Yoshi 1.11 Patch Note Translations by Ringout


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Credit to Ringout in the Yoshi discord for translating:

Yoshimitsu Patch notes 1.11:

6a: Added effect to clarify that you have achieved lethal hit condition.

3aa: Immediately after the first hit, there was a phenomenon of immediately shifting to the throw before the second hit. This was corrected.

214a, 214a+g: Adjusted the inputs recieved so that there is fewer instances of it coming out unintentionally.

4b+k: Added 1f delay to the 4b+k to correct the phenomenon of unintentionally draining life when trying to perform a SC.
- Added effect to express the increase of soul gauge.

6a, 22a, 88a: Corrected LH requirements that were negated cause of GI attempts whiffed beforehand.

6ab: Corrected the tracking performance of the 2nd hit, adjusted it so that the second hit does not swing when the first hit is used at the end of the stage. Hit box increased and corrected to reduce whiffing at closest ranges.

MED B: Hit box increased and corrected to reduce whiffing at closest ranges.

4a+b, 22b: We enhanced the tracking performance of these moves when whiff punishing an opponents attack.

MED K: Improved the transition speed of going into DGF. Fixed MED K second hit whiffing at tip range.
Can now cancel back into guard and not take damage when leaving DGF stance.

DGF A+B: The timing to shift into DGF has been advanced. Increased block duration of A+B. CH allows follow up move from DGF.

214a: - The timing for LH has been adjusted. Back then you had to wait until the enemy was about to fall for the last tick of damage to hit and do full damage unscaled. If you didnt, the damage would drop significantly.
- Changed LH properties so that you can immediately followup with a combo and the damage will no longer scale like before(Implying the 2nd tick of damage is no longer there).
- Added correction to combo damage.
- Added LH detection correction from various forms of 214a input. Allowing the LH to properly proc if successfully dodging a high from any form of input of the move(Doing it from standing compared to doing it from crouched)

B:A: Mitigated the rate that B:A would hit someone stepping. The rate that b:a hits people who are stepping is much lower compared to backstepping.
- Tracking performance was lowered, the hit size was corrected.

2b, 4kb: Unblockable full hold damage was reduced. This was done because there were times it was impossible to escape it.

SC DGF KA, SC 8B+K(SDGF), and SDGF movement[2,4,6,8 movements]: These moves now drain soul charge faster. (SDGF movement drains SC now to reduce passive play

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