8e de finales : Keev vs Akiru

@Motiosho: keev is apparantly the best nightmare and has apparantly has the best defense as a player in general and is good at figuring his opponents out. (i always hear that). akiru is one of the well know tira players for his skill. Tira is VERY different is SCV imo. Akiru has had more experience with SCV this the same for keev also.
The gut playing as Tira, sucks with her, didn't know how to play as her.... Good nightmare though

I haven't seen a good SC5 Tira player in a long time...
Keev is crazy with Nightmare. If Akiru is who I think he is, I bet he's pissed about Cervy.lol
good goin keev nightmare in da house
Good god! There he goes. Keev has done it again.


Dec 20, 2011 at 9:24 AM
Posted by SCPartisan
8e de finales du tournoi Soulcalibur V organisé lors de la session Namco Bandai Games le 17/12/2011.
Merci à Namco Bandai pour cette session.
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