1st to 5 with Krispy Ice101 aka (Cheater Ice101)

now i can say you exposed him.....bodybag for coolcmcgee
we do casual sets all the time and i thought it was understood that we were doing character lock( if you win you have to continue to play the same character if you lose you can change) however he wasnt
Seriously, I need some explanations to your subtitles. I can't read sarcasm, if that's the case.
Wait...what? Character lock rule? And he still played as Aeon despite your screen saying he switched to Astaroth. And YOU switched characters just the match before. I am so confused. Best video I've seen, either way.
Lol I didn't even realize the self-induced wall splat until you mentioned it with the subtitle


Feb 18, 2013 at 5:35 PM
Posted by coolcmcgee
you know sets and stuff
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