[Oct 24, 2012] WNX Soul Calibur 5 Weekly Tournament (Arbutus, MD)

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WNX Soul Calibur 5 Weekly Tournament
Start Date: Oct 24, 2012 09:00 PM
End Date: Oct 25, 2012 03:00 AM
Time Zone: America/New_York -04:00 EDT

Xanadu Games
3921 Vero Rd.
Arbutus, MD 21227

Posted By: Hudathan

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. Hudathan

    Hudathan [09] Warrior

    Xanadu Games, the premiere gaming center for the greater Baltimore area will be holding Soul Calibur 5 tournaments as a part of its weekly Wednesday Night Xanbats. WNX tournaments follow the Playstation 3 standard set down by the Evolution Championship series. Participants are expected to arrive promptly up to one hour before the official starting time for registration purposes. All late comers are expected to contact the tournament organizers such as myself (Hudathan) directly.

    WNX SC5 Rules:

    - $5 venue fee, $5 entry fee for SC5.
    - 60/30/10 split.
    - Double elimination, Winner/Loser Finals 2/3, Grand Finals 3/5
    - Players will run a test match for button check purposes when they sit down to play their matches. Needing to pause the game for any purpose once the set has begun will cause that player to automatically forfeit that particular match.
    - Wireless Playstation 3 controllers must be properly turned off and put away when not being used. As with any major tournament, interrupting the tournament carries the harsh penalty of automatic disqualification.
    - The loser of a match can request a change of character or a new random stage. The winner of a match must stay with their character.
    - Devil Jin CAS banned, Dampierre ALLOWED.

    Xanadu Games: 410-501-5040
    David 'Hudathan' Chen: 443-600-1277
  2. DeathNote244

    DeathNote244 [01] Neophyte

    This realy has nothin got do with anything but is there any casual tour in Al
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    Jaxel Administrator

  3. Ringout

    Ringout [09] Warrior

    Is anyone planning to attend this?
  4. BoomSouljah

    BoomSouljah [08] Mercenary

    no, this hasnt happened for like 5 months =/ srry broski
  5. hwang24

    hwang24 [10] Knight

    If at any short notice, I actually would offer to volunteer myself to run a weekly for SCV over there. I'll be looking for any helpers if anyone who reads this is interested in either helping out OR would like to participate in a weekly tournament in Arbutus.
  6. Ringout

    Ringout [09] Warrior

    I'd help you out with that. Considering I have a couple friends who attend head out there for Marvel anyways.
  7. BoomSouljah

    BoomSouljah [08] Mercenary

    I should be able to get people to come out for this. If not enough for a weekly, then certainly enough for very good casual sessions.
  8. AmethystLady

    AmethystLady [04] Fighter

    First Lady will try to be there. Work has been hectic, but if there's active playing up at Xanadu I'll try to drink a 5 hour energy and be there.
  9. hwang24

    hwang24 [10] Knight

    Okay, this is good...
    Boom, if you're good with bringing/inviting friends or crew to come join in for a time, that'll sound nice!
    Ringout, since you have buds there playing Marvel on the regular, you can definitely put in a good word. Any help with organization would be of splendid favor.
    Amethyst, hope you'll have the work ethic to provide the leadership and the energy to bring the hype!
  10. hwang24

    hwang24 [10] Knight

    I'll try to set weeklies up for this Wednesday (tomorrow), August 1st, August 8th and August 15th. Any goers?
  11. Ringout

    Ringout [09] Warrior

    I would go, but I'm already heading out to Baltimore on Thursday till Sunday for Otakon. I wouldn't want to make a trip out/around there back to back unless we had a fair turn out for tomorrow..

    The other weeks I'll gladly come down.
  12. BoomSouljah

    BoomSouljah [08] Mercenary

    I'll be there by default.
  13. AmethystLady

    AmethystLady [04] Fighter

    Will be there.
  14. hwang24

    hwang24 [10] Knight

    Well, it was a good showing last week. Were going to try to go for it again this week tomorrow, Wednesday.

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