Namco Bandai Announces $10K World Wide Finals!

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    Some of you may have heard over the grapevine: Namco Bandai will be holding a Worldwide Finals for Soulcalibur V on April 10 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada! Namco Bandai is Working with community Tournament Organizers from around the world to bring forth a legitimate tournament with the best players from around the world to compete for $10,000!

    Anyone can attend the tournament as a spectator, but only 8 players will be able to compete. Namco Bandai has yet to announce the invitees, but they will be tournament winners from all around the world including Final Round, NorCal Regionals and MLG Winter Championships. In addition to the $10,000 pot, the event will have both MadCatz and Hori sponsoring additional unannounced prizes at the event itself.

    Namco Bandai will also be providing transportation for fans in the Los Angeles area up to the Soulcalibur V Worldwide Finals the morning of April 10, 2012 and returning that night. The Soulcalibur V Worldwide Finals Bus will be stopping at various locations around Los Angeles to be announced at a later date. You must be at least 21 years old with a valid driver’s license to attend the Soulcalibur V Worldwide Finals.

    Please follow Namco Bandai Games Community Manager Rich “filthierich” Bantegui at or for any updates regarding the Soulcalibur V March title update and the Soulcalibur V Worldwide Finals in Las Vegas.
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jaxel, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Tocool
    Can't wait for my invite.
  2. RecklessThunder
    you have to be 21 and over to participate? Seems... unfair
  3. Echo01
    Wow. Wouldn't surprise me if all the invitees were French.
  4. EminentRising
    well if its 8 people it would be cool to have people from all regions.
  5. Malice
    It's 2 from Japan, 2 from Europe from last weekend's UK/EU tournament, and 4 from the US the last that I heard.

    I'm sure more details will come out soon on exactly who.
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  6. optymuss
    Namco loves us
  7. Hawkeye
    I wanna gooooooooooooooooo!!
  8. SCPartisan
    Where's the Canada at?
  9. Sp1d3r
    I bet you'd tear it up party
  10. sWoRD_LoRD
    I think we're lookin at Hyrul, Omega, Akire, the winner of MLG, and maybe Linkrkc so far. That leaves 2 random beasts from Japan, and 1 or 2 more slots, depending if Linkrkc already made the cut. I think 1 slot should go to either Thugish or RTD just cause of their many years of calibur dominance.
  11. lobo
    I knew that this suspended drivers license would come back and bite me in the ass sooner or later.
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  12. Xeph
    To clarify, you have to be 21yrs old to be in the tournament? Or for the bus?
  13. D.I.N.O
    Holy Shizer, I cant go to Vegas Twice in one Year. And its like right after MLG. Guess I need to win.
  14. Signia
    Winner of NCR gets an invite? And they've got a bus trip from LA?! Practically freerolling for 10K if I get an invite omfggggg

    Winner of this gets the title of world champion...
  15. Malice
    This weekend is going to be a hot one. And SoCal needs to pack that bus since it's a free trip to Vegas on that day. Wish I could go.
  16. thugish_pond
    NCR?? Why are they picking that tournament, all the main players are going to MLG.
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  17. Something-Unique
    This? At this point whoever wins NCR kinda gets a free pass. MLG looks stupid bracket wise. What a bloodbath its gonna be.
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  18. DrakeAldan
    Good luck, you.
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  19. Xeph
    West Coast's best is at NCR; Is the implication that only CENTRAL/EC are considered the Soul Calibur community?

    Also, they said 4 American's will be picked. There's only three tournaments listed; Why wouldn't they pick linkrkc as an invitee considering he took gold at Winter Brawl.
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