Who Liked SC3?


[10] Knight
i don't care what anyone says. sc3 was hands down my favorite game. so what if it was unbalanced? i'm not a tourney player so i could give a rat's ass about balance. story mode was done PERFECTLY and just the sheer amount of extra content was enough to keep me satisfied for...a damn long time! I only played SC4 for 3 months before i got tired of it, and went back to sc3...you know what? i'm still not sick of it. I LOVE YOU SCIII


[08] Mercenary
Personally, III remains my favorite game in the series, and I sort of think of it as the missing piece from IV and V. I still hold you could make a near-perfect game if you combined the good qualities of one of the recent Soul Caliburs with III's virtues while canceling out the flaws in both.

I think II and V are probably the best games in the series mechanically (II was where I joined the series, so I sadly can't comment on anything that came before) but I viewed III as a straight upgrade of II when I was younger and still wish for its content depth to be revisited with future games.

I thought that Tales of Souls is really how "story mode" should work in a Soul Calibur game; it took advantage of the narrative depth of the series to create a long, branching narrative unique to each character that explained where they were, and what led them to that fight and why. You were making choices and felt like you were really advancing the story, while II and IV's story mode felt more like "Character X curb-stomps five random people in various locations with no particular rhyme or reason, chats with an additional person before curb-stomping them, and fights the boss." III's quick time events could get a little repetitive, but between actually knowing why the hell I went from scrapping with Cervantes in the middle of the ocean to duking it out with Cassandra in a greek temple and Zas/Abyss/Night Terror's boss fights blowing Algol out of the water, I felt like beating Tales of Souls was a much more engaging and rewarding experience than its equivalents in the other games, including V's overly narrow story mode.

I liked both Weapon Master Mode and Chronicles of the Sword from II and III, and was rather disappointed neither of those alternate gameplay modes have been used since then. I liked the specialized fights and RPG elements, and I think a mode like that gives created characters more of a reason to be there.

Character creation was obviously new and untested in III, but I thought it had better layering of items than future Soul Caliburs, and to be honest, I miss the alignment/mood system giving you a wider variety of "personalities" for your character and the "original" movesets.

I know, I know, the original movesets were part of the reason people hated III, but I really think it gives the character more of an identity if you have access to a couple of styles that make them more than a reskin of the character you're best with.

I mean, I'd be really interested to see what would happen if they made a Soul Calibur game that had a more streamlined engine and online play like V but then added in several alternate gameplay modes like chronicles, re-introduced Tales of Souls as the default story mode alongside Arcade, and added say, five or six original weapon styles to character creation. Lots of original weapons results in bad balance, but I think it'd be really cool to see completed, balanced versions of disciplines like Grieve Edge, Katana & Shuriken, Hwang's Chinese Blade, a massively reworked version of the Dagger, and maybe some kind of weapon the series hasn't really explored yet, like a one-handed European arming sword or meteor hammer...

I think III's gameplay and AI could've used work, but its dedication to story and single-player content are something I think should be merged with the more mechanically excellent but content-shallow games that followed it.


[14] Master
I really liked SC3, mostly for the aesthetic considerations. I think the characters looked really good. I also liked the additional fighting styles. I never played hardcore enough to even figure out how to do a VC, much less exploit it, so that and the balance never really played into my enjoyment.

The only thing I hated was how they didn't have online play. I can't be buggered to go out every night and meet up with real human people to play against. I was so mad when they said they were going to only focus on the offline game. I know with the technology available at the time, it would have been really laggy, but I would have still enjoyed it much more than playing against the AI over and over.

If they re-released SC3 with online capabilities, hard copy or PSN download, I would buy it on day 1. I wouldn't even care if it was the unbalanced version. Though the AE balance tweaks would be nice.


[08] Mercenary
So a friend let me borrow SC3 for a while and I forgot how fun I had with this game before. Sure there are problems with the roster balance and mechanics like a lot of you guys mentioned but the game's fast pace compared to 4 and 5 make it (almost) forgivable, since I mostly play video games casually.

Shout outs to Setsuka ringing out my brother in just 4 seconds of the round though. XD


[13] Hero
Being a Soul Blade fanatic, I found this game's presentation to be miles ahead from the other games. There were so many aspects packed into one game that made the experience pretty enjoyable, and long too.

The only problem was the gameplay and its unbalance, but let's be honest. That was because of Namco/PS not releasing it to Arcades first like they did for the previous three games. I bet that if they had done that first to work on the gameplay, while working on everything else for the consoles (yes, consoles), this game would have been amazing and personally, would have been the best game of the whole series. Also, I bet the series itself would have been at a better state than it is now, presentation-wise.


[08] Mercenary
Despite the complaints, I found the original styles were what made SCIII for me. Dagger being my favourite, nothing says awesome like throwing bombs at your opponent and suplexing them.


[12] Conqueror
SC3 was great for it's time. I played that game for years, even long into sc4's lifespan. The speed was awesome, the single player modes were the best the series has ever seen, the roster was HUGE despite glaring unbalances. And if you played without VC, it wasn't that bad.

Worst aspect of the game was the fact that the AI was completely exploitable.

Once I got into Sc4 though, the improvements in gameplay were enough for me to never go back to sc3.

It's been so long since I played 3, I'm afraid to even try! When I tried sc2 after years of not playing it, it played like ass compared to what I remember it being. I don't want to ruin my nostalgic feelings of sc3 by realizing now how bad the game was:)

I did "like" the game, but like most things in life, in with the new and out with the old.


[13] Hero
I had an opportunity to play SC3 yesterday for hour or two and... damn, when I'll take back my PS2 (cause "no compatible PS3"...) I will stick to this game for much, much longer yet again. Strictyly for discover everything anew. Seriously,, I had in mind that this game wasn't bad, definitely not. But that evening made me remember how much time I spend with this game. Especially since that was the first from series (except Soul Blade) for me.

The game was fast, music was great, such as the arenas and graphics overall. The SP content was huge, the story mode was broadened as well. It made me feel the story, the characters (Raphael was so fun to play back then, ah...).
It was so alive!
Some may say that those are not that important for a tourneey gameplay. I agree, but wasn't it like, that the story was one of the strongest elements of SC? For me this will always be an important part of a game. Especially SC series

I'm starting to think that the only problem was the balance of the game. The evil VC was in most cases banned on tourneys anyway (at least in my country) and it gave many things to experiment with outside legitimate versus.
I have to admit as well that I felt a bit wierd that I can normally block, without any punishment... really strange feeling (not even talking about normal GI, SC, RG and AG)

Of Course SC5 has something from SC3 that SC4 didn't have. Still not what I would like to have but I'm happy with what I get. Only thing that really tastes bitter is that this game was supposed to be bigger, maybe like SC3 (with story mode). PS really had an idea for this game (even though I miss all of the unpresent cast) but the deadline was cruel and merciless...


[12] Conqueror
People are gonna hate me for this... But I really like SCIII. Mainly for the shitload of content and the great graphics....


[12] Conqueror
Well, I guess it mean's I can't be in the proper SC comunity, because I'm a noob and I like SCIII. But can anyone from the "proper" SC community tell me, if you liked SCIII when you don't think about turnaments and multiplayer in it?

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