Alex J (Ivy) vs Donutman012 (Devil Jin)

Well Alex, as we say in the 21st century: Kewl! I can't wait to learn more from you.
Are people seriously thinking I'm getting burthurt from this video? Lolwat
There is more happening in this video than you realize Mizeiya. If you are looking to be a better player, I don't mind explaining it to you. Rage quitting in general is only going to make you a worse player. I exploited Donutmans ignorance with one of Ivy's better moves and there is a reason it can be spammed like that. Knowing the reasons is what seperates real players from scrubs. If anything, I am doing him a favor.
This isn't about donutman its about ME. What I would do in the situation as shown in the video. If I were a victim of spam.

Donutman is too manly to rage quit. Also, there was no lag.
I'd also quit if there was serious lag issues.
I would have quit the match.... if I was spammed like that and I wonder if there were lag issues...
Since when was Devil Jin in this game?
Uhhh yaah! Uhhh yaah! Uhhh yaah! Uhhh yaah! Uhhh yaah! Uhhh yaah! That's what I think Ivy is saying after that low kick...
Not hitting EWGF after stonehead = trash tier DJ
I think every GC Tuesday, I will post a new video of me beating Donutman. Hopefully he can learn his match-ups though lol.


Feb 20, 2013 at 6:24 PM
Posted by Party Wolf
Epic battle between a Titan and a brave warrior

Credits for music goes to ash sinner:

SOULCALIBUR V is owned by Namco Bandai.
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