You May Now Tag PLAYERS in the Media Library!

So a couple of months ago, we unveiled a large rewrite to the Media Library here on 8WAYRUN. The core function of the rewrite was to build up a "filter" system so that videos could be more easily sorted based on the character usage within those videos. The filters work in a *booru-style system that allows you to add and remove character filters at will.

Well as of today, that feature has been expanded! Now, in addition to character usage, players can also be tagged to videos; provided that player has an account here on 8WAYRUN. So in addition to being able to search for videos featuring both Talim and Sophitia, you can refine the search to include specificity of players as well! For example, you can easily locate videos featuring: Hwang and Ramon!

Naturally, since this is a new feature, and there have been zero players tagged in the past; I'm asking you users to help go through the almost 6,000 videos already in the archives and start tagging players!
Jason Axelrod


Hey, I want to remind people... in addition to tagging players, don't forget to tag characters! A lot of the NEC videos are tagged to players, but not the characters being used in the video.