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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Malice, Jan 13, 2011.

By Malice on Jan 13, 2011 at 7:59 AM
  1. Malice
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    Yo, it's Malice. If you don't know, Soul Calibur is huge in France. Last year, the community was able to pull together and help get a team to Cannes so that they could compete in the World Cup.

    This year will be the first time that the event will be streamed live which will be big for Soul Calibur, however we do not have any Americans who are able to go, except for Woahhzz.

    So far, the Europeans have already setup a donation drive to help get him there. I'm hoping that we can do the same. I'll be doing what I can locally to help get him there. If there's anyone that wants to help out, you can go so by going to and place your donation.

    EDIT: Since Woahhzz is unable to attend, the help will go towards thugish_pond making it to Cannes to compete in the World Cup.


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Malice, Jan 13, 2011.

    1. Talim JP
      Talim JP
      I'd like to help.

      Maybe post a PayPal?
    2. Malice
      I asked Jaxel to get that setup.
    3. Jaxel
    4. Talim JP
      Talim JP
      There's a starter.

      Hope to send more later, may also have to help send a JP playa over.
    5. GreatOne1939
      I'll put in what I can in a couple of weeks. Got some other debts I need to pay off 1st. But only if Woahhzz is a lock to go though.
    6. Malice
      The only issue was getting enough money together. He just couldn't get there without help.
    7. Tyberius
      I'll try to help in a couple weeks too. I'm a bit tied up right now.
    8. docvizzo
      Well this is waaaaay to late but FINALLY :P

      According to posts on frenchforum mainly France/Switzerland/Germany already collected 285 Dollars (around 80 of it not 100% confirmed).


      How should we handle this now? Give the money to you? Donate it here on paypal?

      I will ask the other germans for a few bucks also...
    9. Malice
      Better late than never.

      The Europeans should continue what they've been doing already. This is basically for those who want to donate and haven't done so already. Or do both.
    10. malek
      don't know...
      put it here on paypal is easier i think.
    11. docvizzo
      Ok sounds good. I first have to transfer some money on paypal then....

      I'll put another free McD meal on top of my donation whoazz :)
    12. lobo
      they have McDisgusting over there as well?


      well, woahhzz is cute as a button so count me in for $20.
    13. kurama_tengu
      I'm putting this thread up on the WGC Twitter & Facebook accounts as soon as I can!
    14. RedDjinn
      Is anyone else from the US going?
    15. Furzy
      As said on the WGC topic, count me in for 50$
    16. thugish_pond
      Hmm this is donation topic specifically for Woahhz and nobody else? Hmm interesting lol
    17. Malice
      You said that you can't make it, no one else has shown any interest, and Europe already started a donation, so there you go.
    18. thugish_pond
      yea I can't make it cuz of money. Woahhzz can't either. Read between the lines malice! :-P
    19. franman
      Malice, I think this is what Thugish_Pond is pointing to. Since you mentioned Woahhzz is able to go, it wouldn't make sense to give him donations.

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