01-02-13 Chilean League - KaKui(Patroklos) VS Demonthrasher(Nightmare - Yoshi)

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Feb 2, 2013 at 9:36 AM
Posted by ka_kui
I do not have Experience Against Yoshi, that gave me a so terrible nervous state for this fight, for that reason i made a lot of mistakes, some of this mistakes was so stupid, that i discovered new things(66B into 8B+K) LOL, and made me laugh so hard when i was playing this fight, that the laugh made me won, because if i became frustrated I think I would have lost XDDD

1.-Snare of Purgatory - Over Zenith OST
2.-Versus Boss - Over Zenith OST
3.-The Trinity! Battle Start - Over Zenith OST
4.-Feel's Theme - Over Zenith OST
5.-Over Zenith - Over Zenith OST
6.-Versus OZ - Over Zenith OST
7.-Magnificent Battle - Over Zenith OST
8.-Destruction God Squad OZ Rangers - Over Zenith OST
9.-The Chase of Highway - FF Advent Children OST

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