I think the combo stops after the opponent's finished.
I was confused when I first watched it. I know about the weird B+G during 2B+K's hit. I Just didnt understand why it was 2 Hits XD
Wait, you're that guy who left all those Viola tips on my profile and you didn't even know about this?
Actually, you can see this better if you delay the orb. Hold 6A+B and the orb will be delayed. You can blatantly see how the hand and orb are separate hits.
Yes that's actually perfectly normal. It's supposed to be her hand and the orb doing 2 quick hits. Though strangley I don't think that both hits connect if you use the attack after a launch.
The hand also damages them a bit :)
I believe it says two because Viola's hand and the orb hit Nightmare.


Mar 27, 2012 at 12:04 AM
Posted by Yue_Zhongtiqin
2 Hits???
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