Voldo just won CEO


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    Votes: 16 80.0%
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    Votes: 9 45.0%

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[10] Knight
Like yoshi imo voldo and yoshi were always strong characters like their sc4 counterparts. Sure some of their tools have changed and gone, but their still just as effective maybe even deadlier. Congratz DIME, I'll be heading to CEO next year


This town needs an enema
Yeah, great display of Voldo effectiveness, DIME. Love your set ups and followups. Really really amazing to watch. It's even more fun to play. I meant what I told you before about your Voldo being more scary than your NM. And that isn't to say that your NM isn't scary, it's just that with Voldo's surprise element, and you taking full advantage of that is why I think you do better in some matchups with him than NM. With NM you hang yourself a lot of the times because you push the offense. With Voldo, I see a perfect balance. No bad habits, and clean execution. You're on another level, DIME. Much proud. Congrats.