Welcome Back to the Stage of History... Inferno?

Okay, so we've known for a while that Inferno was going to be in the game. We've even seen gameplay videos with him. But we never knew what to make of it. Was he a mimic character like he has been in older games? Or was Namco considering him his own character. Well with the release of their newest trailer, we now have it confirmed; Namco is considering Inferno to be his own character.

What we've seen so far shows us that Inferno uses a modified Nightmare moveset, with slightly different properties, and a permanent soul-charge. If your immediate reaction is "this seems kind of broke", you're not alone in that sentiment. In fact, I think Namco agrees with you as well, as he will not be playable in online ranked mode. As such, he may not be tournament legal either.

Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_001.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_002.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_003.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_004.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_005.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_006.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_007.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_008.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_009.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_010.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_011.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_012.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_013.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_014.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_015.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_016.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_017.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_018.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_019.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_020.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_021.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_022.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_023.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_024.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_025.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_026.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_027.jpg Soulcalibur-VI_2018_10-04-18_028.jpg
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Jason Axelrod


Well, I for one think it's nice to have a broken character as long as it's not in the online and it's reserved for local PvP for funsies. It should not be legal in tournaments either IMO.

I prefer this solution to having a playable boss character that is "gutted" for balance.
If his life bar or defense is decreased, he could be legal in tournaments (similar to Seth on Street Fighter 4).

A broken character can be turned to a glass cannon. Sometimes it works.

Anyway, I'm happy it is not a mimic.
Hm. I am starting to think those last 4 "Slots" are not DLC spots. I'd expect Charade or Edge Master to be one of those spots. Leaving 2 left.
Never really understood the appeal of Inferno, even though I respect him in the Soul Calibur lore. I would rather Namco/Bandai create a new character based on the unique weapon-sets of Soul Calibur 3's create-a-soul. Or at least Hwang or Yun-seong.
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Still hoping for Yun-seong or Hwang as an unlockable character. Indifferent about Inferno, especially since he will most likely be tournament illegal (or at least I hope he is) cool for the story which is great but thats about it
I only have one thing to say...B R O K E N

Also, his move set looks frighteningly similar to NightTerrors move set from SC3
I think it's a mistake to think that Inferno isn't a mimic. See 00:07:

"Fighting style: Whatever the fighting style of those under his control."

So I think he's a mimic that always has soul charge, and maybe his default copy is Nightmare.