21-01-13 Chilean League - KaKui(Patroklos) VS KyokushinV(Hilde-Siegfried)

many thanks ChaosK, and yeah i know all you say to me, but in that fight i was training only against his Hilde, and the presure was so big, that i dont reacted to moves i normally react XDD.....thanks ;)
You seemed a bit overwhelmed with the Siegfried MU. You should learn to duck his 66A on reaction and when he enters his SCH stance (like after 3B) go for 8~B+K into CE as your go to punisher (leads to 140 dmg with CH) and mix it up with 236B. Other than that, nice job for getting first!


Jan 24, 2013 at 1:29 PM
Posted by ka_kui
Well Guys, I'm participating in a League of SoulCalibur V in my country(Chile), until now i have winned all my fights with Patroklos, our group is learning how to play in a competitive way, our level is far for being at the level of USA, Singapore, France, Japan, etc., but we have the will to improve.

Here are my fights until now....the last 2 ones place me in N°1 of the Chilean Ranking, im open to criticism, thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad english LOL ;)
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