Voldo Punishment Discussion


[09] Warrior
So I've been lazy about labbing against Ivy, but she was buffed last patch, and I just found out Kinetic Clash (XBox Ivy player) is an AZ local. So, I need to have anti-Ivy stuff ready for next tourney.

Ivy Punishment Listing

AA - Duck 2nd hit for WR AA combo

[A] - Duck 2nd hit for WR AA, or JG for 666B combo

6AK - Duck 2nd hit for WR AA combo

6[A] - 666B punishable from midrange or closer. Do NOT use a lazy man's 1[K] punish, 1[K] will hit but the pushback is too far for 2B+K to hit so you have to end with 66B or A+B instead. JG makes this 666B punishable from any range due to negating pushback.

3A - Safe. I couldn't connect 1[K] post JG so don't bother JG, it's not worth the effort.

3[A] - 666B punishable from most ranges, 66B BE punishable from further, not punishable from absolute tip. JG will assuredly make this 666B punishable from any range. 1[K] is an option for the lazy man here.

2A - It's a 2A.

1A - WR BB punishable up close. FC 3A+B doesn't punish but is a good pseudo-punish for the frame advantage.

4A - Safe.

214A - If you duck the UB, punish with 1[K]. If you JG the UB (surprisingly easy to JG even with no practice), take a 666B combo. I did not have any luck with JG into CE, which isn't to say that it's impossible, just I'm bad at buffering 236236.

WR A - Safe.

WR [A] - Duck for WR AA if anticipated. 3K on close hit. Sometimes goes through Voldo for no reason due to whiffing issues in this game, in which case I'm sure you get a lot. JG punishable with 666B.

BB - Safe. Seriously, you get a 2A if you JG. Nothing else.

{B] - 666B punishable from midrange, CE punishable from close range, or 22_88B step punishable. Leaves you FC so you can FC 3A+B as a soft punish similar to 1A. JG to punish from any range similar to 6[A], with either 666B or CE. This is the easiest move ever to JG, I was hitting it 100% with no prior JG practice against it.

bK - 2A

6B - JG punishable only, 1[K] or 666B, may not even be JG punishable at tip range.

6B8 - 1[K] punishable from most ranges. Recommend 1[K], 1{B] or 1[K], A+B due to 2B+K sometimes whiffing depending on range.

6B8K - 8A, 8B, or 8K between hits. If the 6B is at max range where the K will whiff you have a much larger range of punish options such as 22_88B and 666B.

6{B]2_8 - From medium or close range, 66A+BK. With a double JG, probably you can get a 666B. Good luck with that though, this is one of the hardest JGs to do.

3B - Safe.

2B - Safe.

1B BE - Safest option is to use a 4A+K, or 2_8A+K evade to get out of the guard crush. You CAN JG and get a 666B or 1[K], but the 666B is hard to land, so I'd recommend the 1[K]. The 2B+K misses though, so go with a 1{B] or A+B followup to the 1[K]. The JG timing is deceptive, first practice GI on the 2nd hit to learn the timing for the JG.

4B - Safe.

214B - 6B and 6B BE punishable from midrange. 1[K] punishable if you JG. Everyone knows Ivy does this to fish for CHs while at frame disadvantage though. If you know Ivy is going to 214B, 3A will stuff it.

FC B - Safe.

FC 1B - Safe.

FC 1{B] - Safe. JG for 666B or a CE.

FC 1{B]B - Astaroth could probably punish this with an unblockable. Do whatever you want.

WR B - Safe.

K - Safe.

6KB - Regrettably safe. You don't even have time to duck between the first and second hits.

6KBK - 666B punishable.

3K - Safe.

3[K] - Safe even on JG. What is this?!?! Steppable, but you have to be stepping basically as she inputs the move, I don't see this as being reaction steppable.

2K - Safe.

4K - Safe.

1K - I wasn't landing 666B at all on this, but I could land 66B sometimes, and 66B BE every time. So I would say, 66B BE if you have meter, FC 3B otherwise.

6K - Safe.

WR K - Safe.

A+B,A - 8A, 8B or 8K.

6A+B - Depending on where you are when she starts the unblockable you have several options. You can go into landfish and wait the unblockable out, you can walk up and backthrow her if you're close enough, if you're in BS you can walk slightly closer and get a CH 4B into CE. If you want to JG it, time the JG for the "every" part of "Destroy....everything!" You can 666B post-JG at close range.

3A+B,B - 666B from close range (it pushes you back to medium range), nothing from farther. Step for 22_88B. Very easily JGable, the JG window is earlier than you would expect, GI first to get the timing for JG.

3A+B (UB) - Step for 22_88B. If you want to JG, you have to do it IMMEDIATELY after the whip turns purple on the ground.

2A+B - Safe. You probably get something for JG like a 6B BE since it ordinarily puts you in FC, but I didn't learn the timing of the JG to find out.

1A+B - Safe. You predict the low and get nothing for blocking it. Alas.

4A+B,B - You have enough time to quick step around Ivy and backthrow. Or CE. Or to go buy your copy of SC6. Real men JG the last B though, because you look boss and get a 666B.

8A+B,B - If you are frame perfect and not at tip range, you get 666B. I would opt for the safer, if less damaging, 2BB as a more reliable punish.

8A+B,{B] - 66A+BK

WR A+B,A - This is where we get into REALLY DIRTY tech. So, if you do 4A+K evade after blocking the first hit, then the 2nd hit will land for marginal damage (10 to 20), and the 3rd will whiff. Then you can land a 666B combo or a CE. Or, if one more hit will kill you, 1B will counterhit between the first and second hits. So you know all those Ivy players who do A+B (baiting you to duck for the A low hit), then go into WR A+B,A series? This is a 63 damage shutdown to that, 100 if you use 1 meter.

B+K - If you block any hits you have to block them all, there's not enough time to GI in between so I assume this also means you can't JG in between. So get used to stepping and punishing, otherwise you're not punishing this. The animation is rather distinctive at least, so you should be able to do so on reaction.

6[B+K] - Either quick step 22_88B, or JG 666B.

2B+K - Either quick step 22_88B, or JG 666B.

4B+K - Does anyone use this move, ever? Ivy lands off-axis if you JG it. Otherwise you can do anything you want.

8B+K - Step and 22_88B punish, 66A+BK if you are at long range.

WR B+K - 6B only. The 6B BE will be off-axis and the second hit will whiff so don't do it.

66A - Duck punish with WR AA combo.

66[A] - Duck and punish 1st hit with WR AA combo, or 1B will beat the 2nd hit, or you can 4[A+K] out of the 2nd hit into CR mixups (nothing guaranteed), or you can JG for a 666B combo or CE. This one is also very easy to JG with little practice required.

22_88A - If you are at close range, anticipate this, and duck, you will be in BS for a BS WR B combo. Otherwise, WR AA is your best combo.

11_99A - If you're suckered into blocking this, FC 3B. If you see it coming, do 9G over it, then a 1[K] combo.

44A - 1B will go under it, otherwise it's pretty much safe.

44[A] - 666B from mid range, 66A+BK from long range, safe from tip range

66B - Safe.

22_88B - Safe.

22_88B,BBB - Step to Voldo's right and punish with 22_88B

11_99B - Safe.

44BBB - Before the first hit, you can step to Voldo's right and punish with 22_88B, or go for a backthrow. If she does only 2 hits, she's basically safe. If she does 3 hits, you can do whatever you want just about. I tried to JG the 2nd hit, but only got it once out of about 50 tries or so, so this move is a pain to JG, at least for me (despite landing GI no problem). I would say, learn to step to Voldo's right if she jumps in the air.

22_88K - Same as 1K, I can land 66B BE but not 666B. So either take 66B BE, or FC 3B.

44K - This leaves her grounded with you in FC, so 66B BE or 666B.

44A+B - 6B or 6B BE to punish, 1B will also beat 44A+B approximately 70% of the time, depending on exact distance and timing


Волк Одиночка

xX=slide input
*=Brave Edge
:=Just Frame
All specific step directions are from Voldo's PoV.

AA-Safe Cannot be ducked
3A-safe (seems to have a strange whiffing issue on Voldo. No way to take advantage though)
1A-WR AA or 66B*
1aB-Step right and 22_88B punish. DO NOT JG! It will be completely safe.
4A-safe If ducked possible to confirm for WR AA punish.
4A6-Beat all options with 2A
BB6-Can be 66B punished. Use 3A if you're late on the punish.
B6-If ducked you can FC A punish.
bA-1K punish
6B2-FC A punish
6B:2-7_8_9A punish. Safe on block
3B-66B punish
4B-Just Guardable on reaction. Free combo afterwards.
kB-66B punish
2KB 2KB6-66B on hit. 1K on block.
1K-FC A punish
4KB-JG for 66B punish
A+B-safe Can be Just Guarded but timing is difficult and not worth the risk.
B+K-66B punish
FC 1B-Safe
FC 1BB-Second B can be interrupted by whatever combo starter you choose
FC K-FC A punish
WR A_B_K-safe
7_8_9 A_B_K-safe
7_8_9 A+B-Step punish how you see fit. Completely safe on Just Guard
66A-safe Just Guard for a combo
22_88A-safe Just Guard for a combo
11A-WR B punish
44A-AA punish 6B* if you have meter
66B-K punish
66BB-666B punish
22_88B-safe Just Guard for a combo
11BAB-Duck second hit and WR AA. If you block second hit use AA to interrupt the third.
44B-safe Just Guard for a combo
44B6-FC 3B beats all options.
44KB-safe Just Guard for 66B punish
66 A+B-safe Just Guard for 66B punish
2B+K-Unblockable cannot be cancled. Attack immediately.
236B-6B punish
236B]-safe Just Guard for a combo
Mist A-Duck Punish with WR AA
Mist BBB-safe
Mist KB-Block 1st hit WR AA tech crouches the second.
Mist A+B-safe
Mist B+K-1K punish
Mist B+K]-Side step punish
3B*-Safe Just Guard for 66B punish
2K*-666B punish
236B*-66B punish
Mist B*-step punish
CE-666B punish