[Jan 21, 2012] Madison SC4 Tourney #70 (FINAL RECRUITMENT) (Madison, WI)

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Madison SC4 Tourney #70 (FINAL RECRUITMENT)
Start Date: Jan 21, 2012 04:00 PM
End Date: Jan 22, 2012 12:00 AM
Time Zone: America/Chicago -06:00 CST

Happy Wok
17 Easrpark Ct
Madison, WI

Posted By: jimmypikachuchoi

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  1. jimmypikachuchoi

    jimmypikachuchoi [10] Knight

    OK, guys this will be more or less our LAST official SCIV tourney, until we decide to have a retro SCIV tourney. All of you that have started from the SCII days in Madison should be happy and proud with how far you've gotten. Now it's time to push yourselves in this final tourney. All of your skills that you have acquired from SC2, SC3, and SC4 will carry on into SCV. Our Tale of Souls and swords will continue to be eternally retold...

    Congrats on our newest SCIV member, Khzhak. Now we have 16 league members and counting. We got $284.00/$1000.00 that we need to contribute to our prizes. This will be the last tourney to pre-register as a member to get the last discount, b4 membership prices increase to the cap of $25. We'll be having SC3 as a side tourney as well.

    4:30pm: signup/casuals
    6:30pm-SSFIVAE2012, whatever that is...
    8:00-SCIV(The final chapter)

    Bring to help out, bring a ps3, copies of the games, or your own god damn controllers(*cough cough*"TOMI"):) If anyone else would like to contribute any donations to our Soul Calibur Fund, please feel free to do so. We are not sponsored by anyone except by us, so anything is helpful to us.



    Also to you other Soul Cal Peeps, we are planning our Soul Calibur 5 League in advanced. I know this is super early before the release date 1/31/11, but it's better for us to get this started now bc I felt that our SC4 League was great, but I didn't have enough time to plan everything, so the motivation seemed to be lacking in the end with some members. Not this time.

    Here is our Madison Soul Calibur 5 League!!! Our Soul Calibur Community will be doing Madison's SC5 League, which will start around 1st week of February. Everyone who will participate in our tournament must be a member of our League. You will become a member by paying $25.00 by February. However, if you pay earlier, you will pay significantly less for the membership fee.

    Here are the rates(a 1-time rate for membership); if you pay in the month of:
    October-$10.00 (OH NO, OVER!!!):sc2nm1:
    November-$12.00 (SS, CS, and then CF"D!!! NO MORE $12.00!!!!):sc1ivy1:
    December-$15.00 (Pay NOW, and if you're nice I'll only charge $10.00, NANCHATTE, HURRY AND PAY, or X and Lex will crybaby you forever!!!!!!!):sc1xia1::sc2xia1::sc2xia12::sc2xia3:
    January-$20.00(PAY NOW AND MAYBE I'll DECIDE to join the roster of SC Characters this time around....):sc2tal2: :sc2tal1::sc2tal3:
    Now many of you are asking, why this membership fee? What will we get out of this? This money will be used to buy awesome prizes. Like the last SC4 League, we will be splitting the players into tiers, Tier 1 and Tier 2, determined by skill of previous SC Tourneys and by primarily MysticBill and me. But unlike the SC4 League, after about 20 tournaments, we will have a Final 8 Tournament, with the 2 best Tier 1 and 6 Best Tier 2 players, where the top Tier 1 player and the top 2 Tier 2 players will win a prize, with the winner of the 8-man tourney getting to choose from:
    -HD 23" Monitor TV ($250.00)
    -PS3($250.00) OBTAINED!!!
    -SCVArcade Stick ($175.00)
    -Soul Calibur Collections-Artbooks, Figures, Trading Cards ($125.00)

    I put a guesstimation of how much would be needed, and $1000.00 should be an easy target for us. Any leftover money will be used to help improve our community and help tier 2's enter bigger non-Madison Tourneys like in Chicago or in IA. My proposal is to during a non-Madison Tourney, the top tier 2 players in the prior wk will get the opportunity to go travel with MysticBill and me to a bigger tourney. $10 will go towards gas, and $10 will help the top Tier 2 pay for part of the entry/venue fee; the 2nd best has to pay his/her way. Additional money or funds will help others buy equipment that they may be lacking such as controllers.

    THE FINAL 8-MAN Tournament:

    *It's important to note that in order for a tier 1 player to win any prize, they HAVE to finish in the top 3. If both Tier 1 players finish 1 and 2, only the 1st place person will win a prize and the 2nd place will lose.* IN addition, if you do not pay the membership fee, you will not only be ineligible to enter the Final 8 Tourney, you will also have to pay a higher entry fee in order to enter the tournament, however, you will be eligible to split the pot in the weekly tourneys. The higher amount that you paid will go directly to the Ultimate prize pack in the 8-man tourney, not the weekly money pot. The fourth and final prize will be the "MOST IMPROVED" AWARD to the one that the SC Community feels has improved their game the most, but did not get a prize during the 8-man tourney.


    Not paying for the membership will also affect your points that accumulate throughout the SC5 Series. The point system is going to be more complex than the SC4 tourney. Like the last tourney, you will be awarded points based on what your placement was: (example in an 8 man bracket) 7th place=1 point, 5th place-2 pts, 4th=3, 3rd=5, 2nd=7pts, 1st=9pts. That is still the same, but this time you are also rewarded for your wins. For each win in the winner's bracket you will get +2pts, but for each win in the loser's bracket you receive, you will only receive 1 point. Non-members will only receive half of their placement points, and one half of their points for their wins. To make it more interesting/strategic and to be forgiving of a possible awful performance in a tournament showing, anyone is allowed to pay $2.00 before the start of the tournament to double their point values ONE TIME ONLY, so think very strategically when you want to do this. This is like a lifeline. One what? ONE TIME ONLY!!! Also playing in a double elimination tournament, if an unseeded player beats a seeded player(4 seeds), they will get +2 bonus points. Seeds will be based on the previous week's results.

    The payout: most tourneys, it's planned to be $3 for the entry fee. The pot will be split 60-20-10 (10% of the pot going to the ultimate prize pool)in a 4-8 person tourney,but 9-14 ppl it will be split 50-25-10-5(10% of the pot will go for prize pool)and 15+ ppl will be split 40-20-15-10-5 (10% of the pot will go to the prize pool) (the 2 t-5th players must fight each other to see who officially will get 5th)Non-members will pay a $5 entry fee.(The additional 2 dollars will go to the Ultimate Prize pot)

    There will be bi-monthly $15 tourneys that will be split 60-25-10-5, none of the entry will be used for the prize pool, but only the those who previously had paid their membership fee will split the pot. Non-members will pay a $21 entry fee. (The additional $6 will go to the Ultimate Prize pot.)

    LEAGE MEMBERS(16): jimmypikachuchoi, Anduril, Tomi, Outlaw, Ora, iKotomi, Daners Dorkus, Metallix, Orange, Phil Bond, Mao, Pouncer, Strakaman, Dr_Tom, AkumaKaze, Khzhak

    Guesstimated Scedule of MADISON'S SCV LEAGUE: #1(MAJOR) 2/4/12, #2 2/12/12(SUNDAY), #3 2/26/12(SUNDAY), #4 3/3/12, #5 3/17/12,#6(MAJOR2) 3/25/12(SUNDAY), #7 and 8(one weekly and one frames test tourney) 4/8/12(SUNDAY), #9 4/14/12, #10 and 11(one weekly and frames test tourney2) 4/28/12, #12 5/6/12(SUNDAY), #13(MAJOR 3) 5/12/12, #14 5/26/12, #15 6/3/12(SUNDAY), #16 6/17/12(SUNDAY), #17 6/23/12, #187/7/12, #19(MAJOR 4) 7/15/12(SUNDAY), #20 7/28/12, 8/4/12 FINAL 8 Man TOURNEY, plus regular weekly #21

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  2. Pouncer

    Pouncer [07] Duelist

    It's iffy for me. My work schedule is not up for that week yet. If I am unable to some of you are on standby to contact, requesting a carpool ride for Metallix.
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  3. Metallix

    Metallix [06] Combatant

    Is bringing my PS2 okay for folks to play with my copy of SC3? WTF SSF4AE 2012?! I just !@#$%^ got last month SSF4AE for Christmas. Now...Capcom does this sh*t again?! >:(
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    ALL_CAPS [08] Mercenary

    I have been out of contention of a while. Is there anyone from mill town going to these events that I could hitch a ride from? Can provide gas money. Trying to level up for UFC8 in Chicago, and eventually Evo.
  5. iKotomi

    iKotomi [10] Knight

    SSF4:AE2012 is the most recent version of Street Fighter 4. It is a downloadable patch if you own Arcade Edition.
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  6. jimmypikachuchoi

    jimmypikachuchoi [10] Knight

    holy $h!+, ALLCAPS!!! What's up? Haven't seen you forever. How are you and ...John? Right? You guys gotta come up to our tourneys sometime. At least for the release of SCV. It'd be good to see you guys again.

    ALL_CAPS [08] Mercenary

    Yeah I would love to come, but gotta find a way out there. If i can't find a way good luck on the new tournament season. The Happy Wok food is gdlk.
  8. Pouncer

    Pouncer [07] Duelist

    Metallix does now own the Arcade edition. I don't have room on the PS3 hard drive to download that patch (getting the you have less than 500MB left) right now. I need to either erase some old gave sames or expand the hard drive (that I don't know how to do). It is in the Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition section of PSN right?

    Bad news. Metallix's PS2 fight stick is dead. We only have one working PS2 controller now. I'd suggest you guys bring your adapters or PS2 controllers with you just in case.
  9. AkumaKaze

    AkumaKaze [01] Neophyte

    Essentially Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition has been re-named Super Street Fighter IV: Apology Edition after this last update to make everything even MORE tournament balanced. Apparently Capcom needs $140 in product and more hard drive space to get this right in the first place.....
  10. Pouncer

    Pouncer [07] Duelist

    Yup! They wonder why so many of there fans are grouchy.
  11. Pouncer

    Pouncer [07] Duelist

    iKotomi, Ikkaku_Madarame, Khzhak, Metallix, please look at your PM inbox. I sent you an important message about carpooling for this event.
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