so good defensively, so this move can help you regain the momentum if you've lost it.
  • Throws: Viola's throws do fairly good damage, with the exception of SET :B+G:. Almost all of them ring out in some way; both B throws ring out forward; SET :A+G:, :8::A+B: goes backwards and to the left, while ORB :A+G: gets them if they're close up against the edge to their right. Of course, the SET backgrab has cruel combo potential, plus you can do the infinite if you're feeling like a douchebag. You have a few followup options for the throws that knock them away - :6::B+K:, :6::A+B:, :1::A+B:, :2::B+K:, etc. Note: SET :B+G: can actually ring you out; if the edge of the stage is right behind you, you'll just backflip off.
  • WR :B:: Fast and good damage. If you get a counterhit, your options vary - with ORB you can combo straight into :6::6::A+B::B: or :2::A+B:. SET, you can combo with :2::B+K: BE if you're willing to spend the meter. You can also try charged :2::A+B:, though this is gimmicky and unlikely to work more than a few times. Of course, my most favoured option is to apply the SET :6::B+K: mixups.
  • :6::6::A::A::B:: Best non-meter step-killer. Good damage, both to health and guard. If the first attack gets blocked, though, don't carry on - you will be punished.
  • :6::A+B:: Pressure at mid to long range, though the damage is unfortunately negligible. I sometimes use this as a safer round opener than :8::A+B:.
  • ORB :6::B+K:: This is a nice way to set the orb with great advantage on hit and only -1 on block. The orb waves around in front of you for a while, so it's likely to stop any rushdown shenanigans your opponent is trying. A problem I do find, however, is that the pushback on this move renders the advantage a little useless, as the followups we might want to do generally have teeny range.
So, those are my 14 most frequently used moves! :D


Mmm. Pie.
Okay. Here's my list according to how much I tend to use them in no particular order:
ORB 22_88A+B
6B+K (SET or ORB)
6AB B+K (BE)


[12] Conqueror
My top 1o:
SET 6B+K - Obvious. 50/50 starter.
3B - TCing panic button, LNCer, ORB 3B has awesome pushback and range.
3A - Quick stepkilling mid.
2A - Generic 2A.
4B - Semi-safe(aPat CE and Natsu i8 2B/4A+B cancel only) mid combo starter. It can also be used to do some decent guard damage.
A, A, B - Her best punisher. Also kills step.
6A+B - Long range whiff punisher. Sets orb.
SET 44A BE - Obvious. Quick mid stepkiller that does crazy damage.
Grabs - Obvious.
66B - Safe, quick, KND mid that breaks guard and does good damage.

Honorable mentions:
22_88A+B - Safe stepkillers. Comber starters and RO/w!
CE - Best setup for 50/50s in the whole game.
WR K - Her best kick imo.
1K - Her best low.
ORB 6B+K - Sets orb and is safe even vs JG.
8A+B - Her best whiff punishers.
SET B+K BE - Great damage and not to hard to setup.
SET 2B+K BE - Used in combos and grants a free grab 50/50 on block.
WR B - Semi-safe quick mid that stuns on CH for a free combo.
66A/66A, A, B - Good long range stepkiller.


[09] Warrior
SET AAB - Great punisher.

SET 6B+K - Press for mixups
- 6B
- 3A
- 1K
- Throws/3B
- 2A

SET 8A+B - Fast TC. Great for stance
44A BE - Easy Mixup/Easy Whiff punisher.
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