Anti Ivy tech with Talim(Check the description)

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Apr 7, 2019 at 9:15 PM
Posted by CrazyYoshimitsu
I was getting sick of everything I tried, so I just uploaded the video as how I did it on Share Factory. Anyway, let me explain what I am doing my friends. This something I found today that you can do off the combo 9B, CE, WNS K, A. If they block WNS A they are force into either using their while rising moves or ging or reversal edging this. This happens because the game limits you in situations where your character has to crouch to block a low. Now Talim is -20 after WNS A, but as you can see in this video Ivy will struggle to punish that move. Their best option here is to GI to you.

So in this video I show you have to handle each of their options from while rising A and (A) and while rising BB. Also if they try to do anything else like their CE, for example, the WNS A will hit and cause a coutner hit status along you to follow up with a combo.

I think this will make the Ivy matchup a little easier for thsoe thinking it is a losing matchup for Talim. I hope this helps all my fellow Talim palyers out. I'll plan to test this tech out on the rest of the cast and see what we can do. Now let's become one with the wind!

Discord: MasterSaruwatari#3495
Twitter: @MasterHavik

If you have questions for me.
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