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Every time I log here, it would seem that the community is still not
lively. Did everyone leave this site or something? What's going on?
Oh I see. Thanks for sharing that. ^^
It certainly seems like that may be the case. Discord has been strangely popular. Though I
don't see why. For me personally, the site seems confusing. I never know who I'm replying
to in a sea of incoming traffic of commentaries. How does anyone keep up with that? XD
Who can say? I've never understood why when things like Steam came along people started buying hundreds of games they'd never play. I think it's safe to say though that these instant online things have brought out some odd compulsive behaviours.

On some level people actually seem to want to be buried in that mess as some form of escapism. The psychological comparisons to illegal drug use also cannot be understated.
That's a scary place to be in. I think you nailed it.
Persevera Deoque Confide - You can and will be prepared for anything. Even as death render preparation utterly impossible. Fundamentally irrelevant.:sc2yos2:
Logged into this account after half a decade for the nostalgia. I don't know what younger me was on when he was typing the shit he was typing for the seven years he used this site, but I need some of that. I miss when this was the go to place for all things Soul Calibur. Those were some good times.
Not much to share in update at the moment. Just super busy making ends meet. But I do hope that
I'll be more socially active here again and even share some fan related content. Here's hoping. :)