Yoshi Gameplay Videos


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No, Pocky Yoshi has much to learn. I only started the basics. The more hardcore Yoshis will soon post as soon as we get info. I'll contribute the best I can though. For the sake of any Yoshi fan wanting to learn Yoshi lol.


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Ah, one of my favorite moves 66A is back and sexy as ever. I always liked how it looked. I guess you're supposed to use the CE after 66A stuns for instance?

Anyways, awesome mask splitting. Looks great.


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Hah, very nice representation considering the situation. His lines seem good, CE at the edge there was 18hits, very manly. Shark Attack is still in! They sped up his Kangaroo Kick in general, which is nice. SDGF remains also! Shame Cervy got the win! But I did laugh at the whole ring out situation.

Edit: Thought I should add that I didn't notice any added benefits of his CE over others? I had thought as much. The green effect seems to merely be for show, whilst representing his moveset in some areas as a whole.


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Pocky Yoshi will do his best to understand the changes from SCIV to SCV Yoshi. Please correct me and guide me experts if I get something wrong.

@ 0:28. SDGF B seems faster than before.

@ 0:50. It looks like 8A+K into SDGF doesn't combo after Kangaroo kick.

@ 1:47. Deathcopter gets something new? Experts can jump on this one.

@ 2:11. One of Pocky Yoshi's favorite silly moves A+B then K makes a glorious silly return.

@ 2:41. 214a is back. Someone at this event should test if it doorknocks or makes any new combos.

@ 3:09. 4A+BBBBB(spinning evade) is back.

@ 3:20. The CE does not heal you.

And that's about it from Pocky Yoshi's watch of interest.


[00] Signia's Cheerleader
@ 1:47. Deathcopter gets something new? Experts can jump on this one.
Yeah, looks like it can lunge backward instead of the usual full bore/cancel/turn around from Tekken. It looks like Yoshi goes through a similar effect as a brave edge (but red) before lunging backward but it doesn't say brave edge on the information panel.


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Time to get to get to work! Na-mu. If I'm late on discovering, forgive me. Just listing out so the experts can pluck and get into the moves a bit more. Pocky Yoshi beginning observation!!! xD

2nd vid.
@ 0: 06. FC3K is back.

@ 0: 27. 33B, B+K set-ups are back and sexy than ever.

@ 0: 36. DGF K combos into Doorknock then 3B again.

@ 0: 41. CE can be used after DGF K.....but is it a tech trap?

@ 0: 54. 66A can BE?

@ 1: 04. 214a combos into doorknock then 3B again.

@ 1:20. 7_8_9K is the same

@ 1:56. FC3K combos into 2K. Same old.

@ 2:19-2:27(they scroll by it fast pausing is recommended). Command list! Let me read it out. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Combo 1. 3B then 6K
Combo 2. 214a then 6B+K, B, B, B then 3B.
Combo 3. 1K then 2A+K
Combo 4. 6bA+B+K(counter) then 66B then 66A+B

236236A+B+K. Could be his CE since it's listed low low.
3A then bA+B+K. Mid Mid Mid. It's a BE.
6bA+B+K. SL and BE.
66_33_99bA+B+K. Mid Mid. BE.

AA. High high.
Looks blurry, but I'm guessing bA+K? High High.
6A High.
6{A} High High.

K. High.
6K, K. High Mid.
3K. Mid
2K. Low.

BB. Mid Mid.
bA. Mid.
bA. Counter. Mid.
6B. Mid.

A+B. High.
{A+B}. Bad Stomach.
During {A+B}, then K for backflip kick. Mid Mid.
2A+B, B. Mid Mid.

66_33_99A. Mid
22_88A. Low.
44_11_77A. Mid.
66_33_99B. Mid.

Just basic throws. All highs.
Left side.
Right side.
Back throw.
Blurry but says Soul Possession So I assume b+g6?
Soul Siphon. b+g4
Rainbow Drop. 214A+G.
Oni Killer. From any stance. G, A+G.
Nimbus. " ". G, B+G.
Flea B+K is back. Pocky Yoshi's favorite stance.
Flea A. Low.
Flea B. Mid.

@ 2:44. DGF B is back.


[14] Master
3rd vid.
@ 0: 49. 66K is back.

@ 1: 11. 1K.

@ 1: 19. Looks like SCIV Yoshi's 8wayrun 1_7B.

@ 1: 47. 4B is the same.

@ 2:05. Just remember the variations of 66a+b2B.

@ 3:06. Just remember the variations of 66a+b2B+K(MED).

Other moves I forgot mention were back from the vids? 4AAAAA. 1AAAAA. 9B+K.

Pardon my post.