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Discussion in 'Voldo' started by Enkindu, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. SPQR

    SPQR [09] Warrior

    He didn't really need a buff though. Glitch fixes, yes, buff, no. In any case, getting our soul gauge recovery between rounds probably makes up for the nerfs, anyway. How many times have you been guard broken when you shouldn't have because of that garbage? It's basically a free round for the opponent if you get broken. Fixing that bug (which I personally didn't even know about) probably makes Voldo better enough to compensate for getting 10 less damage on a step kill. Meh.
  2. Qeruberosu

    Qeruberosu [04] Fighter

    No because it was supposed to be like that from the start, im not gonna be like "Good job PS, thanks for nerfing Voldo and not fixing the whiffing issue but he's definitely gonna be more viable after you fix a glitch 6 others had and no one knew about, thanks so much -kisses and hugs-"
  3. SPQR

    SPQR [09] Warrior

    No one is expecting you to do that. But the amount you're complaining about the patch, you'd think one of the patch notes was "Went to Qeruberosu's house and broke all his fingers." Voldo was high mid tier before the patch, and he's still high mid tier after the patch. If he's moved up or down in the tier list post-patch, it's because of the nerfs and buffs to other characters, not because of what they did to Voldo. Everything IS fine post-patch, some matchups have changed but that's not a big deal. If you were bad with Voldo pre-patch, you'll still be bad with him post-patch. If you were good with Voldo pre-patch, you shouldn't notice any difference post-patch.
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  4. Raphire

    Raphire [08] Mercenary

    Hey guys I noticed that Voldo sometimes does BS moves while front turned randomly... will post up a vid example soon if needed. Any idea what causes this? The buffering maybe?
  5. Malec

    Malec [02] Apprentice

    never happened to me
  6. Wandrian

    Wandrian I don't know.

    I'm already very much confused just posting here, but would any Voldo mains on XBL be interested in further confusing a psychotic Tira main?
  7. Vedic108

    Vedic108 [01] Neophyte

    Hey guyz, Anyone can help me with this one
    There seem to be only 3 unblockable attacks listed in Training and on move lists on sites.. but I have done a 4rth one and I can't seem to grasp how to do it. After I end my "death role" stance with b+k (back strike) I<m lying on the floor, head facing opponent and back facing the ground.. then I spams up in the air with a unblockable, similar to the Break Attack (spinning high) when your facing away the opponent and you jump with K and guard break with A...

    Anyone Knows, I can't seem to make it happen in trannaing! I<m sure I<ve done it before at least 3 times in SC V
  8. JayShadow

    JayShadow [12] Conqueror

    If they hit you with a vertical move while you're doing Deathroll B+K, the move will go through you and you'll glow red and automatically do that unblockable. It's got a very long windup, so it's easy for them to get out of the way of or interrupt.

    Mantis Crawl B+K will also absorb a hit like that but it does a BBB instead.
  9. Vedic108

    Vedic108 [01] Neophyte

    Thx, thats what I see in the replay (that I got hit just after) but still couldnt make sense of it, thx. Time to experiment!
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    Heaton A Soul in the Purgatory

    For those of you who are curious about how Voldo's moveset has evolved over the years, his Soul Blade movelist is now available on the wiki for you to view. It's not completely finished, but the movelist itself is complete and gives a pretty good picture of how he was "back in the day".
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  10. GNG_Iniquity

    GNG_Iniquity [02] Apprentice

    Hey guys, just started to pick up Voldo and I'm running into a little snag with my conventional pad layout. I've got a Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro with 6 buttons on the face an additional 4 on the shoulders/triggers.
    Face: A is Square, B is Triangle, R1 is GA, X is KBA, O is K, R2 is G
    I have L1/L2 programmed to the right triggers via a switch on the controller for GA/GB

    Now, my dilemma is, I would like to incorporate a comfortable way to use Super Freak (KA) to evade as well as have Mantis Crawl (KB) accessible with my thumb alone. I'm sure evading with Super Freak into Calistro Rush for a 50/50 is a really awesome tool and I'd like to incorporate that but I'm having trouble thinking of a comfortable means of doing this outside of buying a stick or committing to X being K and O being B. I'd imagine someone else has gone through this, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Seems that my best option will just be committing to a different layout for him.
  11. Belial

    Belial King of Hundred Swords

    By the way guys, some of you may have noticed this already, but Mitsurugi 2KB* last hit can be blocked if Mitsu strikes backtruned opponent. Last hit is only -12 on block though.​
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  12. Twiz

    Twiz Волк Одиночка

    Super freak isn't really a necessary tool in voldo's arsenal. But if you are intent on using it I would suggest swapping out your G and A+B+K and changing your A+G into A+K. With this layout you should be able to comfortably use an A grab by pressing Square and X and you will have A+K binded and ready to go.
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  13. patriots1112

    patriots1112 [09] Warrior

    this .......against anybody good' LF (A) will get you punished
  14. GNG_Iniquity

    GNG_Iniquity [02] Apprentice

    Cool, thanks for the suggestion, that makes more sense actually! I think I'd like to incorporate it, played someone who used it who had some relative success with it. In essence it is 50/50 with a throw that covers a good deal of the screen. The leap I'm sure is expected against players who're familiar with Voldo but it seems to catch people off guard on occasion. The leap is more of a gimmick I'd say but you can't always rule gimmicks out, the instances that they work can really work in your favor!
  15. Stezan

    Stezan [01] Neophyte

    Keeping on the topic of SuperFreak, is there any legitimate use for neutral SuperFreak? The directional versions provide quick dodges and stance transitions, but neutral SuperFreak seems to take too long after activating the auto-dodge to be useful, especially since it seems to only dodge single attacks in a string. Can the auto-dodge animation be cancelled at all? Does it have a place in higher level play?
  16. GNG_Iniquity

    GNG_Iniquity [02] Apprentice

    I've stopped using it mostly. I really feel like SCV is a 2.5 3D fighter. Everything tracks (Verticals shouldn't track) and side stepping is so very risky in this installment. I've started playing SCV like my main game (MK9) which consists of primarily blocking and I'm having a much easier time. It does really make me question Voldo's viability though...not that I'm a Voldo veteran but his ability to evade was really strong in SC4 wasn't it?

    BEENEEWEENEES lookin nice

    it's not that "everything tracks" but a lot of stuff will track to a certain side. if you feel like you're getting hit with a vertical move that you thought you stepped, try stepping the other way next time.
  18. patriots1112

    patriots1112 [09] Warrior

    I only use superfreak when i win a round as a taunt. imo its not good , if you get the counter animation it lasts too long to capitalize or you get hit in a string. Seems like a joke move
  19. ando1184

    ando1184 [09] Warrior

    Srry I hvnt had time to test but does neutral superfreak auto evade throws? That would seem to be the only logical use imo.

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