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Discussion in 'Voldo' started by Enkindu, Nov 2, 2011.

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    Sporko Big Gimpin

    You'll have to get used to it, heh.

    Voldo appeals to a very niche crowd.

    Still, if you'll learn one thing about Voldo players it's this: they are more character loyal than the players of any other character, bar none.
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    Enkindu I'll fuck em up

    This is a nice discovery if it's true. I never really messed with glitches in my SC career. So to understand what you're saying, Voldo can quick step, then press guard right away and cancel his quick step? There's no need to do 4G?
  1. Punchdrunk

    Punchdrunk [09] Warrior

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    Sporko Big Gimpin

    I think it's a feature and not a bug, seeing as how it doesn't work the way the bugged version of step guard works, and that by only working in blindstance, using it forces front turned
  2. Zoidberg747

    Zoidberg747 [06] Combatant

    I am trying to learn Voldo. All of his stances make him seem like a versatile character, perfect for a secondary or even a main.

    I know he has some bugs and stuff to work out, but he seems solid.

    My question is what is the best thing to do in the Landfish stance? Or is that stance super unsafe and not worth going into?
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  3. Landfish

    Landfish [09] Warrior

    Well I think LF is pretty unsafe but against someone who dosn't know Voldo that well: LF = Godmode, at least in my experience.

    Im still amazed every time people just freeze up whenever I go into LF, its so fun!
  4. Punchdrunk

    Punchdrunk [09] Warrior

    Yeah, on paper Land Fish is pretty much ass (being unsafe and generally dealing low damage) but it's a low-mid, A/B mixup that leads into more mixups on hit, and LF B BE combos can net you ~70 dmg.

    It's really just a 50/50 that you've got to weigh against the opponents ability to punish.

    Whenever I guess right in LF I either turn over into MCHT for better mixups, or I throw out LF [A] or B BE and try to frame trap afterwards.
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    Enkindu I'll fuck em up

    There are little tricks you can do in LF to make it more safe, or in other words, less punishable. Most people will only go for a 2K or 2A punish at best (WR attacks also work), which isn't a big enough punish to prevent you from using landfish completely. There is a chance that your opponent will jump over you which could allow for a much bigger punish if you don't take precautionary measures. Something as simple as doing LF K just before your opponents attack hits will put you in a grounded state for a few frames. So if a character like O Pyrrha jumps over you and tries to do a 66B to launch you up, she will instead only hit you as if you were on the ground. You just avoided getting launched then eating a lot more damage. So use this to your advanatge. I hope this makes sense. I've got the best tactics.
  5. SPQR

    SPQR [09] Warrior

    LF against a neutral opponent is bad. LF at advantage is god mode. Example:

    You avoid a vertical with 2_8[A+K] into LF, then ground with LF A. You then do LF [A] on wakeup, which they need to block, and take the guard crush. If you anticipate they will attack, you can ground again with LF A and repeat. If you anticipate they will jump, you can do LF B to hit them out of the air, or LF K~roll~MCFT K to safety. If you ever hit LF B on them while they are grounded, you get LF B BE for great damage. LF [A] and LF B BE also shut down rolling really well, since they tend to stand during the third hit of LF [A], and LF B BE tracks pretty well.

    The risk is generally worth the reward, if you know what you're doing and go into LF at appropriate times.
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    Enkindu I'll fuck em up

    After they block the first hit of LF(A), they can jump over the rest. It's quite simple to do too: You block the first hit, then jump (g+9). Those people that don't jump it, fall victim to LF's wrath. Being at +10 in that stance is nice, but you don't get a bunch of damage unfortunately.
  6. Twiz

    Twiz Волк Одиночка

    LF [A] can also be JG'ed for some massive punishment. Stupid legendary souls computer proved that one to me lmao. Although it's hilariously fun to troll around with and if used properly you can land some damage even on good players with the proper mix ups. Oh and the Step G thing definitely works from BS. I now have a new taunt when i win with Voldo. Just go to BS and dash cancel as quickly as possible.
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    Enkindu I'll fuck em up

    Haha yeah, they JG the last hit like a baws.
  7. SPQR

    SPQR [09] Warrior

    Oh god, yes the CPU punished my LF [A] with JG, CE earlier today. It really hurt.
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  8. Asodimazze

    Asodimazze [10] Knight

    I always liked Voldo a lot and now I want to invest some time with him trying to make him of my mains =D
    Any tips for starters? How should I play him?
  9. Punchdrunk

    Punchdrunk [09] Warrior

    I think Voldo is very much about his "reverse mixup" game (since his ordinary mixup game is on the weak side). That is, attacking from disadvantage using his many evasive moves. Moves like 4A and [1]B put him in very good situations on block, from where you can work your offensive defence.
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  10. ZeroEffect317

    ZeroEffect317 [12] Conqueror

    I'm liking Voldo's poke game as well. I don't know all his inputs yet, but that long range low of his that's like +5 on hit is very good.
  11. SPQR

    SPQR [09] Warrior

    A thousand times this. I'm not as much of a fan of 4A and 1B, but he is very much about attacking from disadvantage, using blind stance to make it happen.

    Something which I've been using a lot more often is 2[B}. Only -8 on block, +2 on hit, ends in blind stance. Your options?

    To beat highs:
    BS 4K
    BCR B
    BS 66B
    BS 2A+B

    To beat some verticals:
    BS G+A_G+B
    BS B+K auto-GI

    To beat lows:
    BS 8KA
    BS 8BK
    BS 8A

    To counterhit slow moves:
    BS 6ABB

    Worst case scenario, if your opponent can shut all of those options down, is you're blocking at -8, so you're pretty safe. The most damaging option they have is a back throw, which is both breakable, or if you anticipate it, we can punish it for some large damage with one of the tech crouches mentioned above.

    If you hit with 2[B} or train your opponent to turtle even after guarding it, we now have a smaller set of options available:

    BS 66G+A or BS G+A_G+B sidethrow
    BS 2A+B
    BS 4K (if they duck for the above)

    Now, if they duck your throw or block BS 2A+B, you're in trouble because they're going to get some damage in, but that's okay. If you've got them blocking while you're at disadvantage, you've already won the battle, because the match is being played on your terms now and not theirs.

    It's when you can't attack at disadvantage that Voldo runs into issues. I consider Leixia my worst matchup because her options sidestep or are faster than Voldo's tools. Hopefully that gives you an idea of Voldo's playstyle though.
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    Heaton A Soul in the Purgatory

    Sporko got destroyed by my Raphael, and demanded I show him what he was doing wrong. This is directed specifically towards Preperation and Shadow Evade, and isn't really a general anti-Raphael, though learning how to kill his stances consistently will definitely hurt his game.

    The way to kill Shadow Evade is to prevent him from entering Preparation, which is the only way to get to Shadow Evade. Doing this is much easier than trying to face the mixup letting him stay in will bring, and is much more rewarding. To kill Preparation, you need to know the entrances into it.

    :6::A::Bh: - :h::h:

    This is a terrible entrance and 3BB will kill him completely.

    :6::B::Bh: - :h::h:

    Your 3B stuffs every single option he has post block, at any range.

    :3::Bh: - :m:

    This will probably be his main entrance into Prep, and one of his better options on block. Your 3B will trade with Prep K favorably (30 damage and LNC vs 28 damage and STN) and beat out most of his other options. From less than tip range, and if you use 3BB, he can 3(B) ~ Prep 4 ~ Prep 4*Prep2, and either the second aGI will GI the second hit of your string, or the Shadow Evade entrance will dodge the second hit. However, going defensive from 3(B) isn't very reflexive, and limiting his options is always good.

    :4::Bh: - :h:

    This one is similar to his 3(B) entrance in that he can double evade with Prep 4 to stuff you at certain distances. However, Prep K is beaten by 3BB, so you can limit his entrances with other tools.

    :4h::A::Bh: - :m::m:

    Exactly the same as his 4(B). Remember that this does not force crouch like in SC4, so get rid of any reflexes if you haven't already.

    :6h::Bh: - :m:

    He's +8 on block on this transition, but if he hit it at tip range you can step and then block anything you'd like. Note that I said "step and block" and not QS4G or some such nonsense - just step and then block like a normal, non-StepGing person would, and you've killed that one at tip. Since it's a straight line, the point is to not allow yourself to ever stand still long enough for him to nail this one.

    That's essentially how to kill everything on block. You may notice that I haven't given ideas on how to kill Shadow Evade well, only how to kill Prep. Understand what Shadow Evade actually is: imagine someone told you he was going to hit you with something and then lean back, exposing to you his crotch. Most people would kick this man in the crotch, but I know how weird you Voldo players are, and so you'd probably end up doing some weird backflipping somersault pirouette sundae or some such nonsense.

    The point I'm making is this: I've shown you how to kill Prep, which leaves Shadow Evade. Since the only way he can get to Shadow Evade now is on hit, it basically comes down to "who can read the opponent better", and since I don't know what Voldo should do when he reads the opponent correctly, I'll leave that part up to you. Essentially, when you KNOW Shadow Evade is coming, and you don't have a kill-all easy out button, make the read and punish him for it.

    If I've missed something important, or there's something else you'd like to know, feel free to ask.
  12. MuffinMan123

    MuffinMan123 [10] Knight

    I can't use voldo without making a female CAS version of him...
  13. Manta

    Manta [10] Knight

    Something I just bumped into.

    You actually lose meter little by little if you continue rolling around from BS A+B(2) or MC A+B(2).

    Seriously Namco? Apparently the move's so OP they have to punish you for trolling with it =p
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