Xianghua's top ten


[08] Mercenary
Just so we all have a idea or a agreed idea of some sorts.

No order

Staples - (BB, AA, Throw)
25B - Launches high, built in step, whiff punish and is pretty fast.
6K - Amazing Punish
A+K - Mixups are the future brah, allows you to buffer moves out, FC moves are possible and of course your opponent will go WTFsauce when they see your mixups XD.
3B+K - Built-in duck and step, special mid of awesomeness
2A - It's 2A nuff said
2K - Fastest in the game and it is lovely mixup bait
SXS - No Brainer
44B - Great whiff punish, really really useful if used right.
44AA - Amazing move
Auto-GI Hits - Thoses who master these will make there life easier


[09] Warrior
66A - fast , good for punish and entering the X's attack range
44B - for retreat and counter attack. good damage :)
66K - good mid for approaching the enemy
1A - good safe low...I think ;p
66A+K - good advantage on hit and block. anti low :)
4K - for interrupt and punish
FC 3B - good launcher
A+K - approaching the enemy and good mix up
WR K - good for punish and retreating
44KB - just love this move :). good for sxs and usually people will get hitted with B. don't know why ;p


[08] Mercenary
44B - Bread 'n butter
66K - Incredible interrupter
66A - Great step protection
66B+K - Very, very good interrupter/whiff punisher if used correctly
A+K - Mixups galore
25B - Great launcher, safe
2B+G - 80+ damage off a low throw
2A+B - Good low, horizontal, G cancellable
6BA - Really, really good string
4K - -2 on block, seriously?


[10] Knight
FC3B: mid that leads to the most damage. Safe, has good range, and cant be siderolled on teh ground.

214B+G412B 1B / A+G: She has a really ridiculous throw game now, with the former doing 70-74 damage, and over 100 with a wall.

BB: Standard mid poke that advances forward, with both verts tracking one side each/

AAB: Strong, hitcheckable poke that does good damage.

2K: Unsteppable and super TC low. allows X to start mixups on opponents easily.

2_8*5 B: Whiff punisher, and move to use for spacing. Awesome range and evasiveness. Can be applied in disadvantage too. So yeah it has offensive and defensive applications.

44B: Awesome for reverse mixups.

1B+K: Same as 44B.. sidesteps and TCs really well. Safe too.

44AA: Good TC move that also can be used for spacing.

22K: blockstun, force crouches and also hits grounded. Joy :)


[08] Mercenary
Staples(AA, BB, 2A, 2K, Throws...)

And others I like to use -


[08] Mercenary
Aside from the obvious moves:

A+B (struggle move on ground, they seldom expect it when life bar is one touch away from KO)
2B+G (good combo damage, awesome tech trap)
SXSB Heaven (Frame trap to FCB or 66B+K)
1B+K (good evasive property)
22_88K (tech trap set up on hit, good combo damage on CH, and Forced crouch on block)
44B (awesome priority, beats out a lot of moves, plus retreat, and 4 after parries verticals. So on block, 4 after 44B parries sophie's deathfist)
6B,A (great poke)
FC3Bb (safe on block, opponent anticipates move so SXS is possible, on hit allows for good wake up/tech trap game)
FC3B (nuff said, great launcher)
1KaA (i personally think is her best mid/low set up move. Allows for a great mindgame when opponent anticipates the last hit, you can mix it up)


[08] Mercenary
So I'm going to be repeating some stuff already mentioned earlier, but here I go?

In no particular order:
44KB (and 44K on its own)


[10] Knight
aK_1kA, 2A+G_2B+G. Works wonderfully online against anyone who is experienced with low spammers to duck, but doesn't know that you can sidestep the last part of aK, A_K and 1kA, A_K.


[10] Knight
A+K: closes space quick and allows counter from high moves
3B(rising): best counter/ launcher i know!
4K: two words, zero frame
Ak: Difficult to work into combos, but can play with peoples minds for a free low grab or two!
2B+G: best low grab EVER!
B+K: fun to launch off of a stun
11K: uber safe tech crouch!
Bk: rings out a downed opponent on the edge! fun to hear them rage xD


[12] Conqueror
For Sp1d3r:

X has really varied and interesting movelist. I believe almost all of her moves have some practical use in a match. But to use the cute stuff, I think it helps to know her 10 most abusable moves...

A - a fantastic multi-purpose move. Single A can be used for quick pokes in neutral situations, at i11 it will beat most other attacks if done at roughly the same time. AA and A[ A ] can be used for punishment. AAB is great on counter hit leaving X at neutral. Can also be used to irritate people who expect just AA (most people).

66K - a very fast mid that hits grounded and is almost safe. Stops a lot of irritating mid-aGI's such as Asura. Tracks to the left as well. If you need a fast mid but not sure which to do, this is generally a good option as it works from FC too.

FC3B - it's a safe launcher that tracks really well and sets up your strongest staple combo. It can RO front, left and right from a long way. It can be used for ring positioning. X even shifts alignment a little, making some moves randomly whiff. It is great as a whiff punish after step (very unsafe) or ducking a high (somewhat unsafe).

B throws - X's B grabs are super strong for a non-grapple character. The threat of command grab (70+ dmg) and low grab (97 dmg!!!), both of which can RO as well, mean a lot of opponents will give you A grabs for free, and your A grabs are pretty good too.

44B - It's the generic panic button. That's because it's really good. Any time you want, you can get X to jump back and dodge pretty much anything from some of the shorter ranged characters. It hurts a lot as well. Just don't become reliant on it because it is super-punishable. On block or whiff you can step back with 4 and maybe get a lucky Auto-Parry, but if your opponent guesses this then you become open to pretty much any move in the game.

Step B / 2_8*B - it's vertical... but it moves horizontally. And it launches really high. And it's (very nearly) safe. Anytime X is having trouble she can go easy mode and just step B, step B, step B. Same RO opportunities as FC3B but the launch is higher so more time to choose and execute. In many ways this move is ridiculous. Plus it has loads of active frames at the end of the animation meaning you can spam it out from range and use it as a defensive wall. Like a propeller blade in a wind tunnel that your opponent just won't want to go near.

Crybaby - if you're grounded and facing forwards, just hit A+B to send your opponent into a frenzy of rage. X literally whines and patters her hands and feet about like a small child. And it hurts ferocious warriors gathered from around the globe. This is a global solution to so many opponents' oki mixups it's not true. Many opponents will just autopilot once they've knocked you down - this one makes them think twice. Lots of active frames as well making the timing easy. Just be careful because it can be punishable on hit, and if you're BT, miss your command or are just unlucky, X will get up into whatever attack she was trying to interrupt for big damage.

WR K - it's a little unsafe but it retreats X a little, and most importantly, X stays crouched until the very end. Meaning that if you are crouched, you can guarantee avoiding any high attacks or throw attempts by using this move, and retreat a little from your opponent too. It's really useful to avoid pressure where you are stuck in full crouch, or where your opponent has a delayable high.

66B+K - from point blank this move does 45 dmg which is really good for a quick single hit mid. It tracks very well as well. It is very unsafe but the blockstun is so low that a lot of players have a hard time punishing it without proper conditioning. It ROs in front and is good against walls too. Don't be afraid to use this move. X also crouches a little at the end.

4K - Ah, no list would be complete without this. One of this best moves in the game. It's super fast and only -3 on block!! And the blockstun is infintessimal!! It RO in front and to the right!! It allows big wall combos!! If an X-inspired character makes it into SCV, expect this move to be toned down big time.

X has loads of other great moves but I think these 10 are the ones so good so as to be abusable. Irritate your opponent using the above... once they start blocking a bit more, you will find a whole lot more options for her slower, more graceful moves.


[12] Conqueror
Done a little thinking and would probably replace WR K with 2K on the above list.

Other useful moves just missed out: BB, 1A, 3A, 4B, 1B+K...

I started listing some favourite moves but found I was writing out most of her moveslist.

Moves I don't really get are 22_88B, 3K, 4[A+K], 11_77K, if anyone can explain uses for these please do


[08] Mercenary
This thread ligitimately depresses me.

In other news: http://8wayrun.com/wiki/xianghua-frame-data-sc4/ Is where you can go to debunk claims like "fastest move in the game" / etc.

Because I critisize, I'll also include a rusty top move list that won't include horrible horrible moves. Disclaimer, this is a list "not tuned for online play", as I do not encourage internet play:

AAB - goto punish, covers step (**must not buffer B, and learn to not finish on nonCH, else punishable)
BB - goto punish, won't get ducked
66K - rush down, mid, turn stun, hits on ground for most situations
3B/fc3B - primary launchers, iFC3B is a safer to abusing 3B (juggle = finish with 66B+K)
1A - low, ducks, fairly safe
wsK - if you must rely on a ws move, rely on wsK. Superduck / TC built in, along with some almost "off the ground" time

Risk Vs Reward:
3A - worse BS than 1A, but way faster tech crouch (as denoted on frame data)
66A - all the speed of 66K, with way more reach, bufferable - but high
44B - ON REACTION ONLY, well timed destroys entire character mainstays
6K - tech ducks very early, knocks down, rings out to the right (TC not covered in frame data?!@)
66A+B - another on reaction only; do it because they are doing the huge stupid vertical again, not because you are relying on it - as it's punishable on block.

Horrible moves to rely on (use sparingly):
44B - predictable, linear and punishable the more you rely on it as a crutch
44AA - second hit only guaranteed on CH, easily ducked and punished against skilled players
66A+B - heavy risk vs reward, do not abuse move!
3A, K - no CH, they duck and punish
1B,B - if not being used only for wake up, very punishable
22_88K - ultra slow, but does allow for a frame trap; use with extreme caution, not TOP 10.