6º CTP SCIV - Triangle Finals - Camus vs Miura

Do you have Flash Player last generation? Look for it, probably it is the problem you have.
Uhm, this is random but why is it that I can't see any video on this site : / I'm new so don't jump me : 3
Yes, we have it. Actually, most events take place in São Paulo or the country Northeast. As Brazil is very big, it´s difficult to all players come to play.
Not bad. Congrats to the Placers. Do you have tournaments in Brazil often?


Jun 29, 2011 at 9:27 AM
Posted by Vini
6º Campeonato Top Players de Soul Calibur IV.
The event occurred on 01/24/2011, São Paulo, Brazil.

Triangle Finals.

Camus (Amy)


Miura (Ivy)
6     1     1,795