Where's Sig's soul guage damege topic?

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I can't find it. Sorry for making a topic about it, I thought this might be the quickest way to get answered.

Edit1: After 35 views, still no answer? Weird...


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It looks like its already dead or something... but just for fun I will post my set of moves for Soul Gauge Break purposes:

->> 22~SSH: it has a deadly long range and can be chained with SSH K to cut any type of middle and high attack; with SSH A against steppers; with SSH ~SBH against low guarded opponents and mixed with SBH B against turtles characters/opponents or SBH K against pokers characters/opponents who try to attack...

->> B4: This is very tricky cause no matter it is normal or JF the opponents can GI easily, so the best moment to do it is exactly when they think the move its too far to reach then; just wait for a wake up opponent rolling to the right and step a little before do it.

-->> 44B: This move its worst than was in SC3... but its great for SGB purposes cause you can cancel to SCH and do it a semi-charge SCH B to the opponent who miss the chance to do it a nice GI to this move. Also this move is good to put some pressure against some try to turtle a lot.

-->> SSH ~SBH: Best move for me in overall for SGB; it puts pressure in the opponent making then/him to get a try in the Siegf gamble game... and thats the same for you; but you, Siegfried user, have 3 options in this case: 1) doing SBH K to interrupt any try to attack; 2) doing SBH B against highs and to do some SG damage to guarded opponents; 3) do it SBH A+B to jump any 2A; 4) Charge SBH [K] against an anticipated GI.

-->> 9_8_7B: yes!!! Siegfried can do a really good SG damage using this jump; good too against throws and lows :D

--> 6B: This is a move very useful when you are really sure about that the next hit will surely do the Soul gauge break.


PD: Sorry but not data right now about the number of hits needed in each case.


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Came here looking for that thread. Didn't know a thread like that could disappear of old age.


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you may be looking for this: http://8wayrun.com/threads/siegfried-frame-and-sc-data-for-completion-of-the-wiki.5905/#post-199252

it has some of the basic stuff in there. i intend to put it into the current frame data thread, but still havent gotten around to it, since the wiki is right next door, completed with all of his data: http://8wayrun.com/wiki/siegfried-frame-data-sc4/

besides that, all the SG data on the wiki is 100% accurate, the data you find in this thread will still be accurate, but may be off by a few hits. all of the frame data on the wiki is accurate within reason - i refrained from posting range values to keep things simple. however during my spare time since SCV has yet to come out i may yet add that to the frame data thread as well.

if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask in the SCIV sieg Q&A thread. we'd be more than happy to help you with anything you need.

also, on a more casual note, welcome back philbond! ^-^ it's been ages since i last remember seeing you around here! (although you probably dont remember me anyways >_> lol)
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