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Discussion in 'Voldo' started by Enkindu, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Malec

    Malec [02] Apprentice

    do his A+K evade moves have any real use? i cant figure out how/when to use them and if it is a shoulder button worth it on the pad
  2. Punchdrunk

    Punchdrunk [09] Warrior

    If you like to use LF then 2_8A+K is a must, but I'm not sure that's any better than just regular sidestep-punish.
  3. Twiz

    Twiz Волк Одиночка

    It's useful for evading certain attacks. 4A+K can get out of range of some things that a back step can't. 6[A+K] is useful for going under aerial attacks such as natsu's wind roll BBB and getting off a BSCR B punish. I haven't found any specific uses for 2_8A+K besides going into LF. But if I find anything of note I will definitely be posting it on here. But it may be a while as Mass Effect 3 keeps calling mah name!
  4. Serge2HOT4U

    Serge2HOT4U [09] Warrior

    Hey guys, I've been messing around with voldo the last few days and I have some questions:

    It seems that blocking a move 9 times out of 10 puts you back in a forward facing state. Is there some consistency to him staying in blind stance while blocking?

    What are the most effective ways to blind stance? I've been mostly using 4A for its simplicity, but there is probably lots more.

    What is the best damage off of 22_88B?

    Anyway, thats all I got for now. Voldo seems pretty awesome
  5. The Landslide

    The Landslide [13] Hero

    Voldo should always turn around after blocking in BS, the discrepancy appears when he doesn't. Don't plan for him to stay in BS after blocking an attack.

    There are a few good ways into BS, 2B, 4A, 4BA, 1[K] and his 6B BE is good if you want to burn meter. Try not to use 1A too much because it isn't that good.

    Someone else will have to answer for his damage off of 22_88B, because I'm not really sure. I'm glad you're using him, he's a fun character.
  6. Twiz

    Twiz Волк Одиночка

    To add to Landslide's post there is also CR [K] which is probably his best move into blind stance. 4BA should be avoided as the second attack is a high. and there is also 6AB[A] although this is best used against short range characters so you can just back off them after you use it. But natsu can punish this with AA so avoid it against her.

    As for 22_88B combo the best damage I've seen or found would be 22_88B, BS 66K, BS A+B. This can also be canceled into MCHT for better oki.
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  7. Esom

    Esom [08] Mercenary

    About blocking not turning you around: I believe you only turn around when blocking part of a string, and not a solitary attack thereof. e.g. block an A_B, stay in BT, block an AA_BB, turn around.
  8. Bolgan

    Bolgan [08] Mercenary

    Are there any informations about Voldo in new patch?
  9. Manta

    Manta [10] Knight

    Nothing yet, we're all waiting and hoping. It's likely he'll receive a buff instead of a nerf.

    Then all 8 Voldo players will rejoice!
  10. Qeruberosu

    Qeruberosu [04] Fighter

    hahahaha Not with these clowns in charge. You get not just 1, but 3 nerfs =D
  11. Manta

    Manta [10] Knight

    lol indeed, I'm wrong again ~ Cuz Voldo's just too OP! I doubt it, but let's hope they fix his whiffing issues =)
  12. Sora

    Sora [11] Champion

    Voldo's fine.

    1K (Scorpion Tail ~ facing away): shortened opponent's freeze when blocked.
    22 or 88A (Blind Blade): decreased damage (36 to 26).
    44 or 11 or 77B (Katar Gore ~ facing away): decreased damage (38 to 28)

    His core game is still there -- he just lost damage. BS 1K would be his biggest nerf, that's about it.
  13. Qeruberosu

    Qeruberosu [04] Fighter

    "His core game is still there -- he just lost damage."

    Okay lets make all of his attacks do 10 points less, i mean his "core game" will still be there...no biggie -_-
  14. JayShadow

    JayShadow [12] Conqueror

    Well, at least no one here is over dramatic or anything.
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  15. Qeruberosu

    Qeruberosu [04] Fighter

    I might seem like i am, but its just how badly they handled this. Some characters gettin nerfs make no sense whatsoever.
  16. The Landslide

    The Landslide [13] Hero

    I think you need to stop acting like Voldo got hit as bad as Tira.
  17. Qeruberosu

    Qeruberosu [04] Fighter

    Actually its not that i think he got hit hard or harder than others, its just the stupidity of nerfing characters who are mid tier or even mid-low tier and giving zero buffs to balance it out. Thats just idiotic, they need someone who understands english in the balance team...
    • Premium Supporter

    Enkindu I'll fuck em up

    I feel the only reason they've decreased the damage of 22_88A was to not discourage people from stepping Voldo. It seems like in every game thus far, to beat Voldo, you have to step well. Getting nearly 40 damage on a safe step-killer does seem kind of OP. 30 damage doesn't seem much better, but eh, I'm not going to complain. In SC4 SC3 and SC2 this move was always punishable on block. I am thrilled that in SC5 it isn't. He has something decent to deal with step now. I just don't like how you get that QS when you try to perform the move from neutral.

    77_44_11B is a surprise, but then again, it does lead into a nice combo. I do not use this move anyways so this change won't bother me.

    I am curious to know how many frames they add to the recovery of 1(K). As it is according to the guide, it's -4 on block. I see it possibly becoming -8 at the most. Since 1K is -10, following the same principal for the rest of Voldo's move list, holding a button down to make a move recover in BS tends to decrease the recovery frames of that move. This isn't a big nerf either. I don't consider this a nerf either. It's balance.

    Seems to me they've balanced Voldo properly. It doesn't look like they've fixed any of his glitches and that could be because they never actually read our forums here and are going by what the Japanese forums were saying. They seemed to have griped more about Viola, Natsu, and Maxi more than anything else. You can tell that Project Soul wants to balance the game out, but they aren't really listening to everything. Maybe they are, and they are going to properly balance everyone eventually. These chars that got major changes could be what was the priority at the time. I don't know for sure. I'm just trying to remain optimistic. I'm glad that I won't have to relearn Voldo or will notice a drastic change in gameplay.

  18. PigBenis

    PigBenis [08] Mercenary

    The main problem is the fact that Voldo is the least popular character. So nobody can ask buff and all the issues about him are complains of people who fight him. I think that's why Voldo will be nerf and nerf all the time... that's a little sad.
  19. Mandy

    Mandy Yes, a guy.

    The main problem is that 'fact' isn't a fact.

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