8wr Online Tournament Marginal (Maxi) vs Hardwire (Astaroth)

I'm going to call lack of match-up knowledge on the Astaroth's part.
I liked the CaS Mitsu. The way she shouted "Gracious!" before the CE tore into her was quality.
The worst part of this was a salty runback.. with a CaS Female Mitsu
I can play with my feet and play better than that asta. Who is this scrub?
I'd have to say bad play by Astaroth, I don't main him and I play hella better than this. I mean no grabs WTF?
This match makes my toilet scrub much more efficient than this guy.


Apr 20, 2012 at 5:12 PM
Posted by Marginal
I ask you, what caused this result? Maxi spam, or a lack of matchup knowledge? Cant be the latter since Hardwire's got the game mastered, so I feel bad now.

Bonus attempt at salty runback included no extra charge.
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