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Wiki status update
Mostly done: Asta, Azwel, Cervantes, Grøh, Ivy, Nightmare, Raphael, Siegfried, Sophie, Geralt, and Tira
Partially done: Seong Mi-Na, Talim
Not done: Kilik, Mitsu, Voldo, Inferno, Maxi, Xianghua, Zasalamel
If your character's frame data is tested (i.e. not ripped from Scuffle without independent attestation of its accuracy) and in a spreadsheet but not the wiki, PM me and I can help automate the conversion to the wiki markup, provided the spreadsheet has the appropriate columns (in any order) and isn't horribly irregular in its formatting.
Hi, I would like to post a question to the teach me thread. I am on PS4 not XB1, I have trouble understanding frame data and why the concepts of advantage and disadvantage actually work. I main Gr0h if that’s helpful at all, I’m trying to learn the general basics in case I want to play other characters later down the road.
I’m planning on figuring out Gr0h’s frame data myself to help out others who main Gr0h in SoulCalibur 6 seeing as I do not yet see a frame data thread for him on here.